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A parsed and formatted version of the moho reference data you can dump out to console from a mod (Supreme Commander Forged Alliance)
"Sim.<global>": {
"AddAgentConstantForce": "INFO: AddAgentConstantForce( xPos, zPos, radius, force )",
"AddAgentFalloffForce": "INFO: AddAgentFalloffForce( xPos, zPos, radius, force )",
"AddBuildRestriction": "INFO: AddBuildRestriction(army,category) - Add a category to the restricted list",
"AddMarker": "INFO: AddMarker(type, position)",
"ArmyGetHandicap": "INFO: army",
"ArmyInitializePrebuiltUnits": "INFO: army",
"ArmyIsCivilian": "INFO: ArmyIsCivilian(army)",
"ArmyIsOutOfGame": "INFO: ArmyIsOutOfGame(army) -- return true if the indicated army has been defeated.",
"AttachBeamEntityToEntity": "INFO: AttachBeamEntityToEntity(self, bone, other, bone, army, blueprint)",
"AttachBeamToEntity": "INFO: AttachBeamToEntity(emitter, entity, tobone, army )",
"AudioSetLanguage": "INFO: AudioSetLanguage(name)",
"ChangeUnitArmy": "INFO: ChangeUnitArmy(unit,armyIndex) Change a unit's army",
"CheatsEnabled": "INFO: Return true if cheats are enabled. Logs the cheat attempt no matter what.",
"CoordinateAttacks": "INFO: CoordinateAttacks",
"CreateAimController": "INFO: CreateAimController(weapon, label, turretBone, [barrelBone], [muzzleBone])",
"CreateAnimator": "INFO: CreateAnimator(unit) -- create a manipulator for playing animations",
"CreateAttachLight": "INFO: lightHandle = CreateAttachLight( entity, boneName or boneIndex, radius, lightindex, fadeInTime, duration, fadeOutTime ) - Create a dynamic light source attach to an entity.",
"CreateAttachedBeam": "INFO: CreateAttachedBeam(entity, bone, army, length, thickness, texture_filename)",
"CreateAttachedEmitter": "INFO: CreateAttachedEmitter( entity, bone, army, emitter_blueprint, [returnLuaObj = true] )",
"CreateAttachedEmitters": "INFO: CreateAttachedEmitters( entity, bone, army, table, [returnLuaObj = false], [scale], [offset] )",
"CreateAttachedUnit": "INFO: blueprint, army, parent, attachBone, attachToBone",
"CreateBeamEmitter": "INFO: emitter = CreateBeamEmitter(blueprint,army)",
"CreateBeamEmitterOnEntity": "INFO: emitter = CreateBeamEmitterOnEntity(entity, tobone, army, blueprint )",
"CreateBeamEntityToEntity": "INFO: CreateBeamEntityToEntity(entity, bone, other, bone, army, blueprint)",
"CreateBeamToEntityBone": "INFO: CreateBeamToEntityBone(entity, bone, other, bone, army, thickness, texture_filename)",
"CreateBuilderArmController": "INFO: CreateBuilderArmController(unit,turretBone, [barrelBone], [aimBone])",
"CreateCollisionDetector": "INFO: CreateCollisionDetector(unit) -- create a collision detection manipulator",
"CreateDecal": "INFO: handle = CreateDecal(position, heading, textureName1, textureName2, type, sizeX, sizeZ, lodParam, duration, army, [depth], [sortorder])",
"CreateEconomyEvent": "INFO: event = CreateEconomyEvent(unit, energy, mass, timeInSeconds)",
"CreateEmitterAtBone": "INFO: CreateEmitterAtBone(entity, bone, army, emitter_blueprint)",
"CreateEmitterAtEntity": "INFO: CreateEmitterAtEntity(entity,army,emitter_bp_name)",
"CreateEmitterOnEntity": "INFO: CreateEmitterOnEntity(entity,army,emitter_bp_name)",
"CreateEmitterPositionVector": "INFO: CreateEmitterPositionVector(position,vector,army,emitter_blueprint)",
"CreateEmittersAtBone": "INFO: CreateEmittersAtBone( entity, bone, army, table, [returnLuaObj = false], [scale], [offset] )",
"CreateEmittersAtEntity": "INFO: CreateEmittersAtEntity( entity, army, table, [returnLuaObj = false], [scale], [offset] )",
"CreateEmittersOnEntity": "INFO: CreateEmittersOnEntity( entity, army, table, [returnLuaObj = false] )",
"CreateFootPlantController": "INFO: CreateFootPlantController(unit, footBone, kneeBone, hipBone, [straightLegs], [maxFootFall], [orientFoot], [orientFootAngleMax], [orientFootBlendHeight])",
"CreateInitialArmyUnit": "INFO: CreateInitialArmyUnit(armyName, initialUnitName",
"CreateLight": "INFO: lightHandle = CreateLight( position x, y, z, direction x, y, z, radius, lightindex, fadeInTime, duration, fadeOutTime ) - Create a dynamic light source.",
"CreateLightParticle": "INFO: CreateLightParticle(entity, bone, army, size, lifetime, textureName, rampName)",
"CreateProp": "INFO: CreateProp(location,prop_blueprint_id)",
"CreatePropHPR": "INFO: blueprint, x, y, z, heading, pitch, roll",
"CreatePropResource": "INFO: CreatePropResource(army, location, prop_blueprint_id, mass ,energy, time)",
"CreateResourceDeposit": "INFO: type, x, y, z, size",
"CreateRotator": "INFO: manip = CreateRotator(unit, bone, axis, [goal], [speed], [accel], [goalspeed])",
"CreateSlaver": "INFO: manip = CreateSlaver(unit, dest_bone, src_bone)Create a manipulator which copies the motion of src_bone onto dst_bone.Priority matters! Only manipulators which come before the slave manipulator will be copied.",
"CreateSlider": "INFO: CreateSlider(unit, bone, [goal_x, goal_y, goal_z, [speed, [world_space]]])",
"CreateSplat": "INFO: CreateSplat(position, heading, textureName, sizeX, sizeZ, lodParam, duration, army, [sortorder])",
"CreateSplatOnBone": "INFO: CreateSplatOnBone(boneName, offset, textureName, sizeX, sizeZ, lodParam, duration, army)Add a splat to the game at an entity bone position and heading.",
"CreateStorageManip": "INFO: CreateStorageManip(unit, bone, resouceName, minX, minY, minZ, maxX, maxY, maxZ)",
"CreateThrustController": "INFO: CreateThrustController(unit, label, thrustBone)",
"CreateTrail": "INFO: CreateTrail(entity, bone, army, trail_blueprint)",
"CreateTurnController": "INFO: CreateTurnController(unit, turnBone, invert)",
"CreateUnit": "INFO: blueprint, army, tx, ty, tz, qx, qy, qz, qw, [layer], [createargs]",
"CreateUnit2": "INFO: blueprint, army, layer, x, z, heading",
"CreateUnitAtBone": "INFO: blueprint, army, parent, attachToBone",
"CreateUnitHPR": "INFO: blueprint, army, x, y, z, pitch, yaw, roll, [createargs]",
"Damage": "INFO: Damage(instigator, origin, target, amount, damageType)",
"DamageArea": "INFO: DamageArea(instigator,location,radius,amount,damageType,damageFriendly,[damageSelf])",
"DamageRing": "INFO: DamageRing(instigator,location,minRadius,maxRadius,amount,damageType,damageFriendly,[damageSelf])",
"DebugGetSelection": "INFO: Get DEBUG info for UI selection",
"DestroyAttachLight": "INFO: DestroyAttachLight( entity, lighthandle ) - Destroy a dynamic light that is attached to an entity.",
"DestroyLight": "INFO: DestroyLight( lighthandle ) - Destroy a dynamic light.",
"DrawCircle": "INFO: Draw a 3d circle at a with size s and color c",
"DrawLine": "INFO: Draw a 3d line from a to b with color c",
"DrawLinePop": "INFO: Draw a 3d line from a to b with color c with a circle at the end of the target line",
"EconomyEventIsDone": "INFO: bool = EconomyEventIsDone(event)",
"EndGame": "INFO: Signal the end of the game. Acts like a permanent pause.",
"EntityCategoryContains": "INFO: See if a unit category contains this unit",
"EntityCategoryCount": "INFO: Count how many units fit the specified category",
"EntityCategoryCountAroundPosition": "INFO: Count how many units fit the specified category around a position",
"EntityCategoryFilterDown": "INFO: Filter a list of units to only those found in the category",
"FlattenMapRect": "INFO: FlattenRect(x, z, sizex, sizez, elevation)",
"FlushIntelInRect": "INFO: FlushIntelInRect( minX, minZ, maxX, maxZ )",
"GenerateArmyStart": "INFO: army",
"GenerateRandomOrientation": "INFO: rotation = GenerateRandomOrientation()",
"GetArmyBrain": "INFO: army",
"GetArmyUnitCap": "INFO: army",
"GetArmyUnitCostTotal": "INFO: army",
"GetBlueprint": "INFO: blueprint = GetBlueprint(entity)",
"GetCameraPositionAndZoom": "INFO: x,y,z,zoom = GetCameraPositionAndZoom()",
"GetCameraRotationAngle": "INFO: angle = GetCameraRotationAngle()",
"GetClosestMarker": "INFO: GetClosestMarker(type, position)",
"GetCurrentCommandSource": "INFO: Return the (1 based) index of the current command source.",
"GetDeadReckonWithSpeed": "INFO: GetDeadReckonWithSpeed(speed, launchPos, targetPos, [targetVelocity], [gravity])",
"GetEntitiesInRect": "INFO: Return the enitities inside the given rectangle",
"GetEntityById": "INFO: Get entity by entity id",
"GetFiringVelocityWithHeight": "INFO: GetFiringVelocityWithHeight(launchPos, targetPos, targetHeight, [gravity])",
"GetFocusArmy": "INFO: GetFocusArmy()",
"GetGameTick": "INFO: Get the current game time in ticks. The game time is the simulation time, that stops when the game is paused.",
"GetGameTimeSeconds": "INFO: Get the current game time in seconds. The game time is the simulation time, that stops when the game is paused.",
"GetMapSize": "INFO: sizeX, sizeZ = GetMapSize()",
"GetReclaimablesInRect": "INFO: Return the reclamable things inside the given rectangle",
"GetSurfaceHeight": "INFO: type = GetSurfaceHeight(x,z)",
"GetSystemTimeSecondsOnlyForProfileUse": "INFO: float GetSystemTimeSecondsOnlyForProfileUse() - returns System time in seconds",
"GetTargetPosition": "INFO: vector = GetTargetPosition(unitCommand)",
"GetTargetUnit": "INFO: unit = GetTargetUnit(unitCommand)",
"GetTerrainHeight": "INFO: type = GetTerrainHeight(x,z)",
"GetTerrainType": "INFO: type = GetTerrainType(x,z)",
"GetTerrainTypeOffset": "INFO: type = GetTerrainTypeOffset(x,z)",
"GetUnitBlueprintByName": "INFO: blueprint = GetUnitBlueprintByName(bpName)",
"GetUnitById": "INFO: Get entity by entity id",
"GetUnitsInRect": "INFO: Return the units inside the given rectangle",
"GetWaterHeight": "INFO: type = GetWaterHeight()",
"HasLocalizedVO": "INFO: HasLocalizedVO(language)",
"InitializeArmyAI": "INFO: army",
"IsAlly": "INFO: IsAlly(army1,army2)",
"IsBlip": "INFO: Blip = IsBlip(entity)",
"IsCollisionBeam": "INFO: CollisionBeam = IsCollisionBeam(entity)",
"IsCommand": "INFO: bool commandMatch = IsUnitState(unitCommand, commandName)",
"IsCommandDone": "INFO: IsCommandDone",
"IsEnemy": "INFO: IsEnemy(army1,army2)",
"IsEntity": "INFO: bool = IsEntity(object)",
"IsGameOver": "INFO: Return true if the game is over (i.e. EndGame() has been called).",
"IsNeutral": "INFO: IsNeutral(army1,army2)",
"IsProjectile": "INFO: Projectile = IsProjectile(entity)",
"IsProp": "INFO: Prop = IsProp(entity)",
"IsUnit": "INFO: Unit = IsUnit(entity)",
"IsXbox": "INFO: IsXbox() -- Are we running this code on the Xbox 360?",
"IssueAbility": "INFO: IssueAbility( units, target, abilityId )",
"IssueAggressiveMove": "INFO: IssueAggressiveMove",
"IssueAttack": "INFO: IssueAttack",
"IssueBuildFactory": "INFO: IssueBuildFactory",
"IssueBuildMobile": "INFO: IssueBuildMobile",
"IssueCapture": "INFO: IssueCapture",
"IssueClearCommands": "INFO: IssueClearCommands",
"IssueClearFactoryCommands": "INFO: IssueClearFactoryCommands",
"IssueDestroySelf": "INFO: IssueDestroySelf",
"IssueDive": "INFO: IssueDive",
"IssueEscort": "INFO: IssueEscort",
"IssueFactoryAssist": "INFO: IssueFactoryAssist",
"IssueFactoryRallyPoint": "INFO: IssueFactoryRallyPoint",
"IssueFerry": "INFO: IssueFerry",
"IssueFormAggressiveMove": "INFO: IssueFormAggressiveMove",
"IssueFormAttack": "INFO: IssueFormAttack",
"IssueFormMove": "INFO: IssueFormMove",
"IssueFormPatrol": "INFO: IssueFormPatrol",
"IssueGuard": "INFO: IssueGuard",
"IssueKillSelf": "INFO: IssueKillSelf",
"IssueMove": "INFO: IssueMove",
"IssueMoveOffFactory": "INFO: IssueMoveOffFactory",
"IssueNuke": "INFO: IssueNuke",
"IssuePatrol": "INFO: IssuePatrol",
"IssuePause": "INFO: IssuePause",
"IssuePodDock": "INFO: IssuePodDock",
"IssueReclaim": "INFO: IssueReclaim",
"IssueRepair": "INFO: IssueRepair",
"IssueSacrifice": "INFO: IssueSacrifice",
"IssueScript": "INFO: IssueScript",
"IssueSiloBuildNuke": "INFO: IssueSiloBuildNuke",
"IssueStop": "INFO: IssueStop",
"IssueTeleport": "INFO: IssueTeleport",
"IssueTeleportToBeacon": "INFO: IssueTeleportToBeacon",
"IssueTransportLoad": "INFO: IssueTransportLoad",
"IssueTransportUnload": "INFO: IssueTransportUnload",
"IssueTransportUnloadSpecific": "INFO: IssueTransportUnloadSpecific",
"IssueUpgrade": "INFO: IssueUpgrade",
"Knockback": "INFO: Knockback(sourcePos, target, fForce, noFriction)",
"KnockbackScaledByRadius": "INFO: KnockbackScaledByRadius(sourcePos, target, fForce, maxRadius)",
"LUnitMove": "INFO: ScriptTask.LUnitMove(self,target)",
"LUnitMoveNear": "INFO: ScriptTask.LUnitMoveNear(self,target,range)",
"ListArmies": "INFO:",
"MetaImpact": "INFO: MetaImpact(instigator,location,fMaxRadius,iAmount,affectsCategory,[damageFriendly])",
"NotifyUpgrade": "INFO: NotifyUpgrade(from,to)",
"OkayToMessWithArmy": "INFO: Return true if the current command source is authorized to mess with the given army. Or if cheats are enabled.",
"ParseEntityCategory": "INFO: parse a string to generate a new entity category",
"PhysicsSetAirDensity": "INFO: Sets the current air density. Units are tons/m^3",
"PhysicsSetGravity": "INFO: Sets the current gravity. Units are in ogrids/(second^2)",
"PhysicsSetWaterDensity": "INFO: Sets the current water density. Units are tons/m^3",
"Random": "INFO: Random([[min,] max])",
"RemoveBuildRestriction": "INFO: RemoveBuildRestriction(army,category) - Remove a category from the restricted list",
"RemoveEconomyEvent": "INFO: RemoveEconomyEvent(unit, event)",
"RequestAllArmyStatsSyncArmy": "INFO: Request to sync the army stats info",
"SelectedUnit": "INFO: unit = SelectedUnit() -- Returns the currently selected unit. For use at the lua console, so you can call Lua methods on a unit.",
"SetAlliance": "INFO: SetAlliance(army1,army2,<Neutral|Enemy|Ally>",
"SetAllianceOneWay": "INFO: SetAllianceOneWay(army1,army2,<Neutral|Enemy|Ally>",
"SetAlliedVictory": "INFO: SetAlliedVictory(army,bool)",
"SetAmbientReverb": "INFO: SetAmbientReverb(preset name)",
"SetArmyAIPersonality": "INFO: SetArmyAIPersonality(army,personality)",
"SetArmyColor": "INFO: SetArmyColor(army, primary, secondary, icon) or SetArmyColor(army,r,g,b) or SetArmyColor(army,r,g,b,r,g,b,r,g,b)",
