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Blocknet Testing

Blocknet Testing

Below is a compiled list of tests for anybody interested in helping QA updates to Block DX, the Cloud Chains Inc lite wallet, or dxmakerbot.

If you have any questions or comments, please join the discussion in the Discord #community-testing channel.

Disclaimer: These are not production releases so you are testing at your own risk.


Block DX

(Updated July 24)

Find the test builds linked below and the items to review. After clicking on the link, under 'Build' there's links for each OS. On the next page select 'Download' from the right panel.

Use this test build unless another build is specified under that item. Main Test Build: Tip: If accessing your machine remotely and you experience Block DX only showing a white screen, running the program with --ignore-gpu-blacklist should resolve the issue.

  1. Nothing ot test at this time Block DX 1.8.0 was just released so there's no new features to test at this time.

CloudChains Inc Lite Wallet

(Updated July 24)

For testing of the latest alpha lite wallet release developed by CloudChains Inc, see the following link for download links and instructions. This is a CLI-only release which can be used in replace of full nodes with Block DX and will be used as the backend for the lite wallet GUI.

Note: Only available for Windows and Linux at this time.


To use the auto setup with Block DX:

  1. Make sure the Blocknet wallet has already be configured with Block DX
  2. Set the enableLitewalletConfig flag to true in Block DX's app-meta.json file
  3. Open or restart Block DX and go to Menu > Add/Update Wallets > Litewallet Setup
  4. Follow the setup prompts
  5. After selecting "Finish"
  6. Restart the litewallet and wait for the RPC servers to start
  7. In Block DX, click the Refresh symbol in the top right of the Balances panel

dxmakerbot v2

(Updated July 15)

dxmakerbot is an XBridge/Block DX market maker bot. For testing the latest updates developed by @fazer, see the Github branch below. These updates include additional validation checks and help messages to make the bot more user friendly. Please report any errors or feedback for further improvement!

Dev Branch:

Latest Updates:

  • 7/15 - dxmakerbot has been updated with sellstartmin and sellendmin configurations to support the upcoming partial orders option on Block DX. These two new configuration options allow the bot to create order sizes dynamically by available balance. They’re also required to work with the takerbot feature which checks if dxmakerbot has open orders already to accept them. Everything is done automatically by dxmakerbot. Additionally, configuration examples with comments have also been added to make dxmakerbot more user friendly.
  • 7/8 - For those who already have configured Block DX and are not aware how to use dxmakerbot parameters, I just made very simple example scripts with description included. By running only one script, you can easily sell, or buy BLOCK at actual price. By running both scripts you can provide liquidity. By updating script configuration and running both you can trade and prob earn some profit. Download | Download
  • 7/3 - Lots of good stuff has been merged into the beta branch, mainly trading boundaries, takerbot, and dynamic size of orders by available balance.
  • 5/7 - dxmakerbot has been running for last 10 days, seems like everything is stable and some orders were accepted from both sides. 1 small bug has been found in dynamic slides. It's not critical but will be fixed.
  • 4/21 - By applying the latest commit the bug has been fixed.
  • 4/17 - Looks like there are some dxmakerbot problems related to orders restoration when the bot is configured as relative/static and to cancel orders but not exit. Workaround for now is to configure to "cancel and exit" and some while loop on top of dxmakerbot to go back in work.
  • 4/14 - Anyone who would like to help in testing upcoming dxmakerbot features like trading boundaries, here is some stuff for testing. Full merge commit and details here.
  • 1/31 - After the latest article and discussion with some ppl about actions when dxmakerbot boundary is hit, there are actually usecases when the bot needs to exit or wait and also cancel orders or do not cancel orders. For now it seems like there will be all options available:
    • --boundary_max_nocancel - do not cancel orders, default is to cancel orders
    • --boundary_max_wait - wait instead of exit program, default is to exit program
    • --boundary_min_nocancel - do not cancel orders, default is to cancel orders
    • --boundary_min_wait - wait instead of exit program, default is to exit program
  • 12/31/19 - Hi dxmakerbot users and testers. My last commit has been added more validations and help messages to be bot more user friendly. For now this commit is only in beta branch.

XRouter Service Explorer

(Updated June 22)

The XRouter Service Explorer is an interactive service explorer developed by @lucien that allows you to search service nodes, live services, and view service details (fees, usage, etc).


Latest Updates:

  • 6/22 - Added also NEO, XMR, and ETC support
  • 6/1
    • I have added breadcrumbs to the app, so it easier to navigate back and forth pages. And also another page where you can choose the snode before going to the detail page of the SPV wallet or XCloud service.
    • Next steps are to integrate lite wallet in order to integrate push button functionality for xcloud services higher than 0 BLOCK, so that you don't have to use the debug console anymore
    • Also support for NEO, XMR, ZEN is in the works
    • Also planning to add some replies to the block dx bot. For example, which assets were traded and if there are arbitrage opportunities w/ other exchanges. Finally planning to make the bot post the tweet in #trading
  • 5/22 - The app is now live again on v4.2 with some improvements:
    • The search bar now shows per service how many nodes support it.
    • Added a new filter at 'Nodes' page to query for Enterprise XRouter Service nodes
    • Improved the look & feel of the Try it out tab
    • Added some info about the service in the Readme tab of an xcloud service
    • The configuration tab now shows the configuration written in the plugin config file and doesn't show the values that are defined in xrouter.conf or the default values
    • In the Offered by other nodes tab in the Spv Wallet page I added another column to see if the service node is 'Regular' or 'Enterprise'
    • Added in the footer the blocknet version of the wallet this app uses
    • Some tokens like NEO will return an error in the 'Try it out' section as I haven't added support for that yet
    • Removed the login and comments sections for now. Not sure what to do w/ it
  • 3/28 - You can now go to your own SPV Wallet or XCloud Service from the Service Node List page.
  • 3/28 - Added ETH support + some restyling. Also Nodes page is revamped and you can look up your own node now by Address or Snode Key (example).
  • 3/28 - Issue with making multi-node calls is now resolved.
  • 2/17 - Implemented discord authentication, service node verification, various improvements and bug fixes and almost finished a commenting system so authenticated discord users can comment on XCloud plugins or SPV wallet. Also wanted to add some page for the Service Nodes which he can place additional documentation or a changelog for the plugin.
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