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CocoaPods Spec for UrbanAirship do |s| = 'UrbanAirship-iOS-SDK'
s.version = '1.3.5.a'
s.license = 'BSD'
s.platform = :ios
s.summary = 'A simple way to integrate Urban Airship services into your iOS applications.'
s.homepage = '' = { 'Urban Airship' => '' }
s.source = { :git => '', :commit => '038d1bbbed19d5d0459a87e1fce47cdd87b7ddbc' }
# Airship ships both UA-prefixed ASI and SBJson, as well as un-prefixed
# versions that are no longer used in the .xcodeproj.
s.source_files = 'Airship/**/*.{h,m,c}'
s.exclude_files = '**/{google-toolbox-for-mac,json-framework,asi-http-request}/**/*'
s.dependency 'ZipArchive', '1.1.0'
s.dependency 'Reachability', '3.1.0'
s.dependency 'ASIHTTPRequest', '1.8.1'
s.dependency 'SBJson', '3.1.1'
s.libraries = 'z', 'sqlite3.0'
s.frameworks = 'CFNetwork', 'CoreGraphics', 'Foundation', 'MobileCoreServices',
'Security', 'SystemConfiguration', 'UIKit', 'CoreTelephony',
'StoreKit', 'CoreLocation', 'MapKit'
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