"SetArmyColorIndex": "INFO: SetArmyColorIndex(army,index)",
"SetArmyEconomy": "INFO: army, mass, energy, research",
"SetArmyFactionIndex": "INFO: SetArmyFactionIndex(army,index)",
"SetArmyHandicap": "INFO: SetArmyHandicap(army, float) - sets an army handicap",
"SetArmyOutOfGame": "INFO: SetArmyOutOfGame(army) -- indicate that the supplied army has been defeated.",
"SetArmyPlans": "INFO: army, plans",
"SetArmyShowScore": "INFO: SetArmyColor(army, bool) - determines if the user should be able to see the army score",
"SetArmyStart": "INFO: army, x, z",
"SetArmyStatsSyncArmy": "INFO: Set the army index for which to sync army stats (-1 for none)",
"SetArmyUnitCap": "INFO: army, unitCap",
"SetIgnoreArmyUnitCap": "INFO: army, flag",
"SetIgnorePlayableRect": "INFO: army, flag",
"SetPlayableRect": "INFO: SetPlayableRect( minX, minZ, maxX, maxZ )",
"SetSkirmishAmphibiousMap": "INFO: SetSkirmishAmphibiousMap(bool)",
"SetSkirmishLandMap": "INFO: SetSkirmishLandMap(bool)",
"SetTerrainType": "INFO: SetTerrainType(x,z,type)",
"SetTerrainTypeRect": "INFO: SetTerrainType(rect,type)",
"ShouldCreateInitialArmyUnits": "INFO:",
"SimConExecute": "INFO: SimConExecute('command string') -- Perform a console command",
"SimRequestPause": "INFO: Pause the world simulation.",
"SimResume": "INFO: Resume the world simulation.",
"SortEntitiesByDistanceXZ": "INFO: SortEntitiesByDistanceXZ(pos,entList)",
"SourceAndDestPathableAmphibious": "INFO: SourceAndDestPathableAmphibious(startX, startZ, endX, endZ)",
"SourceAndDestPathableLand": "INFO: SourceAndDestPathableLand(startX, startZ, endX, endZ)",
"SplitProp": "INFO: SplitProp(original, blueprint_name) -- split a prop into multiple child props, one per bone; returns all the created props",
"StunArea": "INFO: StunArea( army, position, radius, stunChance, stunDuration, affectFriendly )",
"SubmitEliminatedArmyStats": "INFO: Request that we submit xml army stats to",
"SubmitVictoryArmyStats": "INFO: Request that we submit xml army stats to",
"SubmitXMLArmyStats": "INFO: Request that we submit xml army stats to",
"TryCopyPose": "INFO: TryCopyPose(unitFrom,entityTo,bCopyWorldTransform)",
"UnlockAllResearch": "INFO: UnlockAllResearch(army) - Add a category to the restricted list",
"UnlockAllUnitsNoResearch": "INFO: UnlockAllUnitsNoResearch(army) - Add a category to the restricted list",
"Warp": "INFO: Warp( unit, location, [orientation] )",
"_c_CreateEntity": "INFO: _c_CreateEntity(spec)",
"_c_CreateShield": "INFO: _c_CreateShield(spec)",
"print": "INFO: Print a log message",
"moho.EntityCategory": "INFO:"
"Sim.AiSkirmishBase": {
"print": "INFO: Print a log message",
"AddResourceManagerType": "INFO: base:AddResourceManagerType(storageType, resourceType, percent, cap) - Adds a resource type to be monitored by base",
"AddSkirmishItem": "INFO: base:AddSkirmishItem(itemName) - Adds an item from a blueprint",
"AddUnit": "INFO: base:AddUnit(engineer) - Adds engineer to the base",
"GetPosition": "INFO: base:GetPosition() - get the position",
"RequestExcessEconomy": "INFO: base:RequestExcessEconomy() - Requests any left over econ from strat manager",
"SetResourceCap": "INFO: base:SetResourceCap(storageType, resourceType, cap) - Adds a resource cap for base",
"UseSkirmishBaseBlueprint": "INFO: base:UseSkirmishBaseBlueprint(blueprintName, useStartupItem)",
"moho.skirmish_base_manager_methods": "INFO:"
"Sim.CAiAttackerImpl": {
"moho.skirmish_base_manager_methods": "INFO:",
"CanAttackTarget": "INFO: Loop through the weapons to see if the target can be attacked",
"FindBestEnemy": "INFO: Find the best enemy target for a weapon",
"ForceEngage": "INFO: Force to engage enemy target",
"GetDesiredTarget": "INFO: Get the desired target",
"GetMaxWeaponRange": "INFO: Loop through the weapons to find the weapon with the longest range that is not manual fire",
"GetPrimaryWeapon": "INFO: Loop through the weapons to find our primary weapon",
"GetTargetWeapon": "INFO: Loop through the weapons to find one that we can use to attack target",
"GetUnit": "INFO: Returns the unit this attacker is bound to.",
"GetWeaponCount": "INFO: Return the count of weapons",
"HasSlavedTarget": "INFO: Check if the attack has a slaved weapon that currently has a target",
"IsTargetExempt": "INFO: Check if the target is exempt from being attacked",
"IsTooClose": "INFO: Check if the target is too close to our weapons",
"IsWithinAttackRange": "INFO: Check if the target is within any weapon range",
"ResetReportingState": "INFO: Reset reporting state",
"SetDesiredTarget": "INFO: Set the desired target",
"Stop": "INFO: Stop the attacker",
"moho.CAiAttackerImpl_methods": "INFO:"
"Sim.CAiBrain": {
"moho.CAiAttackerImpl_methods": "INFO:",
"AddArmyStat": "INFO: AddArmyStat(statname,val)",
"AddResourceManagerType": "INFO: CAiBrain:AddResourceManagerType(storageType, resourceType, percent, cap) - Adds a resource type to be monitored by base",
"AddSkirmishBase": "INFO: CAiBrain:AddSkirmishBase(baseName)",
"ApplyAllResearchToUnit": "INFO: CAiBrain:ApplyResearchToUnit(unit)",
"AssignThreatAtPosition": "INFO: CAiBrain:AssignThreatAtPosition(position, threat, [decay], [threattype])",
"AssignUnitsToPlatoon": "INFO: CAiBrain:AssignUnitsToPlatoon()",
"BuildPlatoon": "INFO: brain:BuildPlatoon()",
"BuildStructure": "INFO: brain:BuildStructure(builder, structureName, locationInfo)",
"BuildUnit": "INFO: brain:BuildUnit()",
"CanBuildPlatoon": "INFO: brain:CanBuildPlatoon()",
"CanBuildStructureAt": "INFO: brain:CanBuildStructureAt(blueprint, location)",
"CheckBlockingTerrain": "INFO: CAiBrain:CheckBlockingTerrain( startPos, endPos, arcType )",
"CompleteResearch": "INFO: CAiBrain:CompleteResearch(researchTech)",
"CreateResourceBuildingNearest": "INFO: brain:CreateResourceBuildingNearest(structureName, posX, posY)",
"CreateStrategicManager": "INFO: CAiBrain:CreateStrategicManager(archetype)",
"CreateUnitNearSpot": "INFO: brain:CreateUnitNearSpot(unitName, posX, posY)",
"DecideWhatToBuild": "INFO: brain:DecideWhatToBuild(builder, type, buildingTypes)",
"DisbandPlatoon": "INFO: CAiBrain:DisbandPlatoon()",
"DisbandPlatoonUniquelyNamed": "INFO: CAiBrain:DisbandPlatoonUniquelyNamed()",
"DumpNetData": "INFO: Dumps neural net data",
"FindClosestArmyWithBase": "INFO: CAiBrain:FindClosestArmyWithBase()",
"FindUnit": "INFO: brain:FindUnit(unitCategory, needToBeIdle) -- Return an unit that matches the unit name (can specify idle or not)",
"FindUnitToUpgrade": "INFO: brain:FindUnitToUpgrade(upgradeList) -- Return a unit and it's upgrade blueprint",
"FindUpgradeBP": "INFO: brain:FindUpgradeBP(unitName, upgradeList) -- Return an upgrade blueprint for the unit passed in",
"GetArmyIndex": "INFO: Returns the ArmyIndex of the army represented by this brain",
"GetArmyStartPos": "INFO: brain:GetArmyStartPos()",
"GetArmyStat": "INFO: brain:GetArmyStat(StatName,defaultValue)",
"GetAttackVectors": "INFO: CAiBrain:GetAttackVectors()",
"GetAvailableFactories": "INFO: brain:GetAvailableFactories()",
"GetBlueprintStat": "INFO: Return a blueprint stat filtered by category",
"GetCurrentEnemy": "INFO: Return this brain's current enemy",
"GetCurrentUnits": "INFO: Return how many units of the given categories exist",
"GetEconomyIncome": "INFO: CAiBrain:GetEconomyIncome()",
"GetEconomyRequested": "INFO: CAiBrain:GetEconomyRequested()",
"GetEconomyStored": "INFO: CAiBrain:GetEconomyStored()",
"GetEconomyStoredRatio": "INFO: CAiBrain:GetEconomyStoredRatio()",
"GetEconomyTrend": "INFO: CAiBrain:GetEconomyTrend()",
"GetEconomyUsage": "INFO: CAiBrain:GetEconomyUsage()",
"GetFactionIndex": "INFO: Returns the faction of the army represented by this brain",
"GetHighestThreatPosition": "INFO: CAiBrain:GetHighestThreatPosition( ring, restriction, [threatType], [armyIndex] )",
"GetListOfUnits": "INFO: brain:GetListOfUnits(entityCategory, needToBeIdle, requireBuilt)",
"GetMapWaterRatio": "INFO: CAiBrain:GetMapWaterRatio()",
"GetNoRushTicks": "INFO: CAiBrain:GetNoRushTicks()",
"GetNumPlatoonsTemplateNamed": "INFO: GetNumPlatoonsTemplateNamed",
"GetNumPlatoonsWithAI": "INFO: GetNumPlatoonsWithAI",
"GetNumUnitsAroundPoint": "INFO: CAiBrain:GetNumUnitsAroundPoint()",
"GetPersonality": "INFO: Return the personality for this brain to use",
"GetPlatoonUniquelyNamed": "INFO: CAiBrain:GetPlatoonUniquelyNamed()",
"GetPlatoonsList": "INFO: CAiBrain:GetPlatoonsList()",
"GetSkirmishBase": "INFO: CAiBrain:GetSkirmishBase(baseName)",
"GetStrategicArchetypeBlueprint": "INFO: blueprint = brain:GetStrategicArchetypeBlueprint()",
"GetThreatAtPosition": "INFO: CAiBrain:GetThreatAtPosition(position, ring, restriction, [threatType], [armyIndex] )",
"GetThreatBetweenPositions": "INFO: CAiBrain:GetThreatBetweenPositions( position, position, restriction, [threatType], [armyIndex] )",
"GetThreatsAroundPosition": "INFO: CAiBrain:GetThreatsAroundPosition( position, ring, restriction, [threatType], [armyIndex] )",
"GetUnitBlueprint": "INFO: blueprint = brain:GetUnitBlueprint(bpName)",
"GetUnitsAroundPoint": "INFO: CAiBrain:GetUnitsAroundPoint()",
"GiveResource": "INFO: GiveResource(type,amount)",
"GiveStorage": "INFO: GiveStorage(type,amount)",
"HasResearched": "INFO: CAiBrain:HasResearched(researchTech)",
"IsAnyEngineerBuilding": "INFO: brain:IsAnyEngineerBuilding(category)",
"IsOpponentAIRunning": "INFO: Returns true if opponent AI should be running",
"LoadNetData": "INFO: Loads default neural network data",
"MakePlatoon": "INFO: CAiBrain:MakePlatoon()",
"NumCurrentlyBuilding": "INFO: brain:NumCurrentlyBuilding( entityCategoryOfBuildee, entityCategoryOfBuilder )",
"PickBestAttackVector": "INFO: CAiBrain:PickBestAttackVector()",
"PlatoonExists": "INFO: CAiBrain:PlatoonExists()",
"PrintResourceData": "INFO: CAiBrain:PrintResourceData()",
"RemoveArmyStatsTrigger": "INFO: Remove an army stats trigger",
"ResearchRestrict": "INFO: CAiBrain:ResearchRestrict( researchTech, enable )",
"SetArmyStat": "INFO: SetArmyStat(statname,val)",
"SetArmyStatsTrigger": "INFO: Sets an army stat trigger",
"SetCurrentEnemy": "INFO: Set the current enemy for this brain to attack",
"SetCurrentPlan": "INFO: Set the current plan for this brain to run",
"SetGreaterOf": "INFO: SetGreaterOf(statname,val)",
"SetMaxStorage": "INFO: SetMaxStorage(type,amount)",
"SetResourceCap": "INFO: CAiBrain:SetResourceCap(storageType, resourceType, cap) - Adds a resource cap for base",
"SetResourceSharing": "INFO: SetResourceSharing(bool)",
"SetUpAttackVectorsToArmy": "INFO: CAiBrain:SetUpAttackVectorsToArmy()",
"SetUseAlternateBehaviors": "INFO: CAiBrain:SetUseAlternateBehaviors(bool)",
"SkirmishUnitVeterancyIncrease": "INFO: CAiBrain:SkirmishUnitVeterancyIncrease(Unit)",
"StartResearch": "INFO: StartResearch(army, researchName, [boostLevel], [clear])",
"StartSkirmishConditions": "INFO: CAiBrain:StartSkirmishConditions()",
"StrategicManagerPickStartingBase": "INFO: CAiBrain:StrategicManagerPickStartingBase(baseName)",
"StrategicManagerSetDifficultyLevel": "INFO: CAiBrain:StrategicManagerSetDifficultyLevel(level)",
"StrategicManagerUnitComplete": "INFO: CAiBrain:StrategicManagerUnitComplete(Unit)",
"TakeResource": "INFO: taken = TakeResource(type,amount)",
"moho.aibrain_methods": "INFO:"
"Sim.CAiNavigatorImpl": {
"moho.aibrain_methods": "INFO:",
"AtGoal": "INFO:",
"BroadcastResumeTaskEvent": "INFO: Broadcast event to resume any listening task that is currently suspended",
"GetCurrentTargetPos": "INFO: This returns the current navigator target position for the unit",
"GetGoalPos": "INFO: This returns the current goal position of our navigator",
"GetStatus": "INFO:",
"HasGoodPath": "INFO:",
"IgnoreFormation": "INFO:",
"IsIgnorningFormation": "INFO:",
"SetDestUnit": "INFO: Set the navigator's destination as another unit (chase/follow)",
"SetGoal": "INFO: Set the navigator's destination as a particular position",
"SetSpeedThroughGoal": "INFO: Set flag in navigator so the unit will know whether to stop at final goal or speed through it. This would be set to True during a patrol or a series of waypoints in a complex path.",
"moho.navigator_methods": "INFO:"
"Sim.CAiPersonality": {
"moho.navigator_methods": "INFO:",
"GetAirUnitsEmphasis": "INFO: CAiPersonality:GetAirUnitsEmphasis()",
"GetArmySize": "INFO: CAiPersonality:GetArmySize()",
"GetAttackFrequency": "INFO: CAiPersonality:GetAttackFrequency()",
"GetBotUnitsEmphasis": "INFO: CAiPersonality:GetBotUnitsEmphasis()",
"GetChatFrequency": "INFO: CAiPersonality:GetChatFrequency()",
"GetChatPersonality": "INFO: CAiPersonality:GetChatPersonality()",
"GetCoordinatedAttacks": "INFO: CAiPersonality:GetCoordinatedAttacks()",
"GetCounterForces": "INFO: CAiPersonality:GetCounterForces()",
"GetDefenseDriven": "INFO: CAiPersonality:GetDefenseDriven()",
"GetDifficulty": "INFO: CAiPersonality:GetDifficulty()",
"GetDirectDamageEmphasis": "INFO: CAiPersonality:GetDirectDamageEmphasis()",
"GetEconomyDriven": "INFO: CAiPersonality:GetEconomyDriven()",
"GetExpansionDriven": "INFO: CAiPersonality:GetExpansionDriven()",
"GetFactoryTycoon": "INFO: CAiPersonality:GetFactoryTycoon()",
"GetFavouriteStructures": "INFO: CAiPersonality:GetFavouriteStructures()",
"GetFavouriteUnits": "INFO: CAiPersonality:GetFavouriteUnits()",
"GetFormationUse": "INFO: CAiPersonality:GetFormationUse()",
"GetInDirectDamageEmphasis": "INFO: CAiPersonality:GetInDirectDamageEmphasis()",
"GetIntelBuildingTycoon": "INFO: CAiPersonality:GetIntelBuildingTycoon()",
"GetIntelGathering": "INFO: CAiPersonality:GetIntelGathering()",
"GetPersonalityName": "INFO: CAiPersonality:GetPersonalityName()",
"GetPlatoonSize": "INFO: CAiPersonality:GetPlatoonSize()",
"GetQuittingTendency": "INFO: CAiPersonality:GetQuittingTendency()",
"GetRepeatAttackFrequency": "INFO: CAiPersonality:GetRepeatAttackFrequency()",
"GetSeaUnitsEmphasis": "INFO: CAiPersonality:GetSeaUnitsEmphasis()",
"GetSpecialtyForcesEmphasis": "INFO: CAiPersonality:GetSpecialtyForcesEmphasis()",
