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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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Fortis Object Mapper Performance
var items = Sitecore.Context.Database.GetItem(new ID("{1FBCAB2D-8444-43FB-916C-951AE3FA244E}")).Axes.GetDescendants();
Response.Write("<h1>{0} Items</h1>".FormatWith(items.Length));
var sw = new Stopwatch();
var displayNamesScapi = items.Select(item => item[FieldIDs.DisplayName]).ToList();
Response.Write("<h1>SCAPI {0}ms</h1>".FormatWith(sw.ElapsedMilliseconds));
var displayNamesFortis = Fortis.Global.SpawnProvider.FromItems<IItemWrapper>(items).Select(item => item.DisplayName).ToList();
Response.Write("<h1>Fortis {0}ms</h1>".FormatWith(sw.ElapsedMilliseconds));
4716 Items
SCAPI 5-12ms
Fortis 16-32ms

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@kamsar kamsar commented Jun 11, 2015

The code on line 15 isn't reading the display name field, just wrapping the items it looks like?

That said, I'm sure Fortis is also quite fast :)


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@GuitarRich GuitarRich commented Jun 15, 2015

Nice spot Kam, I completely missed that! I have updated the Gist and results to reflect that!


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