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# Home preparation
Because Ansible is unsupported to run from Windows boxes, and for the sake of unified environment during this workshop, we are going to use Vagrant and VirtualBox to create our testing environment. With Linux, MacOS or Windows, we will have the same environment.
## Tasks:
- get vagrant and virtualbox installed on your computer
- [Vagrant](
- [VirtualBox](
- download your vagrant boxes in advance by running:
vagrant box add ubuntu/bionic64
vagrant box add geerlingguy/centos7
Note: Be aware that there is a [known bug on some macOS versions](

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evgenyfedorov2 commented Oct 16, 2018

Hi Michal,

Are there any specific requirements if I create the VMs in Azure? Just CentOS 7.3 and UbuntuServer-18.04-LTS machines would be fine, right?

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