"GetSuperWeaponTendency": "INFO: CAiPersonality:GetSuperWeaponTendency()",
"GetSupportUnitsEmphasis": "INFO: CAiPersonality:GetSupportUnitsEmphasis()",
"GetSurvivalEmphasis": "INFO: CAiPersonality:GetSurvivalEmphasis()",
"GetTankUnitsEmphasis": "INFO: CAiPersonality:GetTankUnitsEmphasis()",
"GetTargetSpread": "INFO: CAiPersonality:GetTargetSpread()",
"GetTeamSupport": "INFO: CAiPersonality:GetTeamSupport()",
"GetTechAdvancement": "INFO: CAiPersonality:GetTechAdvancement()",
"GetUpgradesDriven": "INFO: CAiPersonality:GetUpgradesDriven()",
"moho.aipersonality_methods": "INFO:"
"Sim.CAimManipulator": {
"moho.aipersonality_methods": "INFO:",
"OnTarget": "INFO: AimManipulator:OnTarget()",
"SetAimHeadingOffset": "INFO: AimManipulator:SetAimHeadingOffset( offset )",
"SetEnabled": "INFO: AimManipulator:SetEnabled(flag)",
"SetFiringArc": "INFO: AimManipulator:SetFiringArc(minHeading, maxHeading, headingMaxSlew, minPitch, maxPitch, pitchMaxSlew)",
"SetFrozen": "INFO: AimManipulator:SetFrozen(flag)",
"SetHeadingPitch": "INFO: AimManipulator:SetHeadingPitch( heading, pitch )",
"SetResetPoseTime": "INFO: AimManipulator:SetResetPoseTime(resetTime)",
"SetResetPoseTimer": "INFO: AimManipulator:SetResetPoseTimer(resetTime)",
"base": "INFO: derived from IAniManipulator",
"moho.AimManipulator": "INFO:"
"Sim.CAnimationManipulator": {
"moho.AimManipulator": "INFO:",
"GetAnimationFraction": "INFO: fraction = AnimationManipulator:GetAnimationFraction()",
"GetAnimationTime": "INFO: time = AnimationManipulator:GetAnimationTime()",
"GetRate": "INFO: rate = AnimationManipulator:GetRate()",
"PlayAnim": "INFO: AnimManipulator:PlayAnim(entity, animName, looping=false, scaleAnimBySpeed=false)",
"PlayAnimRaw": "INFO: AnimManipulator:PlayAnimRaw(entity, animRaw, looping=false, scaleAnimBySpeed=false)",
"SetAnimationFraction": "INFO: AnimationManipulator:SetAnimationFraction(fraction)",
"SetAnimationTime": "INFO: AnimationManipulator:SetAnimationTime(fraction)",
"SetBoneEnabled": "INFO: AnimationManipulator:SetBoneEnabled(bone, value, include_decscendants=true)",
"SetDirectionalAnim": "INFO: AnimationManipulator:SetDirectionalAnim(bool)",
"SetDisableOnSignal": "INFO: AnimationManipulator:SetDisableOnSignal(bool)",
"SetNormalizedAnimationTime": "INFO: AnimationManipulator:SetNormalizedAnimationTime(fraction)",
"SetOverwriteMode": "INFO: AnimationManipulator:SetOverwriteMode(bool)",
"SetRate": "INFO: AnimationManipulator:SetRate(rate)Set the relative rate at which this anim plays; 1.0 is normal speed.Rate can be negative to play backwards or 0 to pause.",
"base": "INFO: derived from IAniManipulator",
"moho.AnimationManipulator": "INFO:"
"Sim.CBoneEntityManipulator": {
"moho.AnimationManipulator": "INFO:",
"base": "INFO: derived from IAniManipulator",
"moho.BoneEntityManipulator": "INFO:"
"Sim.CBuilderArmManipulator": {
"moho.BoneEntityManipulator": "INFO:",
"SetAimingArc": "INFO: BuilderArmManipulator:SetAimingArc(minHeading, maxHeading, headingMaxSlew, minPitch, maxPitch, pitchMaxSlew)",
"SetHeadingPitch": "INFO: CBuilderArmManipulator:SetHeadingPitch( heading, pitch )",
"base": "INFO: derived from IAniManipulator",
"moho.BuilderArmManipulator": "INFO:"
"Sim.CCollisionManipulator": {
"moho.BuilderArmManipulator": "INFO:",
"Enable": "INFO: Fixme: this should just use base manipulator enable/disable",
"EnableTerrainCheck": "INFO: Make manipulator check for terrain height intersection",
"WatchBone": "INFO: CollisionDetector:WatchBone(bone) -- add the given bone to those watched by this manipulator",
"base": "INFO: derived from IAniManipulator",
"moho.CollisionManipulator": "INFO:"
"Sim.CDamage": {
"moho.CollisionManipulator": "INFO:",
"GetTarget": "INFO: CDamage:GetTarget()",
"SetInstigator": "INFO: CDamage:SetInstigator()",
"SetTarget": "INFO: CDamage:SetTarget()",
"moho.CDamage": "INFO:"
"Sim.CDecalHandle": {
"moho.CDamage": "INFO:",
"moho.CDecalHandle": "INFO:"
"Sim.CEconomyEvent": {
"moho.CDecalHandle": "INFO:",
"moho.EconomyEvent": "INFO:"
"Sim.CFootPlantManipulator": {
"moho.EconomyEvent": "INFO:",
"moho.FootPlantManipulator": "INFO:"
"Sim.CPlatoon": {
"moho.FootPlantManipulator": "INFO:",
"AttackTarget": "INFO: CPlatoon:AttackTarget()",
"CalculatePlatoonThreat": "INFO: CPlatoon:CalculatePlatoonThreat()",
"CalculatePlatoonThreatAroundPosition": "INFO: CPlatoon:CalculatePlatoonThreatAroundPosition()",
"CanAttackTarget": "INFO: CPlatoon:CanAttackTarget()",
"CanConsiderFormingPlatoon": "INFO: CPlatoon:CanConsiderFormingPlatoon()",
"CanFormPlatoon": "INFO: CPlatoon:CanFormPlatoon()",
"Destroy": "INFO: CPlatoon:Destroy()",
"DisbandOnIdle": "INFO: CPlatoon:DisbandOnIdle()",
"FerryToLocation": "INFO: CPlatoon:FerryToLocation()",
"FindClosestUnit": "INFO: CPlatoon:FindClosestUnit()",
"FindClosestUnitToBase": "INFO: CPlatoon:FindClosestUnitToBase()",
"FindFurthestUnit": "INFO: CPlatoon:FindFurthestUnit()",
"FindHighestValueUnit": "INFO: CPlatoon:FindHighestValueUnit()",
"FindPrioritizedUnit": "INFO: CPlatoon:FindPrioritizedUnit()",
"FormPlatoon": "INFO: CPlatoon:FormPlatoon()",
"GetAIPlan": "INFO: CPlatoon:GetAIPlan()",
"GetBrain": "INFO: CPlatoon:GetBrain()",
"GetFactionIndex": "INFO: CPlatoon:GetFactionIndex()",
"GetFerryBeacons": "INFO: CPlatoon:GetFerryBeacons()",
"GetPersonality": "INFO: CPlatoon:GetPersonality()",
"GetPlatoonLifetimeStats": "INFO: CPlatoon:GetPlatoonLifetimeStats()",
"GetPlatoonPosition": "INFO: CPlatoon:GetPlatoonPosition()",
"GetPlatoonUniqueName": "INFO: CPlatoon:GetPlatoonUniqueName()",
"GetPlatoonUnits": "INFO: platoon:GetPlatoonUnits()",
"GetSkirmishBase": "INFO: CPlatoon:GetSkirmishBase()",
"GetSkirmishBaseName": "INFO: CPlatoon:GetSkirmishBaseName()",
"GetSkirmishItemName": "INFO: CPlatoon:GetSkirmishItemName()",
"GetSquadPosition": "INFO: CPlatoon:GetSquadPosition()",
"GetSquadUnits": "INFO: CPlatoon:GetSquadUnits()",
"GuardTarget": "INFO: CPlatoon:GuardTarget()",
"IsAttacking": "INFO: CPlatoon:IsAttacking()",
"IsCommandsActive": "INFO: CPlatoon:IsCommandsActive()",
"IsFerrying": "INFO: CPlatoon:IsFerrying()",
"IsMoving": "INFO: CPlatoon:IsMoving()",
"IsOpponentAIRunning": "INFO: CPlatoon:IsOpponentAIRunning()",
"IsPatrolling": "INFO: CPlatoon:IsPatrolling()",
"LoadUnits": "INFO: CPlatoon:LoadUnits()",
"MoveToLocation": "INFO: CPlatoon:MoveToLocation()",
"MoveToTarget": "INFO: CPlatoon:MoveToTarget()",
"Patrol": "INFO: CPlatoon:Patrol()",
"PlatoonCategoryCount": "INFO: Count how many units fit the specified category",
"PlatoonCategoryCountAroundPosition": "INFO: Count how many units fit the specified category around a position",
"ResetPlatoonStats": "INFO: CPlatoon:ResetPlatoonStats()",
"SetPlatoonFormationOverride": "INFO: CPlatoon:SetPlatoonFormationOverride()",
"SetPlatoonTask": "INFO: CPlatoon:SetPlatoonTask( <taskName> )",
"SetPrioritizedTargetList": "INFO: CPlatoon:SetPrioritizedTargetList()",
"Stop": "INFO: CPlatoon:Stop()",
"SwitchAIPlan": "INFO: CPlatoon:SwitchAIPlan()",
"Teleport": "INFO: CPlatoon:Teleport()",
"ToggleAbility": "INFO: CPlatoon:ToggleAbility(abilityName, boolean(true = on, false = off)))",
"UniquelyNamePlatoon": "INFO: CPlatoon:UniquelyNamePlatoon()",
"UnloadAllAtLocation": "INFO: CPlatoon:UnloadAllAtLocation()",
"UnloadUnitsAtLocation": "INFO: CPlatoon:UnloadUnitsAtLocation()",
"UseAbility": "INFO: CPlatoon:UseAbility(abilityName, target(optional))",
"UseAbilityAtLocation": "INFO: CPlatoon:UseAbilityAtLocation(abilityName, targetLocation)",
"UseFerryBeacon": "INFO: CPlatoon:UseFerryBeacon()",
"UseTeleporter": "INFO: CPlatoon:UseTeleporter()",
"moho.platoon_methods": "INFO:"
"Sim.CRotateManipulator": {
"moho.platoon_methods": "INFO:",
"ClearFollowBone": "INFO: RotateManipulator:ClearFollowBone()",
"ClearGoal": "INFO: RotateManipulator:ClearGoal()",
"GetCurrentAngle": "INFO: RotateManipulator:GetCurrentAngle()",
"SetAccel": "INFO: RotateManipulator:SetAccel(degrees_per_second_squared)",
"SetCurrentAngle": "INFO: RotateManipulator:SetCurrentAngle(angle)",
"SetFollowBone": "INFO: RotateManipulator:SetFollowBone(bone)",
"SetGoal": "INFO: RotateManipulator:SetGoal(self, degrees)",
"SetSpeed": "INFO: RotateManipulator:SetSpeed(self, degrees_per_second)",
"SetSpinDown": "INFO: RotateManipulator:SetSpinDown(self, flag)",
"SetTargetSpeed": "INFO: RotateManipulator:SetTargetSpeed(degrees_per_second)",
"base": "INFO: derived from IAniManipulator",
"moho.RotateManipulator": "INFO:"
"Sim.CSlaveManipulator": {
"moho.RotateManipulator": "INFO:",
"base": "INFO: derived from IAniManipulator",
"moho.SlaveManipulator": "INFO:"
"Sim.CSlideManipulator": {
"moho.SlaveManipulator": "INFO:",
"SetAcceleration": "INFO: CSlideManipulator:SetAcceleration(acc)",
"SetDeceleration": "INFO: CSlideManipulator:SetDeceleration(dec)",
"SetGoal": "INFO: CSlideManipulator:SetGoal(goal_x, goal_y, goal_z)",
"SetSpeed": "INFO: CSlideManipulator:SetSpeed(speed)",
"SetWorldUnits": "INFO: CSlideManipulator:SetWorldUnits(bool)",
"base": "INFO: derived from IAniManipulator",
"moho.SlideManipulator": "INFO:"
"Sim.CStorageManipulator": {
"moho.SlideManipulator": "INFO:",
"moho.StorageManipulator": "INFO:"
"Sim.CThrustManipulator": {
"moho.StorageManipulator": "INFO:",
"base": "INFO: derived from IAniManipulator",
"moho.ThrustManipulator": "INFO:"
"Sim.CTurnManipulator": {
"moho.ThrustManipulator": "INFO:",
"SetTurningSpeed": "INFO: TurnManipulator:SetTurningSpeed(turnSpeed)",
"base": "INFO: derived from IAniManipulator",
"moho.TurnManipulator": "INFO:"
"Sim.CUnitScriptTask": {
"moho.TurnManipulator": "INFO:",
"SetAIResult": "INFO: Set the AI result, success or fail",
"moho.ScriptTask_Methods": "INFO:"
"Sim.CollisionBeamEntity": {
"moho.ScriptTask_Methods": "INFO:",
"Enable": "INFO: CollisionBeamEntity:Enable()",
"GetLauncher": "INFO: CollisionBeamEntity:GetLauncher()",
"IsEnabled": "INFO: bool = CollisionBeamEntity:IsEnabled()",
"SetBeamFx": "INFO: CollisionBeamEntity:SetBeamFx(beamEmitter, checkCollision) -- set an emitter to be controlled by this beam. Its length parameter will be set from the beam entity's collision distance.",
"__init": "INFO: beam = CreateCollisionBeam(spec)spec is a table with the following fields defined:spec.Weapon = <weapon to attach to>spec.OtherBone = <bone of weapon's unit to attach to>spec.CollisionCheckInterval = <interval in ticks>spec.BeamBone = <which end of beam to attach> spec.HitsPerCheck = <number of collisions per check> spec.Spread = <amount of spread per collision check>",
"base": "INFO: derived from Entity",
"moho.CollisionBeamEntity": "INFO:"
"Sim.Entity": {
"moho.CollisionBeamEntity": "INFO:",
"AddAgentFalloffForce": "INFO: AddAgentFalloffForce( radius, force, [alliance] )",
"AddLocalImpulse": "INFO: AddLocalImpulse(self, Ix, Iy, Iz, Px, Py, Pz)",
"AddManualScroller": "INFO: Entity:AddManualScroller(scrollSpeed1, scrollSpeed2)",
"AddManualScrollerU": "INFO: Entity:AddManualScrollerU(int MaterialIndex, int speed)",
"AddManualScrollerV": "INFO: Entity:AddManualScrollerV(int MaterialIndex, int speed)",
"AddManualUVRScroller": "INFO: Entity:AddManualUVRScroller(int MaterialIndex, int UVR, int speed)",
"AddManualUVRotator": "INFO: Entity:AddManualUVRotator(int MaterialIndex, int speed)",
"AddPingPongScroller": "INFO: Entity:AddPingPongScroller(ping1, pingSpeed1, pong1, pongSpeed1, ping2, pingSpeed2, pong2, pongSpeed2)",
"AddPingPongScrollerU": "INFO: Entity:AddPingPongScrollerU(int MaterialIndex, int speed)",
"AddPingPongScrollerV": "INFO: Entity:AddPingPongScrollerV(int MaterialIndex, int speed)",
"AddPingPongUVRScroller": "INFO: Entity:AddPingPongUVRScroller(int MaterialIndex, int UVR, float ping, float pingSpeed, float pong, float pongSpeed)",
"AddPingPongUVRotator": "INFO: Entity:AddPingPongUVRotator(int MaterialIndex, int speed)",
"AddThreadScroller": "INFO: Entity:AddThreadScroller(sideDist, scrollMult)",
"AddThreadScrollerU": "INFO: Entity:AddThreadScrollerU(int MaterialIndex, int speed)",
"AddThreadScrollerV": "INFO: Entity:AddThreadScrollerV(int MaterialIndex, int speed)",
"AddThreadUVRScroller": "INFO: Entity:AddThreadUVRScroller(int MaterialIndex, int UVR, float sideDist, float scrollMult)",
"AddThreadUVRotator": "INFO: Entity:AddThreadUVRotator(int MaterialIndex, int speed)",
"AddUserThreadAnimation": "INFO: Entity:AddUserThreadAnimation(animation, [rate], [looping])",
"AddWorldImpulse": "INFO: AddWorldImpulse(self, Ix, Iy, Iz, Px, Py, Pz)",
"AdjustHealth": "INFO: Entity:AdjustHealth(instigator, delta)",
"AttachBoneTo": "INFO: Entity:AttachBoneTo(selfbone, entity, bone)",
"AttachBoneToEntityBone": "INFO: Attach a unit bone position to an entity bone position",
"AttachOrnament": "INFO: Entity:AttachOrnament(meshBlueprintID, bone, uniformScale)",
"AttachTo": "INFO: Entity:AttachTo(entity, bone)",
"BeenDestroyed": "INFO: Entity:BeenDestroyed()",
"CreateProjectile": "INFO: Entity:CreateProjectile(proj_bp, [ox, oy, oz], [dx, dy, dz]",
"CreateProjectileAtBone": "INFO: Entity:CreateProjectileAtBone(projectile_blueprint, bone)",
"CreatePropAtBone": "INFO: Entity:CreatePropAtBone(boneindex,prop_blueprint_id)",
"Destroy": "INFO: Entity:Destroy()",
"DetachAll": "INFO: Entity:DetachAll(bone,[skipBallistic])",
"DetachFrom": "INFO: Entity:DetachFrom([skipBallistic,skipSnap])",
"DisableIntel": "INFO: Intel:DisableIntel(type)",
"EnableIntel": "INFO: EnableIntel(type)",
"FallDown": "INFO: Entity:FallDown(dx,dy,dz,force) -- start falling down",
"GetAIBrain": "INFO: GetAIBrain(self)",
"GetArmy": "INFO: GetArmy(self)",
"GetBlueprint": "INFO: blueprint = Entity:GetBlueprint()",
"GetBoneCount": "INFO: Entity:GetBoneCount() -- returns number of bones in this entity's skeleton",
"GetBoneDirection": "INFO: Entity:GetBoneDirection(bone_name)",
"GetBoneName": "INFO: Entity:GetBoneName(i) -- return the name of the i'th bone of this entity (counting from 0)",
"GetBonePosition": "INFO: Entity:GetBonePosition(bone_name)",
"GetCollisionExtents": "INFO: Entity:GetCollisionExtents()",
