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string indexFolder = @"c:\MyIndex\";
string documentsFolder1 = @"c:\MyDocuments\";
string documentsFolder2 = @"c:\MyDocuments2\";
// Creating an index in the specified folder
Index index = new Index(indexFolder);
// Indexing documents from the specified folders
// Getting indexed paths from the index
string[] indexedPaths1 = index.GetIndexedPaths();
// Writing indexed paths to the console
Console.WriteLine("Indexed paths:");
foreach (string path in indexedPaths1)
Console.WriteLine("\t" + path);
// Deleting index path from the index
DeleteResult deleteResult = index.Delete(new string[] { documentsFolder1 }, new UpdateOptions());
// Getting indexed paths after deletion
string[] indexedPaths2 = index.GetIndexedPaths();
Console.WriteLine("\nDeleted paths: " + deleteResult.SuccessCount);
Console.WriteLine("\nIndexed paths:");
foreach (string path in indexedPaths2)
Console.WriteLine("\t" + path);
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