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what to do after pgp signing party
# create work dir
mkdir pgp-signing; cd pgp-signing
# fetch public keys from keyservers and export into .asc files
for mail in list
gpg2 --no-default-keyring --keyring=~/linuxdays.keyring --search-keys $mail
# run the PIUS signing script to sign keyring with key 0x12345 (
pius \
-H \
-m "" \
-u "" \
-A \
-r /home/username/pgp-signing/linuxdays.keyring \
-s 0x12345
# PIUS will cycle through keyring...
# ... display fingerprint, ...
# ... ask for level of verification level of newly created signature ...
# ... sign all sub-keys with specified key ...
# ... send result in encrypted mail to the owner to verify he is the owner of mentioned mailbox.
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