"GetEntityId": "INFO: Entity:GetEntityId()",
"GetFractionComplete": "INFO: Entity:GetFractionComplete()",
"GetHeading": "INFO: Entity:GetHeading()",
"GetHealth": "INFO: Entity:GetHealth()",
"GetIncidentHeadingToEntity": "INFO: Entity:GetIncidentHeadingToEntity(entity)",
"GetIntelPersistenceDelay": "INFO: GetIntelPersistenceDelay(type)",
"GetIntelRadius": "INFO: GetIntelRadius(type)",
"GetMaxHealth": "INFO: Entity:GetMaxHealth()",
"GetMeshBlueprint": "INFO: Entity:GetMeshBlueprint() -> meshBP",
"GetOrientation": "INFO: Entity:GetOrientation()",
"GetParent": "INFO: Entity:GetParent()",
"GetPosition": "INFO: Entity:GetPosition([bone_name])",
"GetPositionXYZ": "INFO: Entity:GetPositionXYZ([bone_name])",
"GetScale": "INFO: Entity:GetScale() -> sx,sy,sz -- return current draw scale of this entity",
"HideMesh": "INFO: HideMesh()",
"InitIntel": "INFO: InitIntel(army,type,<radius>)",
"IsDeadForNow": "INFO: Entity:IsDeadForever() -- returns if the unit is dead with no chance for resurrection",
"IsDeadForever": "INFO: Entity:IsDeadForever() -- returns if the unit is dead with no chance for resurrection",
"IsEntityState": "INFO: Entity:IsEntityState(stateName)",
"IsIntelEnabled": "INFO: IsIntelEnabled(type)",
"IsResurrectable": "INFO: Entity:IsResurrectable() -- returns if the unit is resurrectable or not",
"IsValidBone": "INFO: Entity:IsValidBone(nameOrIndex,allowNil=false)",
"Kill": "INFO: Entity:Kill(instigator,type,excessDamageRatio)",
"PlaySound": "INFO: Entity:PlaySound(eventname,cull)",
"PushOver": "INFO: Entity:PushOver(nx, ny, nz, depth)",
"RemoveOrnament": "INFO: Entity:RemoveOrnament(ornamentID)",
"RemoveScroller": "INFO: Entity:RemoveScroller()",
"RemoveUVRScroller": "INFO: Entity:RemoveUVRScroller(int MaterialIndex)",
"RemoveUserThreadAnimation": "INFO: Entity:RemoveUserThreadAnimation(animID)",
"RequestRefreshUI": "INFO: Entity:RequestRefreshUI()",
"Resurrect": "INFO: Entity:Resurrect(instigator,cause,newHealthRatio)",
"RotateOrnament": "INFO: Entity:RotateOrnament(ornamentID, quaternion)",
"SetAmbientSound": "INFO: Entity:SetAmbientSound(eventname, looptag)",
"SetCollisionShape": "INFO: Entity:SetCollisionShape(['Box'|'Sphere'|'None'], centerX, centerY, centerZ, [Radius|SizeX,SizeY,SizeZ]) -- size is radius for sphere, x,y,z extent for box",
"SetCollisionTestType": "INFO: Entity:SetCollisionTestType(string)",
"SetDrawScale": "INFO: Entity:SetDrawScale(size): Change mesh scale on the fly",
"SetEntityState": "INFO: Entity:SetEntityState(name, bool)",
"SetFractionComplete": "INFO: Entity:SetFractionComplete(value)",
"SetHealth": "INFO: Entity:SetHealth(instigator,health)",
"SetIntelPersistenceDelay": "INFO: SetIntelPersistenceDelay(type,delay)",
"SetIntelRadius": "INFO: SetRadius(type,radius)",
"SetMaxHealth": "INFO: Entity:SetMaxHealth(maxhealth)",
"SetMesh": "INFO: Entity:SetMesh(meshBp, bool keepActor): Change mesh on the fly",
"SetMeshVisible": "INFO: Entity:SetMeshVisible(true|false)",
"SetOrientation": "INFO: Entity:SetOrientation(orientation, immediately )",
"SetOrientationHPR": "INFO: Entity:SetOrientationHPR(pitch,yaw,roll, immediately )",
"SetParentOffset": "INFO: Entity:SetParentOffset(vector)",
"SetPosition": "INFO: Entity:SetPosition(vector,[immediate])",
"SetRegenRate": "INFO: Entity:SetRegenRate(rate)",
"SetScale": "INFO: Entity:SetScale(s) or Entity:SetScale(sx,sy,sz)",
"SetTextureSetByName": "INFO: Entity:SetTextureSetByname(string name)",
"SetTextureSetIndex": "INFO: Entity:SetTextureSetIndex(int index)",
"SetUserThreadAnimationLooping": "INFO: Entity:SetUserThreadAnimationLooping(animID, looping)",
"SetUserThreadAnimationRate": "INFO: Entity:SetUserThreadAnimationRate(animID, rate)",
"SetVizToAllies": "INFO: SetVizToAllies(type)",
"SetVizToEnemies": "INFO: SetVizToEnemies(type)",
"SetVizToFocusPlayer": "INFO: SetVizToFocusPlayer(type)",
"SetVizToNeutrals": "INFO: SetVizToNeutrals(type)",
"ShakeCamera": "INFO: Entity:ShakeCamera(radius, max, min, duration)Shake the camera. This is a method of entities rather than a global functionbecause it takes the position of the entity as the epicenter where it shakes more.radius - distance from epicenter at which shaking falls off to 'min'max - size of shaking in world units, when looking at epicentermin - size of shaking in world units, when at 'radius' distance or fartherduration - length of time to shake for, in seconds",
"ShowMesh": "INFO: ShowMesh()",
"SinkAway": "INFO: Entity:SinkAway(vy) -- sink into the ground",
"TranslateOrnament": "INFO: Entity:TranslateOrnament(ornamentID, vector)",
"moho.entity_methods": "INFO:"
"Sim.IAniManipulator": {
"moho.entity_methods": "INFO:",
"Disable": "INFO: Manipulator:Disable() -- disable a manipulator. This immediately removes it from the bone computation, which may result in the bone's position snapping.",
"Enable": "INFO: Manipulator:Enable() -- enable a manipulator. Manipulators start out enabled so you only need this after calling Disable().",
"SetPrecedence": "INFO: Manipulator:SetPrecedence(integer) -- change the precedence of this manipulator. Manipulators with higher precedence run first.",
"moho.manipulator_methods": "INFO:"
"Sim.IEffect": {
"moho.manipulator_methods": "INFO:",
"OffsetEmitter": "INFO: Effect:OffsetEmitter(x,y,z)",
"ResizeEmitterCurve": "INFO: Effect:ResizeEmitterCurve(parameter, time_in_ticks)Resize the emitter curve to the number of ticks passed in.This is so if we change the lifetime of the emitter we can rescale some of the curves to match if needed.Arguably this should happen automatically to all curves but the original design was screwed up.returns the effect so you can chain calls like:effect:SetEmitterParam('x',1):ScaleEmitter(3.7)",
"ScaleEmitter": "INFO: effect:ScaleEmitter(param, scale)returns the effect so you can chain calls like:effect:SetEmitterParam('x',1):ScaleEmitter(3.7)",
"SetBeamParam": "INFO: effect:SetBeamParam('name', value)",
"SetEmitterCurveParam": "INFO: Effect:SetEmitterCurveParam(param_name, height, size)",
"SetEmitterParam": "INFO: effect:SetEmitterParam('name', value)returns the effect so you can chain calls like:effect:SetEmitterParam('x',1):ScaleEmitter(3.7)",
"moho.IEffect": "INFO:"
"Sim.MotorFallDown": {
"moho.IEffect": "INFO:",
"moho.MotorFallDown": "INFO:"
"Sim.Projectile": {
"moho.MotorFallDown": "INFO:",
"ChangeDetonateBelowHeight": "INFO: Change the detonate below height for the projectile",
"ChangeMaxZigZag": "INFO: Change the amount of zig zag",
"ChangeZigZagFrequency": "INFO: Change the frequency of the zig zag",
"CreateChildProjectile": "INFO: Projectile:CreateChildProjectile(blueprint)",
"GetCollideFriendly": "INFO: Projectile:GetCollideFriendly()",
"GetCurrentSpeed": "INFO: Projectile:GetCurrentSpeed() -> val",
"GetCurrentTargetPosition": "INFO: Projectile:GetCurrentTargetPosition()",
"GetLauncher": "INFO: Get who launched this projectile",
"GetProjectileVelocity": "INFO: Projectile:GetProjectileVelocity() -> x,y,z",
"GetTrackingTarget": "INFO: Projectile:GetTrackingTarget()",
"GetVelocity": "INFO: Projectile:GetVelocity() -> x,y,z",
"SetAcceleration": "INFO: Projectile:SetAcceleration(accel)",
"SetBallisticAcceleration": "INFO: Wrong number of arguments to Projectile:SetAccelerationVector(), expected 1, 2, or 4 but got %d",
"SetCollideEntity": "INFO: Projectile:SetCollideEntity(onoff)",
"SetCollideFriendly": "INFO: Projectile:SetCollideFriendly(truefalse)",
"SetCollideSurface": "INFO: Projectile:SetCollideSurface(onoff)",
"SetCollision": "INFO: Projectile:SetCollision(onoff)",
"SetDamage": "INFO: Projectile:SetDamage(amount, radius) -- change how much damage this projectile will do. Either amount or radius can be nil to leave unchanged.",
"SetDestroyOnWater": "INFO: Projectile:SetDestroyOnWater(flag)",
"SetLifetime": "INFO: Projectile:SetLifetime(seconds)",
"SetLocalAngularVelocity": "INFO: Projectile:SetLocalAngularVelocity(x,y,z)",
"SetMaxSpeed": "INFO: Projectile:SetMaxSpeed(speed)",
"SetNewTarget": "INFO: Projectile:SetNewTarget( entity )",
"SetNewTargetGround": "INFO: Projectile:SetNewTargetGround( location )",
"SetScaleVelocity": "INFO: Projectile:SetScaleVelocity(vs) or Projectile:SetScaleVelocity(vsx, vsy, vsz)",
"SetStayUpright": "INFO: Projectile:SetStayUpright(truefalse)",
"SetTurnRate": "INFO: Projectile:SetTurnRate(radians_per_second)",
"SetVelocity": "INFO: Projectile:SetVelocity(speed) or Projectile:SetVelocity(vx,vy,vz)",
"SetVelocityAlign": "INFO: Projectile:SetVelocityAlign(truefalse)",
"SetVelocityRandomUpVector": "INFO: SetVelocityRandomUpVector(self)",
"StayUnderwater": "INFO: Projectile:StayUnderwater(onoff)",
"TrackTarget": "INFO: Projectile:TrackTarget(onoff)",
"base": "INFO: derived from Entity",
"moho.projectile_methods": "INFO:"
"Sim.Prop": {
"moho.projectile_methods": "INFO:",
"GetMassValue": "INFO: Prop:GetMassValue",
"base": "INFO: derived from Entity",
"moho.prop_methods": "INFO:"
"Sim.ReconBlip": {
"moho.prop_methods": "INFO:",
"GetSource": "INFO: unit = ReconBlip:GetSource()",
"IsKnownFake": "INFO: bool = ReconBlip:IsKnownFake()",
"IsMaybeDead": "INFO: bool = ReconBlip:IsMaybeDead()",
"IsOnOmni": "INFO: bool = ReconBlip:IsOnOmni()",
"IsOnRadar": "INFO: bool = ReconBlip:IsOnRadar()",
"IsOnSonar": "INFO: bool = ReconBlip:IsOnSonar()",
"IsSeenEver": "INFO: bool = ReconBlip:IsSeenEver()",
"IsSeenNow": "INFO: bool = ReconBlip:IsSeenNow()",
"base": "INFO: derived from Entity",
"moho.blip_methods": "INFO:"
"Sim.Shield": {
"moho.blip_methods": "INFO:",
"Deactivate": "INFO: shield:Deactivate([autoReactivateTick])",
"DeactivatePanels": "INFO: shield:DeactivatePanels()",
"GetAbsorbPercent": "INFO: shield:GetAbsorbPercent(float)",
"GetReflectionPercent": "INFO: shield:GetReflectionPercent(float)",
"OnPanelImpact": "INFO: shield:OnPanelImpact(vector)",
"SetAbsorbPercent": "INFO: shield:SetAbsorbPercent(float)",
"SetReflectionPercent": "INFO: shield:SetReflectionPercent(float)",
"base": "INFO: derived from Entity",
"moho.shield_methods": "INFO:"
"Sim.Unit": {
"moho.shield_methods": "INFO:",
"AddBuildRestriction": "INFO: Disallow building of these categories for this unit",
"AddCommandCap": "INFO: unit:AddCommandCap(capName) -- Add a command cap to a unit.",
"AddCostumeSet": "INFO: AddCostumeSet(costumeSet,layer) - Add a costume set to the given unit",
"AddImpulse": "INFO: AddImpulse(self, x, y, z, makeBallistic, gravityOverride)",
"AddImpulseEx": "INFO: AddImpulse(self, impulseVec, makeBallistic, gravityOverride)",
"AddSparseBone": "INFO: Unit:AddSparseBone([string boneName | int boneIndex])",
"AddToggleCap": "INFO: unit:AddToggleCap(capName) -- Add a toggle cap to a unit.",
"AddWorldForce": "INFO: unit:AddWorldForce(force) -- Add a gpnav world force to a unit.",
"AlterArmor": "INFO: Unit:AlterArmor(damageTypeName, multiplier)",
"ApplyCostume": "INFO: AddCostumeSet() - Add a costume set to the given unit",
"AwardExperience": "INFO: unit:AwardExperience(amount)",
"BuildManipulatorsSetEnabled": "INFO: Unit:BuildManipulatorsSetEnabled( enabled )",
"CalculateWorldPositionFromRelative": "INFO: Calculate the desired world position from the supplied relative vector from the center of the unit",
"CanBuild": "INFO: CanBuild(self, blueprint",
"CanPathTo": "INFO: See if the unit can path to the goal",
"CanPathToRect": "INFO: See if the unit can path to the goal rectangle",
"ClearFocusEntity": "INFO: ClearFocusEntity(self)",
"CreateNavigator": "INFO: CreateNavigator(unit)",
"DisableAllAbilities": "INFO: unit:DisableAllAbilities()",
"EnableManipulators": "INFO: Unit:EnableManipulators([string boneName | int boneIndex], bool Enable)",
"GetActualBuildEnergy": "INFO: unit:GetActualBuildEnergy()",
"GetActualBuildMass": "INFO: unit:GetActualBuildMass()",
"GetActualBuildTime": "INFO: unit:GetActualBuildTime()",
"GetAntiNukeSiloAmmoCount": "INFO: Unit:GetAntiNukeSiloAmmoCount()",
"GetArmorMult": "INFO: mult = Unit:GetArmorMult(damageTypeName)",
"GetAttacker": "INFO: GetAttacker() - get the tactical attack manager object of this unit",
"GetBlip": "INFO: blip = GetBlip(armyIndex) - returns a blip (if any) that the given army has for the unit",
"GetBuildArmManipulator": "INFO: Unit:GetBuildArmManipulator( index )",
"GetBuildOrder": "INFO: GetBuildOrder(orderNum). Gets the current build order or build order # orderNum if supplied",
"GetBuildRate": "INFO: unit:GetBuildRate() -- returns the build rate of a unit: what fraction of target unit it builds per second.",
"GetBuildTimeMultiplier": "INFO: unit:GetBuildTimeMultiplier() -- Get the unit build cost multiplier.",
"GetCargo": "INFO: GetCargo(self)",
"GetCommandQueue": "INFO: Unit:GetCommandQueue()",
"GetConsumptionPerSecondEnergy": "INFO: Get the consumption of energy of the unit",
"GetConsumptionPerSecondMass": "INFO: Get the consumption of mass of the unit",
"GetCurrentExperience": "INFO: unit:GetCurrentExperience()",
"GetCurrentLayer": "INFO: GetUnitId(self)",
"GetCurrentMoveLocation": "INFO: Unit:GetCurrentMoveLocation()",
"GetDamageReductionMultiplier": "INFO: GetDamageReductionMultiplier()",
"GetDetailedCommandQueue": "INFO: Unit:GetDetailedCommandQueue()",
"GetDevText": "INFO: Unit:GetDevText()",
"GetEscortedUnit": "INFO: Unit:GetEscortedUnit()",
"GetEscorts": "INFO: Unit:GetEscorts()",
"GetFireState": "INFO: Get the fire state for the unit",
"GetFocusUnit": "INFO: GetFocusUnit(self)",
"GetFuelRatio": "INFO: Get the fuel ratio",
"GetFuelUseTime": "INFO: Get the fuel use time",
"GetGuardedUnit": "INFO: Unit:GetGuardedUnit()",
"GetGuards": "INFO: Unit:GetGuards()",
"GetHealth": "INFO: GetHealth(self)",
"GetJumpRange": "INFO: Unit:GetJumpRange()",
"GetMaxHealth": "INFO: GetMaxHealth(self)",
"GetNavigator": "INFO: GetNavigator() - get the navigator object of this unit",
"GetNukeSiloAmmoCount": "INFO: Unit:GetNukeSiloAmmoCount()",
"GetNumBuildOrders": "INFO: Get number of factory/engineer build orders that fit in the specified category",
