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Last active Dec 12, 2018
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Library module - Gradle properties
# Project-wide Gradle settings.
# IDE (e.g. Android Studio) users:
# Gradle settings configured through the IDE *will override*
# any settings specified in this file.
# For more details on how to configure your build environment visit
# Specifies the JVM arguments used for the daemon process.
# The setting is particularly useful for tweaking memory settings.
# When configured, Gradle will run in incubating parallel mode.
# This option should only be used with decoupled projects. More details, visit
# org.gradle.parallel=true
# Android module name bust be equal to artifact name
# bintrayRepo = repository name
# bintrayName = package (lib) name
# implement <publishedGroupId>:<artifact>:<libraryVersion>
publishedGroupId =
artifact =
bintrayRepo =
bintrayName =
libraryName =
libraryDescription =
libraryVersion =
siteUrl =
gitUrl =
developerId =
developerName =
developerEmail =
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