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@GuyPaddock GuyPaddock/resurrect.php
Last active Sep 18, 2019

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Resurrecting an Unsaved Drupal 8 Node from the Database using Devel
// NOTE: Node previews expire after 7 days. Be sure to use this method to extract the desired data before then.
// IMPORTANT: Set this to the user ID of the person who was creating/lost the node.
$user_id = 1;
// IMPORTANT: Set this to the UUID that appeared in the node preview URL.
// This value is from a URL that looked like this:
// https://my-site/node/preview/ed4eaac0-3c32-427e-860f-6ce8fc79c3b2/full
$preview_id = 'ed4eaac0-3c32-427e-860f-6ce8fc79c3b2';
$user = user_load($user_id);
$account_proxy = new \Drupal\Core\Session\AccountProxy();
$temp_store = new Drupal\Core\TempStore\PrivateTempStoreFactory(
$preview_converter = new \Drupal\node\ParamConverter\NodePreviewConverter($temp_store);
$preview = $preview_converter->convert($preview_id, NULL, NULL, []);
$preview_array = (array)$preview;
// The values of the node form are under a key called "*values".
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