"GetNumberOfAvailableStorageSlots": "INFO: unit:GetNumberOfAvailableStorageSlots()",
"GetNumberOfStorageSlots": "INFO: unit:GetNumberOfStorageSlots()",
"GetProductionPerSecondEnergy": "INFO: Get the production of energy of the unit",
"GetProductionPerSecondMass": "INFO: Get the production of mass of the unit",
"GetProductionPerSecondResearch": "INFO: Get the production of research of the unit",
"GetRallyPoint": "INFO: Get the rally point for the factory",
"GetResourceConsumed": "INFO: Return the fraction of requested resources this unit consumed last tick. Normally 1, but can be fractional if economy is struggling.",
"GetScriptBit": "INFO: Get the current toggle state of the script bit that matches the string",
"GetShieldCurrentValue": "INFO: Get the shield current value",
"GetShieldMAxValue": "INFO: Get the shield max value",
"GetStat": "INFO: GetStat(Name[,defaultVal])",
"GetTacticalSiloAmmoCount": "INFO: Unit:GetTacticalSiloAmmoCount()",
"GetTargetEntity": "INFO: Return our target unit if we have one",
"GetTeleportBeacon": "INFO: Unit:GetTeleportBeacon()",
"GetTeleportRange": "INFO: Unit:GetTeleportRange()",
"GetTransportFerryBeacon": "INFO: Unit:GetTransportFerryBeacon()",
"GetUnitId": "INFO: GetUnitId(self)",
"GetUnitWeaponBlueprint": "INFO: GetUnitWeaponBlueprint(self,label) -- Gets a weapon blueprint by label.",
"GetVelocity": "INFO: GetVelocity() -> x,y,z",
"GetWeapon": "INFO: GetWeapon(self,[index/label]) -- return the index'th weapon of this unit. Index must be between 1 and self:GetWeaponCount(), inclusive.",
"GetWeaponCount": "INFO: GetWeaponCount(self) -- return the number of weapons on this unit. Note that dummy weapons are not included in the count, so this may differ from the number of weapons defined in the unit's blueprint.",
"GetWorkProgress": "INFO: GetWorkProgress()",
"GiveAntiNukeSiloAmmo": "INFO: Unit:GiveAntiNukeSiloAmmo(num)",
"GiveNukeSiloAmmo": "INFO: Unit:GiveNukeSiloAmmo(num)",
"GiveTacticalSiloAmmo": "INFO: Unit:GiveTacticalSiloAmmo(num)",
"HasMeleeSpaceAroundTarget": "INFO: Unit:HasMeleeSpaceAroundTarget(target)",
"HasValidTeleportDest": "INFO: Unit:HasValidTeleportDest()",
"HideBone": "INFO: HideBone(self,bone,affectChildren)",
"IsBeingBuilt": "INFO: Unit:IsBeingBuilt()",
"IsBuildDisabled": "INFO: Unit:IsBuildDisabled()",
"IsCapturable": "INFO: Returns if this unit can be captured or not",
"IsIdleState": "INFO: IsIdleState(unit)",
"IsInvulnerable": "INFO: IsInvulnerable(unit)",
"IsMobile": "INFO: bool IsMobile() - Is this a mobile unit?",
"IsMoving": "INFO: bool IsMoving() - Is this unit moving?",
"IsPaused": "INFO: Unit:IsPaused()",
"IsStunned": "INFO: IsStunned(unit)",
"IsUnitState": "INFO: IsUnitState(unit, stateName)",
"IsValidTarget": "INFO: bool = IsValidTarget(self)",
"KillManipulator": "INFO: Kill a specific manipulator held by a script object",
"KillManipulators": "INFO: Unit:KillManipulators([boneName|boneIndex])",
"MeleeWarpAdjacentToTarget": "INFO: Unit:MeleeWarpAdjacentToTarget(target)",
"OccupyGround": "INFO: OccupyGround(unit, flag)",
"PopAnimPack": "INFO: PopAnimPack(stateName, override)",
"PopAnimSet": "INFO: PopAnimSet(override)",
"PrefetchMeshes": "INFO: PrefetchMeshes() - prefetches meshes for future use",
"PrintCommandQueue": "INFO: Unit:PrintCommandQueue()",
"PushAnimPack": "INFO: PushAnimPack(stateName, animPackName, override)",
"PushAnimSet": "INFO: PushAnimSet(animSet, override)",
"RecoilImpulse": "INFO: RecoilImpulse(self, x, y, z)",
"RemoveAntiNukeSiloAmmo": "INFO: Unit:RemoveAntiNukeSiloAmmo(num)",
"RemoveBuildRestriction": "INFO: Allow building of categories for this unit",
"RemoveCommandCap": "INFO: unit:RemoveCommandCap(capName) -- Remove a command cap to a unit.",
"RemoveCostumeSet": "INFO: AddCostumeSet(costumeSet,layer) - Remove a costume set to the given unit",
"RemoveNukeSiloAmmo": "INFO: Unit:RemoveNukeSiloAmmo(num)",
"RemoveTacticalSiloAmmo": "INFO: Unit:RemoveTacticalSiloAmmo(num)",
"RemoveToggleCap": "INFO: unit:RemoveToggleCap(capName) -- Remove a toggle cap to a unit.",
"ResetWeaponTargetPriorities": "INFO: ResetWeaponTargetPriorities(self, [index/label] ) -- Reset the targeting priorities to initial blueprint values for all weapons on this unit, or for a specific weapon, by label or index.",
"RestoreBuildRestrictions": "INFO: Restore buildable categories to that as defined in the blueprint",
"RestoreCommandCaps": "INFO: Restore the command caps of the unit back to blueprint spec.",
"RestoreToggleCaps": "INFO: Restore the toggle caps of the unit back to blueprint spec.",
"RevertCollisionShape": "INFO: Revert the collision shape to the blueprint spec",
"RevertElevation": "INFO: Revert the elevation of the unit back to the blueperint spec",
"RevertMaxCaptureDistance": "INFO: Restore capture max distance of the unit back to blueprint spec.",
"RevertMaxRepairDistance": "INFO: Restore repair max distance of the unit back to blueprint spec.",
"RevertRegenRate": "INFO: Restore regen rate of the unit back to blueprint spec.",
"RevertRepairRate": "INFO: Restore repair rate of the unit back to blueprint spec.",
"RevertRepairRegenRate": "INFO: Restore repair regen rate of the unit back to blueprint spec.",
"RevertRepairScanRadius": "INFO: Restore repair scan radius of the unit back to blueprint spec.",
"SendAnimEvent": "INFO: SendAnimEvent(event, [arg])",
"SetAbilityEnabled": "INFO: SetAbilityEnabled()",
"SetAccMult": "INFO: Set the acceleration multiplier of the unit",
"SetAttackerEnableState": "INFO: SetAttackerEnableState(self,enabled) -- enable/disables the Attacker.",
"SetAttackerEnabled": "INFO: SetAttackerEnabled(bool) - enable/disable the attacker ai and acquire target",
"SetAutoMode": "INFO: Set auto silo build mode to on/off",
"SetBlockCommandQueue": "INFO: SetBlockCommandQueue(unit, flag)",
"SetBreakOffDistanceMult": "INFO: Set the break off distance multiplier of the unit",
"SetBreakOffTriggerMult": "INFO: Set the break off trigger multiplier of the unit",
"SetBuildCostMultiplier": "INFO: unit:SetBuildCostMultiplier(type, multiplier) -- Set the unit build cost multiplier.",
"SetBuildDisabled": "INFO: Unit:SetBuildDisabled()",
"SetBuildRate": "INFO: unit:SetBuildRate(frac) -- Set the build rate of a unit: what fraction of target unit it builds per second.",
"SetBuildTimeMultiplier": "INFO: unit:SetBuildTimeMultiplier(multiplier) -- Set the unit build cost multiplier.",
"SetBuilderAutoRepair": "INFO: Unit:SetBuilderAutoRepair( enabled )",
"SetBusy": "INFO: SetBusy(unit, flag)",
"SetCapturable": "INFO: Set if this unit can be captured or not.",
"SetCaptureRate": "INFO: SetCaptureRate(newRate) -- Set the unit capture rate.",
"SetConsumptionActive": "INFO: Unit:SetConsumptionActive(flag)",
"SetConsumptionPerSecondEnergy": "INFO: unit:SetConsumptionPerSecondEnergy(value) -- Set the consumption of energy of a unit",
"SetConsumptionPerSecondMass": "INFO: Set the consumption of mass of the unit",
"SetCreator": "INFO: Set the creator for this unit",
"SetCustomName": "INFO: Unit:SetCustomName(name)",
"SetDamageReductionMultiplier": "INFO: SetDamageReductionMultiplier(frac) -- Set the unit damage reduction multiplier.",
"SetDevText": "INFO: Unit:SetDevText(name)",
"SetDoNotTarget": "INFO: SetDoNotTarget(unit, flag)",
"SetElevation": "INFO: Set the elevation of the unit",
"SetExperienceDisabled": "INFO: unit:SetExperienceDisabled(bool)",
"SetExperienceGainMultiplier": "INFO: SetExperienceGainMultiplier(frac) -- Set the unit experience gain multiplier.",
"SetFireState": "INFO: Set a specific fire state for the retaliation state of the unit",
"SetFocusEntity": "INFO: SetFocusUnit(self, focus)",
"SetFuelRatio": "INFO: Set the fuel ratio",
"SetFuelUseTime": "INFO: Set the fuel use time",
"SetIgnoreFriction": "INFO: SetIgnoreFriction(unit, flag)",
"SetIgnoreSteering": "INFO: SetIgnoreSteering(unit, flag)",
"SetImmobile": "INFO: SetImmobile(unit, flag)",
"SetInvulnerable": "INFO: SetInvulnerable(unit, invulnerable)",
"SetIsValidTarget": "INFO: SetIsValidTarget(self,bool)",
"SetJumpRange": "INFO: Unit:SetJumpRange(float)",
"SetLiftMult": "INFO: Set the lift multiplier of the unit",
"SetMaxCaptureDistance": "INFO: unit:SetMaxCaptureDistance(radius) -- Set the capture max distance that the unit can be before being captured.",
"SetMaxRepairDistance": "INFO: unit:SetMaxRepairDistance(radius) -- Set the repair max distance that the unit can be before repairing.",
"SetMotionType": "INFO: Sets the motion type of the unit",
"SetNavMaxSpeedMultiplier": "INFO: SetNavMaxSpeedMultiplier( value )",
"SetNavMaxTurnSpeedMultiplier": "INFO: SetNavMaxTurnSpeedMultiplier( value )",
"SetNumberOfStorageSlots": "INFO: unit:SetNumberOfStorageSlots(num)",
"SetPaused": "INFO: Unit:SetPaused()",
"SetProductionActive": "INFO: Unit:SetProductionActive(flag)",
"SetProductionPerSecondEnergy": "INFO: Set the production of energy of the unit",
"SetProductionPerSecondMass": "INFO: Set the production of mass of the unit",
"SetProductionPerSecondResearch": "INFO: Set the production of research of the unit",
"SetReclaimable": "INFO: Set if this unit can be reclaimed or not.",
"SetRegenRate": "INFO: unit:SetRegenRate(rate) -- Set the regen rate of a unit.",
"SetRepairRate": "INFO: unit:SetRepairRate(rate) -- Set the repair rate of a unit.",
"SetRepairRegenRate": "INFO: unit:SetRepairRegenRate(rate) -- Set the repair regen rate of a unit.",
"SetRepairScanRadius": "INFO: unit:SetRepairScanRadius(radius) -- Set the max scan distance to find a valid repair target.",
"SetRepairable": "INFO: Set if this unit can be repaired or not.",
"SetScriptBit": "INFO: Set the script bit that matches the string to the desired state",
"SetShieldCurrentValue": "INFO: Set the shield's current value",
"SetShieldMaxValue": "INFO: Set the shield's max value",
"SetSpeedMult": "INFO: Set the speed multiplier of the unit",
"SetStat": "INFO: SetStat(Name, Value)",
"SetStrategicUnderlay": "INFO: SetStrategicUnderlay(icon)",
"SetStunned": "INFO: SetStunned(unit, time)",
"SetTeleportRange": "INFO: Unit:SetTeleportRange(float)",
"SetTurnDampingMult": "INFO: Set the turn damping multiplier of the unit",
"SetTurnMult": "INFO: Set the turn multiplier of the unit",
"SetUnSelectable": "INFO: SetUnSelectable(unit, flag)",
"SetUnitState": "INFO: SetUnitState(name, bool)",
"SetWeaponTargetPriorities": "INFO: SetWeaponTargetPriorities(self, priorityTable, [index/label] ) -- Set the targeting priorities for all weapons on this unit, or for a specific weapon, by label or index.",
"SetWorkProgress": "INFO: SetWorkProgress(float)",
"ShowBone": "INFO: ShowBone(self,bone,affectChildren)",
"StopSiloBuild": "INFO: StopSiloBuild(unit)",
"TakeDamage": "INFO: TakeDamage(self, instigator, amount, damageType)",
"TestCommandCaps": "INFO: Test if a unit has this specified set to true in the blueprint spec.",
"TestToggleCaps": "INFO: Test if a unit has this specified set to true in the blueprint spec.",
"ToggleFireState": "INFO: Toggle the fire state for the retaliation state of the unit",
"ToggleScriptBit": "INFO: Toggle the script bit that matches the string",
"TrackDamageToUnit": "INFO: TrackDamageToUnit(self, damagingUnit, amount )",
"TransportAddUnitToStorage": "INFO: unit:TransportAddUnitToStorage(target)",
"TransportDetachAllUnits": "INFO: DetachAllUnits(self,destroySomeUnits)",
"TransportHasAvailableStorage": "INFO: unit:TransportHasAvailableStorage(target)",
"TransportHasSpaceFor": "INFO: TransportHasSpaceFor(self,target)",
"base": "INFO: derived from Entity",
"moho.unit_methods": "INFO:"
"Sim.UnitWeapon": {
"moho.unit_methods": "INFO:",
"CanFire": "INFO: UnitWeapon:CanFire()",
"ChangeDamage": "INFO: UnitWeapon:ChangeDamage(value)",
"ChangeDamageRadius": "INFO: UnitWeapon:ChangeDamageRadius(value)",
"ChangeDamageType": "INFO: UnitWeapon:ChangeDamageType(typeName)",
"ChangeFiringTolerance": "INFO: UnitWeapon:ChangeFiringTolerance(value)",
"ChangeMaxHeightDiff": "INFO: UnitWeapon:ChangeMaxHeightDiff(value)",
"ChangeMaxRadius": "INFO: UnitWeapon:ChangeMaxRadius(value)",
"ChangeMinRadius": "INFO: UnitWeapon:ChangeMinRadius(value)",
"ChangeProjectileBlueprint": "INFO: Change the projectile blueprint of a weapon",
"ChangeRateOfFire": "INFO: UnitWeapon:ChangeRateOfFire(value)",
"CreateProjectile": "INFO: UnitWeapon:CreateProjectile(muzzlebone)",
"FireWeapon": "INFO: bool = UnitWeapon:FireWeapon()",
"GetBlueprint": "INFO: blueprint = UnitWeapon:GetBlueprint()",
"GetCriticalChance": "INFO: UnitWeapon:GetCriticalChance()",
"GetCriticalDamageMultiplier": "INFO: UnitWeapon:GetCriticalDamageMultiplier()",
"GetCurrentTarget": "INFO: UnitWeapon:GetCurrentTarget()",
"GetCurrentTargetPos": "INFO: UnitWeapon:GetCurrentTargetPos()",
"GetDamage": "INFO: UnitWeapon:GetDamage()",
"GetDamageRadius": "INFO: UnitWeapon:GetDamageRadius()",
"GetFireClockPct": "INFO: Get the firing clock percent (0 - 1)",
"GetFiringRandomness": "INFO: Get the firing randomness",
"GetProjectileBlueprint": "INFO: blueprint = UnitWeapon:GetProjectileBlueprint()",
"GetStunChance": "INFO: UnitWeapon:GetStunChance()",
"GetStunDuration": "INFO: UnitWeapon:GetStunDuration()",
"IsEnabled": "INFO: UnitWeapon:IsEnabled()",
"IsFireControl": "INFO: UnitWeapon:IsFireControl(label)",
"PlaySound": "INFO: UnitWeapon:PlaySound(weapon,eventName)",
"ResetTarget": "INFO: UnitWeapon:ResetTarget()",
"ResetTargetingPriorities": "INFO: Reset the targeting priorities for this weapon to initial weapon blueprint values",
"SetCenterOffset": "INFO: UnitWeapon:SetCenterOffset()",
"SetEnabled": "INFO: UnitWeapon:SetEnabled(enabled)",
"SetFireControl": "INFO: UnitWeapon:SetFireControl(label)",
"SetFireTargetLayerCaps": "INFO: UnitWeapon:SetFireTargetLayerCaps(mask)",
"SetFiringRandomness": "INFO: Set the firing randomness",
"SetStunChance": "INFO: UnitWeapon:SetStunChance()",
"SetStunDuration": "INFO: UnitWeapon:SetStunDuration()",
"SetTargetEntity": "INFO: UnitWeapon:SetTarget(entity)",
"SetTargetGround": "INFO: UnitWeapon:SetTarget(location)",
"SetTargetingPriorities": "INFO: Set the targeting priorities for this weapon",
"SetWeaponBone": "INFO: UnitWeapon:SetWeaponBone(boneName)",
"TargetIsDesiredTarget": "INFO: UnitWeapon:TargetIsDesiredTarget()",
"TransferTarget": "INFO: Transfer target from 1 weapon to another",
"WeaponHasTarget": "INFO: bool = UnitWeapon:HasTarget()",
"moho.weapon_methods": "INFO:"
"Unsafe": {
"moho.weapon_methods": "INFO:"
"Unsafe.<global>": {
"moho.weapon_methods": "INFO:",
"SHGetFolderPath": "INFO: (name, create?) -- Interface to Win32 SHGetFolderPath api"
"User": {
"SHGetFolderPath": "INFO: (name, create?) -- Interface to Win32 SHGetFolderPath api"
"User.<global>": {
"SHGetFolderPath": "INFO: (name, create?) -- Interface to Win32 SHGetFolderPath api",
"ActivateMusicCue": "INFO: ActivateMusicCue(cueName)",
"AddBlinkyBox": "INFO: AddBlinkyBox(entityId, onTime, offTime, totalTime)",
"AddCommandFeedback": "INFO: AddCommandFeedback( texturename, scale, color, positionX, positionY, positionZ, rotateSpeed, rotationMax, duration)",
"AddCommandFeedbackBlip": "INFO: AddCommandFeedbackBlip(meshInfoTable, duration)",
"AddConsoleOutputReciever": "INFO: handler AddConsoleOutputReciever(func(text))",
"AddInputCapture": "INFO: AddInputCapture(control) - set a control as the current capture",
"AddSelectUnits": "INFO: Add these units to the currently Selected lists",
"AddToSessionExtraSelectList": "INFO: Add unit to the session extra select list",
"AnyInputCapture": "INFO: bool AnyInputCapture() - returns true if there is anything currently on the capture stack",
"AudioSetLanguage": "INFO: AudioSetLanguage(name()",
"CanUseArmyAbilityInSlot": "INFO: Check if an army ability may be used",
"ChangeTerrainRNMSet": "INFO: Changes the RNM set used for terrain rendering",
"ClearBuildTemplates": "INFO: clear and disable the build templates.",
"ClearFrame": "INFO: ClearFrame(int head) - destroy all controls in frame, nil head will clear all frames",
"ClearSessionExtraSelectList": "INFO: Clear the session extra select list",
"CloseFile": "INFO: CloseDumpFile( )",
"ConExecute": "INFO: ConExecute('command string') -- Perform a console command",
"ConExecuteSave": "INFO: ConExecuteSave('command string') -- Perform a console command, saved to stack",
"ConTextMatches": "INFO: strings ContextMatches(string)",
"CopyCurrentReplay": "INFO: CopyCurrentReplay(string profile, string newFilename) - copy the current replay to another file",
"CreateUnitAtMouse": "INFO: CreateUnitAtMouse",
"CurrentTime": "INFO: Get the current time in seconds, counting from 0 at application start. This is wall-clock time and is unaffected by gameplay.",
"DeactivateUI": "INFO: Hide all UI",
"DebugFacilitiesEnabled": "INFO: bool DebugFacilitiesEnabled() - returns true if debug facilities are enabled.",
"DeleteCommand": "INFO: DeleteCommand(id)",
"DisableMouse": "INFO: DisableMouse()",
"DisableVibrations": "INFO: DisableVibrations - stop existing vibration and disallow any in the future",
"DisableWorldSounds": "INFO: DisableWorldSounds",
"DisplayAchievementScreen": "INFO: DisplayAchievementScreen() - built in achievements screen",
"DisplayPIP": "INFO: DisplayPIP() - Start the picture in picture dialog",
"DumpPrefsToConsole": "INFO: OpenDumpFileForWrite( filename )",
"EjectSessionClient": "INFO: EjectSessionClient(int clientIndex) -- eject another client from your session",
"EnableMouse": "INFO: EnableMouse()",
"EnableReverb": "INFO: EnableReverb(enable)",
"EnableVibrations": "INFO: EnableVibrations - enable the vibrations of the joystick",
"EnableWorldSounds": "INFO: EnableWorldSounds",
"EngineStartFrontEndUI": "INFO: EngineStartFrontEndUI() - kill current UI and start main menu from top",
"EngineStartSplashScreens": "INFO: EngineStartSplashScreens() - kill current UI and start splash screens",
"EntityCategoryContains": "INFO: See if a unit category contains this unit",
"EntityCategoryFilterDown": "INFO: Filter a list of units to only those found in the category",
"EntityCategoryFilterOut": "INFO: Filter a list of units to exclude those found in the category",
"ExecLuaInSim": "INFO: Execute some lua code in the sim",
"ExitApplication": "INFO: ExitApplication - request that the application shut down",
"ExitGame": "INFO: ExitGame() - Quits the sim, but not the app",
"FlushEvents": "INFO: FlushEvents() -- flush mouse/keyboard events",
"FormatTime": "INFO: string FormatTime(seconds) - format a string displaying the time specified in seconds",
"GameTick": "INFO: Get the current game time in ticks. The game time is the simulation time, that stops when the game is paused.",
"GameTime": "INFO: Get the current game time in seconds. The game time is the simulation time, that stops when the game is paused.",
"GenerateBuildTemplateFromSelection": "INFO: generate and enable build templates from the current selection.",
"GetActiveBuildTemplate": "INFO: get active build template back to lua.",
"GetAntiAliasingOptions": "INFO: obj GetAntiAliasingOptions()",
"GetArmiesTable": "INFO: armyInfo GetArmiesTable()",
"GetArmyAbilityInfoForSlot": "INFO: Build a table with ability info for the ability in slot",
"GetArmyAvatars": "INFO: table GetArmyAvatars() - return a table of avatar units for the army",
"GetArmyScore": "INFO: int GetArmyScore(armyIndex)",
"GetAssistingUnitsList": "INFO: Get a list of units assisting me",
"GetAttachedUnitsList": "INFO: Get a list of units blueprint attached to transports",
"GetAudioLOD": "INFO: GetAudioLOD()",
"GetBlueprint": "INFO: blueprint = GetBlueprint()",
"GetCamera": "INFO: GetCamera(name)",
"GetCompletedResearchTotal": "INFO: GetCompletedResearchTotal( techID )",
"GetCurrentUIState": "INFO: state GetCurrentUIState() - returns 'splash', 'frontend' or 'game' depending on the current state of the ui",
"GetCursor": "INFO: GetCursor()",
"GetEconomyTotals": "INFO: table GetEconomyTotals()",
"GetFireState": "INFO: Get the right fire state for the units passed in",
"GetFocusArmy": "INFO: GetFocusArmy()",
"GetFrame": "INFO: frame GetFrame(int head) - return the root UI frame for a given head",
"GetFrontEndData": "INFO: table GetFrontEndData(key)",
"GetGameSpeed": "INFO: Return the current game speed",
"GetGameTime": "INFO: string GetGameTime() - returns a formatted string displaying the time the game has been played",
"GetGameTimeSeconds": "INFO: float GetGameTimeSeconds() - returns game time in seconds",
"GetIdleEngineers": "INFO: table GetIdleEngineers() - return a table of idle engineer units for the army",
"GetIdleFactories": "INFO: table GetIdleFactories() - return a table of idle factory units for the army",
"GetInputCapture": "INFO: control GetInputCapture() - returns the current capture control, or nil if none",
"GetIsAutoMode": "INFO: See if anyone in the list is auto building",
"GetIsAutoSurfaceMode": "INFO: See if anyone in the list is auto surfacing",
"GetIsPaused": "INFO: Is anyone ins this list builder paused?",
"GetIsSubmerged": "INFO: Determine if units are submerged (-1), not submerged(1) or unable to tell (0)",
"GetJoystickFocus": "INFO: GetJoystickFocus() -- return the control which sees joystick input, or nil if there's no focus.",
"GetMouseScreenPos": "INFO: vector GetMouseScreenPos()",
"GetMouseWorldPos": "INFO: vector GetMouseWorldPos()",
"GetNumRootFrames": "INFO: int GetNumRootFrames() - returns the current number of root frames (typically one per head",
"GetOptions": "INFO: obj GetOptions()",
"GetPreference": "INFO: obj GetPreference(string, [default])",
"GetResearchCosts": "INFO: GetResearchCosts()",
"GetResearchId": "INFO: GetResearchId( techID )",
"GetResearchLevel": "INFO: int GetResearchLevel( techID )",
"GetResourceSharing": "INFO: bool GetResourceSharing()",
"GetRolloverInfo": "INFO: rolloverInfo GetRolloverInfo()",
"GetScriptBit": "INFO: Get the state for the script big",
"GetSelectedUnits": "INFO: table GetSelectedUnits() - return a table of the currently selected units",
"GetSessionClients": "INFO: GetSessionClients() -- return a table of the various clients in the current session.",
"GetSimRate": "INFO: number GetSimRate()",
"GetSimTicksPerSecond": "INFO: int GetSimTicksPerSecond()",
"GetSpecialFileInfo": "INFO: table GetSpecialFileInfo(string profileName, string basename, string type) - get information on a profile based file, nil if unable to find",
"GetSpecialFilePath": "INFO: string GetSpecialFilePath(string profilename, string filename, string type) - Given the base name of a special file, retuns the complete path",
"GetSpecialFiles": "INFO: table GetSpecialFiles(string type)- returns a table of strings which are the names of files in special locations (currently SaveFile, Replay)",
"GetSpecialFolder": "INFO: string GetSpecialFolder(string type)",
"GetStorageDevice": "INFO: GetStorageDevice - returns the storage device current in use(0=none, 1=HDD, >1 MU)",
"GetSystemTime": "INFO: string GetSystemTime() - returns a formatted string displaying the System time",
"GetSystemTimeSeconds": "INFO: float GetSystemTimeSeconds() - returns System time in seconds",
"GetTextureDimensions": "INFO: width, height GetTextureDimensions(filename, border = 1)",
"GetUIControlsAlpha": "INFO: float GetUIControlsAlpha() -- get the alpha multiplier for 2d UI controls",
"GetUnitBlueprintByName": "INFO: blueprint = GetUnitBlueprintByName(bpName)",
"GetUnitById": "INFO: GetUnitById(id)",
"GetUnitCommandData": "INFO: orders, buildableCategories, GetUnitCommandData(unitSet) -- given a set of units, gets the union of orders and unit categories (for determining builds)",
"GetUnitCommandFromCommandCap": "INFO: string GetUnitCommandFromCommandCap(string) - given a RULEUCC type command, return the equivalent UNITCOMMAND command",
"GetValidAttackingUnits": "INFO: table GetValidAttackingUnits() - return a table of the currently selected units",
"GetVolume": "INFO: float GetVolume(category)",
"GetXboxScreenHeight": "INFO: res,widesceen = GetXboxScreenHeight()",
"HasLocalizedVO": "INFO: HasLocalizedVO(languageCode)",
"HaveRoomToSavePreferences": "INFO: HaveRoomToSavePreferences()",
"IN_AddKeyMapTable": "INFO: IN_AddKeyMapTable(keyMapTable) - add a set of key mappings",
"IN_ClearKeyMap": "INFO: IN_ClearKeyMap() - clears all key mappings",
"IN_RemoveKeyMapTable": "INFO: IN_RemoveKeyMapTable(keyMapTable) - removes the keys from the key map",
"InternalCreateBitmap": "INFO: InternalCreateBitmap(luaobj,parent) -- for internal use by CreateBitmap()",
"InternalCreateBorder": "INFO: InternalCreateBorder(luaobj,parent) -- for internal use by CreateBorder()",
"InternalCreateDragger": "INFO: InternalCreateDragger(luaobj) -- for internal use by CreateDragger()",
"InternalCreateEdit": "INFO: InternalCreateEdit(luaobj,parent)",
"InternalCreateFloatText": "INFO: InternalCreateFloatText(luaobj,parent,fontName,fontSize)",
"InternalCreateFrame": "INFO: InternalCreateFrame(luaobj) -- For internal use by CreateFrame()",
"InternalCreateGroup": "INFO: InternalCreateGroup(luaobj,parent) -- For internal use by CreateGroup()",
"InternalCreateHistogram": "INFO: InternalCreateHistogram(luaobj,parent) -- For internal use by CreateHistogram()",
"InternalCreateItemList": "INFO: InternalCreateItemList(luaobj,parent) -- for internal use by CreateItemList()",
"InternalCreateMapPreview": "INFO: InternalCreateMapPreview(luaobj,parent)",
"InternalCreateMesh": "INFO: InternalCreateMesh(luaobj,parent) -- for internal use by CreateMesh()",
"InternalCreateMovie": "INFO: InternalCreateMovie(luaobj,parent) -- for internal use by CreateMovie()",
"InternalCreateScrollbar": "INFO: InternalCreateScrollbar(luaobj,parent,axis) -- for internal use by CreateScrollBar()",
"InternalCreateText": "INFO: InternalCreateText(luaobj,parent)",
"InternalCreateTreeWheel": "INFO: TreeWheel:InternalCreateTreeWheel(luaobj,parent)",
"InternalCreateWheelBackdrop": "INFO: InternalCreateWheelBackdrop(luaobj,parent) -- for internal use by CreateWheelBackdrop()",
"InternalCreateWheelBits": "INFO: InternalCreateWheelBits(luaobj,parent) -- for internal use by CreateWheelBits()",
"InternalCreateWheelSelector": "INFO: InternalCreateWheelSelector(luaobj,parent) -- for internal use by CreateWheelSelector()",
"InternalCreateWldUIProvider": "INFO: InternalCreateWldUIProvider(luaobj) - create the C++ script object",
"InternalCreateWorldMesh": "INFO: InternalCreateWorldMesh(luaobj) -- for internal use by WorldMesh()",
"InternalSaveGame": "INFO: InternalSaveGame(filename, friendlyname, oncompletion) -- save the current session.",
"IsAlly": "INFO: IsAlly(army1,army2)",
"IsBuildQueueInAppendMode": "INFO: bool IsBuildQueueInAppendMode()",
"IsCompletedResearch": "INFO: IsCompletedResearch( techID )",
"IsEnemy": "INFO: IsEnemy(army1,army2)",
"IsHunkered": "INFO: Determine if units are hunkered (-1), not hunkered(1) or unable to tell (0)",
"IsJoystickButtonDown": "INFO: IsJoystickButtonDown(buttonCode)",
"IsJoystickButtonReleased": "INFO: IsJoystickButtonReleased(buttonCode)",
"IsJoystickTriggerDown": "INFO: bool = IsJoystickTriggerDown(buttonCode)",
"IsJoystickTriggerReleased": "INFO: bool = IsJoystickTriggerReleased(buttonCode)",
"IsJumping": "INFO: Determine if units are jumping (-1), not jumping(1) or unable to tell (0)",
"IsKeyDown": "INFO: IsKeyDown(keyCode)",
"IsNeutral": "INFO: IsNeutral(army1,army2)",
"IsObserver": "INFO: IsObserver()",
"IsResearchInProgress": "INFO: bool IsResearchInProgress()",
"IsStartedResearch": "INFO: IsStartedResearch( techToCheck )",
"IsXbox": "INFO: IsXbox() -- Are we running this code on the Xbox 360?",
"IssueArmyCommand": "INFO: IssueCommand(command,cmdData",
"IssueBlueprintCommand": "INFO: IssueBlueprintCommand(command, blueprintid, count, clear = false)",
"IssueCommand": "INFO: IssueCommand(command,[string],[clear],[immediate])",
"IssueDockCommand": "INFO: IssueDockCommand(clear)",
"IssueResearchCommand": "INFO: IssueResearchCommand(researchId, cost, [boostLevel], [clear])",
"IssueUnitCommand": "INFO: IssueUnitCommand(unitList,command,[string],[clear])",
"KeycodeMSWToMaui": "INFO: int KeycodeMSWToMaui(int) - given a MS Windows char code, returns the Maui char code",
"KeycodeMauiToMSW": "INFO: int KeycodeMauiToMSW(int) - given a char code from a key event, returns the MS Windows char code",
"KillVibrations": "INFO: KillVibrations - kill any current vibrations of the joystick",
"LaunchReplaySession": "INFO: bool LaunchReplaySession(filename) - starts a replay of a given file, returns false if unable to launch",
"LaunchSinglePlayerSession": "INFO: LaunchSinglePlayerSession(sessionInfo) -- launch a new single player session.",
"LoadSavedGame": "INFO: bool LoadSavedGame(filename)",
"LockSoundProcess": "INFO: LockSoundProcess()",
"LogicalXOR": "INFO: bool LogicalXOR(bool,bool)",
"OpenDumpFileForWrite": "INFO: OpenDumpFileForWrite( filename )",
"OpenURL": "INFO: OpenURL(string) - open the default browser window to the specified URL",
"ParseEntityCategory": "INFO: parse a string to generate a new entity category",
"PauseSound": "INFO: PauseSound(categoryString,bPause)",
"PauseVoice": "INFO: PauseVoice(categoryString,bPause)",
"PlayMovies": "INFO: PlayMovies - Plays a string movies specified by the parameter string.",
"PlaySound": "INFO: handle = PlaySound(eventname)",
"PlayTutorialVO": "INFO: PlayTutorialVO(params)",
"PlayVoice": "INFO: PlayVoice(params,duck)",
"PostDragger": "INFO: PostDragger(originFrame, keycode, dragger)Make 'dragger' the active dragger from a particular frame. You can pass nil to cancel the current dragger.",
"PrefetchSession": "INFO: PrefetchSession(mapname, mods, hipri) -- start a background load with the given map and mods. If hipri is true, this will interrupt any previous loads in progress.",
"PreloadPIP": "INFO: PreloadPIP() - Preload PIP",
"Random": "INFO: Random([[min,] max])",
"ReleasePrimaryJoystick": "INFO: ReleasePrimaryJoystick - release the primary joystick and scans all connected joysticks",
"RemoveCommandFeedback": "INFO: RemovePersistentCommandFeedback(ID)",
"RemoveConsoleOutputReciever": "INFO: RemoveConsoleOutputReciever(handler)",
"RemoveFromSessionExtraSelectList": "INFO: Remove unit from the session extra select list",
"RemoveInputCapture": "INFO: RemoveInputCapture(control) - remove the control from the capture array (always first from back)",
"RemoveProfileDirectories": "INFO: RemoveProfileDirectories(string profile) - Removes the profile directory and all special files",
"RemoveSpecialFile": "INFO: RemoveSpecialFile(string profilename, string basename, string type) - remove a profile based file from the disc",
"RenderOverlayEconomy": "INFO: RenderOverlayEconomy(bool)",
"RenderOverlayIntel": "INFO: RenderOverlayIntel(bool)",
"RenderOverlayMilitary": "INFO: RenderOverlayMilitary(bool)",
"RestartSession": "INFO: RestartSession() - Restart the current mission/skirmish/etc",
"ResumeBackgroundLoadingThread": "INFO: resume the loading of the meshes",
"SaveOnlineAchievements": "INFO: SaveOnlineAchievements() - save to built in achievements",
"SavePreferences": "INFO: SavePreferences()",
"SelectUnits": "INFO: Select the specified units",
"SessionCanRestart": "INFO: Return true if the active session can be restarted.",
"SessionEndGame": "INFO: End the current game session. The session says active, we just disconnect from everyone else and freeze play.",
"SessionGetCommandSourceNames": "INFO: Return a table of command sources.",
"SessionGetLocalCommandSource": "INFO: Return the local command source. Returns 0 if the local client can't issue commands.",
"SessionGetScenarioInfo": "INFO: Return the table of scenario info that was originally passed to the sim on launch.",
"SessionIsActive": "INFO: Return true if there is a session currently running",
"SessionIsBeingRecorded": "INFO: Return true if the active session is a being recorded.",
"SessionIsCampaign": "INFO: Return true if the active session is a campaign session.",
"SessionIsGameOver": "INFO: Return true if the session has been won or lost yet.",
"SessionIsMultiplayer": "INFO: Return true if the active session is a multiplayer session.",
"SessionIsObservingAllowed": "INFO: Return true if observing is allowed in the active session.",
"SessionIsPaused": "INFO: Return true if the session is paused.",
"SessionIsReplay": "INFO: Return true if the active session is a replay session.",
"SessionRequestPause": "INFO: Pause the world simulation.",
"SessionResume": "INFO: Resume the world simulation. SessionResume( clearMenus = false )",
"SessionSendChatMessage": "INFO: SessionSendChatMessage([client-or-clients,] message)",
"SessionTogglePause": "INFO: Toggles the pause state of the world simulation.",
"SetActiveBuildTemplate": "INFO: set this as an active build template.",
"SetAmbientReverb": "INFO: SetAmbientReverb(reverbName)",
"SetAudioLOD": "INFO: SetAudioLOD(integer)",
"SetAudioParameter": "INFO: SetAudioParameter(paramName, value)",
"SetAutoMode": "INFO: See if anyone in the list is auto building",
"SetAutoSurfaceMode": "INFO: See if anyone in the list is auto surfacing",
"SetCategoryMute": "INFO: SetCategoryMute(category, mute)",
"SetCursor": "INFO: SetCursor(cursor)",
"SetCursorShader": "INFO: SetCursorShader(cursor)",
"SetFireState": "INFO: Set the specific fire state for the units passed in",
"SetFocusArmy": "INFO: SetFocusArmy(armyIndex or -1)",
"SetFrontEndData": "INFO: SetFrontEndData(key, data)",
"SetGameSpeed": "INFO: Set the desired game speed",
"SetObjectives": "INFO: SetObjectives(objectivestable) - Get the objectives table from the UserSyn",
"SetObjectivesUpdate": "INFO: SetObjectivesUpdate(objectivesupdatetable) - Get the objectives update table from the UserSyn",
"SetOnlineAchievement": "INFO: SetOnlineAchievement(achievementId) - add to built in achievements",
"SetOverlayFilter": "INFO: SetOverlayFilter()",
"SetOverlayFilters": "INFO: SetOverlayFilters(list)",
"SetPaused": "INFO: Pause builders in this list",
"SetPreference": "INFO: SetPreference(string, obj)",
"SetPrimaryJoystick": "INFO: SetPrimaryJoystick - makes the joystick that pressed/released a button the primary joystick (per TCR)",
"SetSoundEventParameter": "INFO: SetSoundEventParameter(handle, paramName, paramValue)",
"SetSoundEventVolume": "INFO: SetSoundEventVolume(handle, volumeValue)",
"SetUIControlsAlpha": "INFO: SetUIControlsAlpha(float alpha) -- set the alpha multiplier for 2d UI controls",
"SetVolume": "INFO: SetVolume(category, volume)",
"SimCallback": "INFO: SimCallback(callback[,bool]): Execute a lua function in simcallback = {Func = function name (in the SimCallbacks.lua module) to callArgs = Arguments as a lua object}If bool is specified and true, sends the current selection with the command",
"SndEnableMemProfile": "INFO: SndEnableMemProfile",
"SoundIsPrepared": "INFO: SoundIsPrepared()",
"StopAllSounds": "INFO: StopAllSounds()",
"StopSound": "INFO: StopSound(handle,[immediate=false])",
"StretchCursorHasEnemyTarget": "INFO: StretchCursorHasEnemyTarget() Returns true if an enemy is currently targeted by the stretch cursor",
"SyncPlayableRect": "INFO: SyncPlayableRect(region)",
"TeamColorMode": "INFO: TeamColorMode(bool)",
"ToggleFireState": "INFO: Set the right fire state for the units passed in",
"ToggleScriptBit": "INFO: Set the right fire state for the units passed in",
"UIBuildUnit": "INFO: UIBuildUnit - attempts to build the unit blueprint specified with the builders selected.",
"UICommandsHasFocus": "INFO: UICommandsHasFocus - Returns true if the cursor is hovering over the UICommands scene",
"UIConstructionOnQueueChanged": "INFO: UIConstructionOnQueueChanged - Called when the queue is altered so we can update our interface.",
"UIEnableStrategicView": "INFO: UIShowStrategicView - Updates the visibility of strategic view.",
"UIFrontEndInit": "INFO: UIFrontEndInit - Initializes the UIFrontEnd interface handling.",
"UIFrontEndShutdown": "INFO: UIFrontEndShutdown - Shuts down the UIFrontEnd interface handling.",
"UIGameActiveRecall": "INFO: UIGameActiveRecall - Recalls all ui to activate to the original state.",
"UIGameInit": "INFO: UIGameInit - Initializes the UIGame interface handling.",
"UIGameIsLoadingSave": "INFO: UIGameIsLoadingSave - See if we're loading a game from a save.",
"UIGamePostInit": "INFO: UIGamePostInit - Initializes the UIGame interface handling.",
"UIGameSelectionChanged": "INFO: UIGameSelectionChanged( newSelection ) - Called whenever the in-game selection changes.",
"UIGameShutdown": "INFO: UIGameShutdown - Shuts down the UIGame interface handling.",
"UIGetSelectedConstructionTabIndex": "INFO: UIGetSelectedConstructionTabIndex - returns the index to the construction tab that is selected",
"UIHideDialog": "INFO: UIHideDialog - Allows you to pop-up a dialog from lua.",
"UIIsConstructionEnabled": "INFO: UIIsConstructionEnabled - Indicates if the construction scene is active and units can be built.",
"UIIssuedCommand": "INFO: UIIssuedCommand - Called when a command is given by to a set of units",
"UILoadCustomScene": "INFO: UICustom - Actives a custom scene",
"UILoadingAllowPlayerReady": "INFO: UILoadingAllowPlayerReady - Allows the player to enter the game after load.",
"UILoadingScreenLoadComplete": "INFO: UILoadingScreenLoadComplete - Lets the loading screen know the game is done loading.",
"UILoadingScreenPushToFront": "INFO: UILoadingScreenLoadComplete - Lets the loading screen know the game is done loading.",
"UIMoviePlaybackEnableSubtitles": "INFO: UIMoviePlaybackEnableSubtitles - Enables/Disables subtitles.",
"UIOptionsSetValue": "INFO: UIOptionsSetValue - Sets a value for a given option key.",
"UIPauseConstructionUnit": "INFO: UIPauseConstructionUnit - Called on key bound request to pause the construction units.",
"UIQuickSave": "INFO: UIQuickSave - Performs a quicksave.",
"UIRegisterResearchBuff": "INFO: UIRegisterResearchBuff - Registers a buff so we can use it for tooltips.",
"UIResearchLockHidden": "INFO: UIResearchLock - Locks the Research UI from displaying ( bool ture = locked off).",
"UISelectAndZoomTo": "INFO: UISelectAndZoomTo(userunit,[seconds])",
"UISelectConstructionTab": "INFO: UISelectConstructionTab - Select the construction tab specified by an index (used for control look-up)",
"UISelectionByCategory": "INFO: UISelectionByCategory(expression, addToCurSel, inViewFrustum, nearestToMouse, mustBeIdle) - selects units based on a category expression",
"UISelectionUnselectAll": "INFO: UISelectionUnselectAll() - de-selects everything/anything",
"UISetLockInput": "INFO: UISetLockInput - Sets the input state for the game.",
"UISetNISActive": "INFO: UISetNISActive - Sets the NIS interfaces active or inactive.",
"UISetNextSelectionFireMode": "INFO: SetNextSelectionFireMode - Called on key bound request to cycle through fire mode on selected units.",
"UIShowCampaignSummary": "INFO: UIShowCampaignSummary - Shows the campaign summary screen.",
"UIShowConstructionKeyBindings": "INFO: UIShowConstructionKeyBindings - Shows the keybindings on the construction menu.",
"UIShowDialog": "INFO: UIShowDialog - Allows you to pop-up a dialog from lua.",
"UIShowDialogMsg": "INFO: UIShowDialogMsg - Allows you to pop-up a dialog from lua.",
"UIShowKeyBindings": "INFO: UIShowKeyBindings - Shows the current key bindings.",
"UIShowLoadMenu": "INFO: UIShowLoadMenu - Shows load menu.",
"UIShowLoadingScreen": "INFO: UIShowLoadingScreen - Shows a loading screen with a specified movie.",
"UIShowSaveMenu": "INFO: UIShowSaveMenu - Shows save menu.",
"UIShowToolTips": "INFO: UIShowToolTips - Sets the visibility of in-game tool tips.",
"UITempResearchInit": "INFO: UITempResearchInit - Initializes the new Research UI to work with the old UI.",
"UITempResearchShutdown": "INFO: UITempResearchShutdown - Shuts down the new Research UI (used only by the old UI).",
"UIToggleMainMenu": "INFO: UIToggleMainMenu - Activates the main menu in game.",
"UIToggleScoreboard": "INFO: UIToggleScoreboard - Called when scoreboard toggle is requested",
"UIZoomTo": "INFO: UIZoomTo(units,[seconds])",
"UI_HideCursor": "INFO: Global Hide Cursor",
"UI_ShowCursor": "INFO: Global ShowCursor",
"UnProject": "INFO: VECTOR3 UnProject(self,VECTOR2)",
"UnlockSoundProcess": "INFO: UnlockSoundProcess()",
"UpdateUIScore": "INFO: UpdateUIScore - Updates the score for a particular player index.",
"UseGamepad": "INFO: UseGamepad() -- Returns if we want our UI to be gamepad-based. Returns true always on X360",
"UseNewFrontend": "INFO: UseNewFrontend() -- Returns true if we want to use the new UI frontend system on the PC. Returns true always on X360",
"UseNewUI": "INFO: UseNewUI() -- Returns true if we want to use the new UI system on the PC. Returns true always on X360",
"ValidateUnitsList": "INFO: Validate a list of units",
"WorldIsLoading": "INFO: bool = WorldIsLoading()",
"WorldIsPlaying": "INFO: bool = WorldIsPlaying()",
"WriteToDumpFile": "INFO: WriteToDumpFile( data )",
"_c_CreateCursor": "INFO: _c_CreateCursor(luaobj,spec)",
"_c_CreateDecal": "INFO: Create a decal in the user layer",
"_c_CreatePathDebugger": "INFO: _c_CreatePathDebugger(luaobj,spec)",
"print": "INFO: Print a log message"
"User.CLuaWldUIProvider": {
"print": "INFO: Print a log message",
"moho.WldUIProvider_methods": "INFO:"
"User.CMauiBitmap": {
"moho.WldUIProvider_methods": "INFO:",
"GetNumFrames": "INFO: GetNumFrames()",
"InternalSetSolidColor": "INFO: Bitmap:InternalSetSolidColor(color)",
"Loop": "INFO: Loop(bool)",
"OverrideTechnique": "INFO: OverrideTechnique( newTechniqueName ) - allows the bitmap to be drawn using a different technique",
"Play": "INFO: Play()",
"SetBackwardPattern": "INFO: SetBackwardPattern()",
"SetForwardPattern": "INFO: SetForwardPattern()",
"SetFrame": "INFO: SetFrame(int)",
"SetFramePattern": "INFO: SetFramePattern(pattern)",
"SetFrameRate": "INFO: SetFrameRate(float)",
"SetLoopPingPongPattern": "INFO: SetLoopPingPongPattern()",
"SetNewTexture": "INFO: Bitmap:SetNewTexture(filename(s), border=1)",
"SetPingPongPattern": "INFO: SetPingPongPattern()",
"SetTiled": "INFO: SetTiled(bool)",
"SetUV": "INFO: Bitmap:SetUV(float u0, float v0, float u1, float v1)",
"ShareTextures": "INFO: ShareTextures(bitmap) - allows two bitmaps to use the same textures",
"Stop": "INFO: Stop()",
"UseAlphaHitTest": "INFO: UseAlphaHitTest(bool)",
"base": "INFO: derived from CMauiControl",
"moho.bitmap_methods": "INFO:"
"User.CMauiBorder": {
"moho.bitmap_methods": "INFO:",
"SetSolidColor": "INFO: SetSolidColor(color)",
"base": "INFO: derived from CMauiControl",
"moho.border_methods": "INFO:"
"User.CMauiControl": {
"moho.border_methods": "INFO:",
"AcquireKeyboardFocus": "INFO: AcquireKeyboardFocus(bool blocksKeyDown)",
"ApplyFunction": "INFO: ApplyFunction(func) - applys a function to this control and all children, function will recieve the control object as the only parameter",
"ClearChildren": "INFO: ClearChildren()",
"Destroy": "INFO: Control:Destroy() -- destroy a control.",
"DisableHitTest": "INFO: Control:DisableHitTest([recursive]) -- hit testing will be skipped for this control",
"Dump": "INFO: Dump",
"EnableHitTest": "INFO: Control:EnableHitTest([recursive]) -- hit testing will be checked for this control",
"GetAlpha": "INFO: float GetAlpha()",
"GetCurrentFocusControl": "INFO: GetCurrentFocusControl()",
"GetFadeAlpha": "INFO: float GetFadeAlpha()",
"GetName": "INFO: string GetName()",
"GetParent": "INFO: Control:GetParent() -- return the parent of this control, or nil if it doesn't have one.",
"GetRenderPass": "INFO: int GetRenderPass()",
"GetRootFrame": "INFO: Frame GetRootFrame()",
"GetRotationAngle": "INFO: float GetRotationAngle()",
"HasJoystickFocus": "INFO: bool HasJoystickFocus()",
"Hide": "INFO: Control:Hide() -- stop rendering and hit testing the control",
"HitTest": "INFO: bool HitTest(x, y) - given x,y coordinates, tells you if the control is under the coordinates",
"IsHidden": "INFO: Control:IsHidden() -- determine if the control is hidden",
"IsHitTestDisabled": "INFO: Control:IsHitTestDisabled() -- determine if hit testing is disabled",
"NeedsFrameUpdate": "INFO: bool NeedsFrameUpdate()",
"SetAlpha": "INFO: SetAlpha(float, children) - Set the alpha of a given control, if children is true, also sets childrens alpha",
"SetFadeAlpha": "INFO: SetFadeAlpha(float, children) - Set the alpha of a given control, if children is true, also sets childrens alpha",
"SetHidden": "INFO: Control:SetHidden() -- set the hidden state of the control",
"SetName": "INFO: SetName(string)",
"SetNeedsFrameUpdate": "INFO: SetNeedsFrameUpdate(bool needsIt)",
"SetParent": "INFO: Control:SetParent(newParentControl) -- change the control's parent",
"SetRenderPass": "INFO: int SetRenderPass()",
"SetRotation": "INFO: SetRotation(angle, [centerX, centerY]) - Rotate this control about a center point, if no center is provided it will default to the center of the control.",
"SetUsingRepeater": "INFO: Control:SetUsingRepeater(true/false) -- enable handling of repeating joystick buttons",
"Show": "INFO: Control:Show() -- start rendering and hit testing the control",
"TakeJoystickFocus": "INFO: TakeJoystickFocus()",
"moho.control_methods": "INFO:"
"User.CMauiCursor": {
"moho.control_methods": "INFO:",
"HideDeviceCursor": "INFO: Cursor:HideDeviceCursor()",
"HideJoystickCursor": "INFO: Cursor:HideJoystickCursor()",
"IsJoystickCursor": "INFO: Cursor:IsJoystickCursor()",
"ResetToDefault": "INFO: Cursor:ResetToDefault()",
"SetColor": "INFO: Cursor:SetColor(color)",
"SetDefaultTexture": "INFO: Cursor:SetDefaultTexture(filename, hotspotX, hotspotY)",
"SetNewTexture": "INFO: Cursor:SetTexture(filename, hotspotX, hotspotY, color)",
"Show": "INFO: Cursor:Show()",
"ShowDeviceCursor": "INFO: Cursor:ShowDeviceCursor()",
"ShowJoystickCursor": "INFO: Cursor:ShowJoystickCursor()",
"UseQuadCursor": "INFO: Cursor:UseQuadCursor( bool )",
"moho.cursor_methods": "INFO:"
"User.CMauiEdit": {
"moho.cursor_methods": "INFO:",
"AcquireFocus": "INFO: AcquireFocus()",
"ClearText": "INFO: Edit:ClearText()",
"DisableInput": "INFO: Edit:Disable()",
"EnableInput": "INFO: Edit:EnableInput()",
"GetBackgroundColor": "INFO: color Edit:GetBackgroundColor()",
"GetCaretColor": "INFO: color Edit:GetCaretColor()",
"GetCaretPosition": "INFO: int GetCaretPosition",
"GetFontHeight": "INFO: int GetFontHeight()",
"GetForegroundColor": "INFO: color Edit:GetForegroundColor()",
"GetHighlightBackgroundColor": "INFO: color GetHighlightBackgroundColor()",
"GetHighlightForegroundColor": "INFO: color GetHighlightForegroundColor()",
"GetMaxChars": "INFO: int Edit:GetMaxChars()",
"GetStringAdvance": "INFO: number Edit:GetAdvance(string) - get the advance of a string using the same font as the control",
"GetText": "INFO: string Edit:GetText()",
"IsBackgroundVisible": "INFO: bool Edit:IsBackgroundVisible()",
"IsCaretVisible": "INFO: bool Edit:IsCaretVisible()",
"IsEnabled": "INFO: bool Edit:IsEnabled()",
"SetCaretCycle": "INFO: edit:SetCaretCycle(float seconds, uint32 minAlpha, uint32 maxAlpha)",
"SetCaretPosition": "INFO: SetCaretPosition(int)",
"SetDropShadow": "INFO: SetDropShadow(bool)",
"SetMaxChars": "INFO: Edit:SetMaxChars(int size)",
"SetNewBackgroundColor": "INFO: Edit:SetNewBackgroundColor(color)",
"SetNewCaretColor": "INFO: Edit:SetNewCaretColor(color)",
"SetNewFont": "INFO: Edit:SetNewFont(family, pointsize)",
"SetNewForegroundColor": "INFO: Edit:SetNewForegroundColor(color)",
"SetNewHighlightBackgroundColor": "INFO: SetNewHighlightBackgroundColor(color)",
"SetNewHighlightForegroundColor": "INFO: SetNewHightlightForegroundColor(color)",
"SetText": "INFO: Edit:SetText(string text)",
"ShowBackground": "INFO: Edit:ShowBackground(bool)",
"ShowCaret": "INFO: Edit:ShowCaret(bool)",
"base": "INFO: derived from CMauiControl",
"moho.edit_methods": "INFO:"
"User.CMauiFloatText": {
"moho.edit_methods": "INFO:",
"SetFloatText": "INFO: FloatText:SetFloatText(text, velocity, position, duration, xmin, xmax, color, font, size)",
"SetNewClipToWidth": "INFO: FloatText:SetNewClipToWidth(bool) - will cause the control to only render as many charachters as fit in its width",
"base": "INFO: derived from CMauiText",
"moho.floattext_methods": "INFO:"
"User.CMauiFrame": {
"moho.floattext_methods": "INFO:",
"GetTopmostDepth": "INFO: float GetTopmostDepth()",
"SetTargetHead": "INFO: SetTargetHead(int)",
"base": "INFO: derived from CMauiControl",
"moho.frame_methods": "INFO:"
"User.CMauiGroup": {
"moho.frame_methods": "INFO:",
"moho.group_methods": "INFO:"
"User.CMauiHistogram": {
"moho.group_methods": "INFO:",
"SetXIncrement": "INFO: SetXIncrement(int)",
"SetYIncrement": "INFO: SetYIncrement(int)",
"base": "INFO: derived from CMauiControl",
"moho.histogram_methods": "INFO:"
"User.CMauiItemList": {
"moho.histogram_methods": "INFO:",
"DeleteAllItems": "INFO: itemlist = ItemList:DeleteAllItems()",
"DeleteItem": "INFO: itemlist = ItemList:DeleteItem(index)",
"Empty": "INFO: bool ItemList:Empty()",
"GetItem": "INFO: item = ItemList:GetItem(index)",
"GetItemCount": "INFO: int ItemList:GetItemCount()",
"GetRowHeight": "INFO: float ItemList:GetRowHeight()",
"GetSelection": "INFO: index = ItemList:GetSelection()",
"GetStringAdvance": "INFO: number ItemList:GetAdvance(string) - get the advance of a string using the same font as the control",
"GetTopRowIndex": "INFO: float ItemList:GetTopRowIndex()",
"ModifyItem": "INFO: itemlist = ItemList:ModifyItem(index, string)",
"NeedsScrollBar": "INFO: bool NeedsScrollBar() - returns true if a scrollbar is needed, else false",
"ScrollToBottom": "INFO: ItemList:ScrollToBottom()",
"ScrollToTop": "INFO: ItemList:ScrollToTop()",
"SetMaxExternalLeading": "INFO: SetMaxExternalLeading(float) - max space between items",
"SetNewColors": "INFO: ItemList:SetNewColors(foreground, background, selected_foreground, selected_background)",
"SetNewFont": "INFO: ItemList:SetNewFont(family, pointsize) -- set the font to use in this ItemList control",
"SetSelection": "INFO: ItemList:SetSelection(index)",
"ShowItem": "INFO: ItemList:ShowItem(index)",
"ShowMouseoverItem": "INFO: ShowMouseoverItem(bool) - enable or disable the showing of the mouseover item",
"ShowSelection": "INFO: ShowSelection(bool) - enable or disable the highlighting of the selected item",
"base": "INFO: derived from CMauiControl",
"moho.item_list_methods": "INFO:"
"User.CMauiLuaDragger": {
"moho.item_list_methods": "INFO:",
"moho.dragger_methods": "INFO:"
"User.CMauiMesh": {
"moho.dragger_methods": "INFO:",
"SetOrientation": "INFO: SetOrientation(quaternion)",
"base": "INFO: derived from CMauiControl",
"moho.mesh_methods": "INFO:"
"User.CMauiMovie": {
"moho.mesh_methods": "INFO:",
"GetNumFrames": "INFO: int GetNumFrames() - returns the number of frames in the movie",
"InternalSet": "INFO: bool Movie:InternalSet(filename)",
"IsLoaded": "INFO: IsLoaded()",
"Loop": "INFO: Loop(bool)",
"Play": "INFO: Play()",
"Stop": "INFO: Stop()",
"base": "INFO: derived from CMauiControl",
"moho.movie_methods": "INFO:"
"User.CMauiScrollbar": {
"moho.movie_methods": "INFO:",
"DoScrollPages": "INFO: DoScrollPages(float)",
"GetVisibleLines": "INFO: topLine, botLine= GetVisibleLines()",
"SetNewTextures": "INFO: Scrollbar:SetTextures(background, thumbMiddle, thumbTop, thumbBottom)",
"SetScrollable": "INFO: Scrollbar:SetScrollable(scrollable) -- set the scrollable object connected to this scrollbar",
"base": "INFO: derived from CMauiControl",
"moho.scrollbar_methods": "INFO:"
"User.CMauiText": {
"moho.scrollbar_methods": "INFO:",
"GetText": "INFO: string Text:GetText()",
"SetCenteredHorizontally": "INFO: Text:SetCenteredHorizontally(bool)",
"SetCenteredVertically": "INFO: Text:SetCenteredVertically(bool)",
"SetDropShadow": "INFO: Text:SetDropShadow(bool)",
"SetNewClipToWidth": "INFO: SetNewClipToWidth(bool) - will cause the control to only render as many charachters as fit in its width",
"SetNewColor": "INFO: Text:SetNewColor(color)",
"SetNewFont": "INFO: Text:SetNewFont(family, pointsize)",
"SetText": "INFO: Text:SetText(text)",
"base": "INFO: derived from CMauiControl",
"moho.text_methods": "INFO:"
"User.CMauiTreeWheel": {
"moho.text_methods": "INFO:",
"moho.treewheel_methods": "INFO:"
"User.CMauiWheelBackdrop": {
"moho.treewheel_methods": "INFO:",
"SetHoldTimeout": "INFO: int WheelBackdrop:SetHoldTimeout(float seconds)",
"SetInnerThickness": "INFO: WheelBackdrop:SetInnerThickness(float)",
"SetNumberOfSegments": "INFO: WheelBackdrop:SetNumberOfSegments(uint32)",
"SetOuterThickness": "INFO: WheelBackdrop:SetOuterThickness(float)",
"base": "INFO: derived from CMauiBitmap",
"moho.wheelbackdrop_methods": "INFO:"
"User.CMauiWheelBits": {
"moho.wheelbackdrop_methods": "INFO:",
"AddLayer": "INFO: AddLayer(layernum, u0, v0, u1, v1, alpha)",
"SetColor": "INFO: WheelBits:SetColor(color)",
"SetLayerRotation": "INFO: SetLayerRotation( id, rotation )",
"SetTextureSheet": "INFO: WheelBits:SetTextureSheet( textureName )",
"base": "INFO: derived from CMauiBitmap",
"moho.wheelbits_methods": "INFO:"
"User.CMauiWheelSelector": {
"moho.wheelbits_methods": "INFO:",
"GetDefaultOffsetAngle": "INFO: float GetDefaultOffsetAngle(). Returns angle in degrees.",
"GetIconPosition": "INFO: int,int GetIconPosition(wheelSelector, int index, int max)",
"GetNumberOfSelections": "INFO: int WheelSelector:GetNumberOfSelections()",
"GetSelectionAngle": "INFO: float GetSelectionAngle(). Returns angle in degrees.",
"RethinkSelection": "INFO: int WheelSelector:RethinkSelection()",
"SelectAnalogControl": "INFO: WheelSelector:SelectAnalogControl( uint32 )",
"SetDefaultOffsetAngle": "INFO: SetDefaultOffsetAngle( float ). Input angle in degrees.",
"SetNumberOfSelections": "INFO: WheelSelector:SetNumberOfSelections(uint32)",
"SetRadius": "INFO: SetRadius( float )",
"SetUnderlayTexture": "INFO: SetUnderlayTexture( texture )",
"base": "INFO: derived from CMauiBitmap",
"moho.wheelselector_methods": "INFO:"
"User.CPathDebugger": {
"moho.wheelselector_methods": "INFO:",
"moho.PathDebugger_methods": "INFO:"
"User.CUIMapPreview": {
"moho.PathDebugger_methods": "INFO:",
"SetTexture": "INFO: CUIMapPreview:SetTexture(texture_name)",
"SetTextureFromMap": "INFO: CUIMapPreview:SetTextureFromMap(map_name)",
"base": "INFO: derived from CMauiControl",
"moho.ui_map_preview_methods": "INFO:"
"User.CUIWorldMesh": {
"moho.ui_map_preview_methods": "INFO:",
"GetInterpolatedAlignedBox": "INFO: Vector WorldMesh:GetInterpolatedAlignedBox()",
"GetInterpolatedOrientedBox": "INFO: Vector WorldMesh:GetInterpolatedOrientedBox()",
"GetInterpolatedPosition": "INFO: Vector WorldMesh:GetInterpolatedPosition()",
"GetInterpolatedScroll": "INFO: Vector WorldMesh:GetInterpolatedScroll(materialIndex)",
"GetInterpolatedSphere": "INFO: Vector WorldMesh:GetInterpolatedSphere()",
"IsHidden": "INFO: bool WorldMesh:IsHidden()",
"SetAuxiliaryParameter": "INFO: WorldMesh:SetAuxiliaryParameter(float param)",
"SetColor": "INFO: WorldMesh:SetColor(bool hidden)",
"SetFractionCompleteParameter": "INFO: WorldMesh:SetFractionCompleteParameter(float param)",
"SetFractionHealthParameter": "INFO: WorldMesh:SetFractionHealthParameter(float param)",
"SetHidden": "INFO: WorldMesh:SetHidden(bool hidden)",
"SetLifetimeParameter": "INFO: WorldMesh:SetLifetimeParameter(float param)",
"SetMesh": "INFO: WorldMesh:SetMesh(meshDesc)",
"SetScale": "INFO: WorldMesh:SetScale(vector scale)",
"SetStance": "INFO: WorldMesh:SetStance(vector position, [quaternion orientation])",
"moho.world_mesh_methods": "INFO:"
"User.CUIWorldView": {
"moho.world_mesh_methods": "INFO:",
"EnableResourceRendering": "INFO: EnableResourceRendering(bool)",
"EnteringSelectionWheel": "INFO: moho.UIWorldView:EnteringSelectionWheel()",
"GetJoystickAButtonOrder": "INFO: string moho.UIWorldView:GetJoystickAButtonOrder()",
"GetRightMouseButtonOrder": "INFO: string moho.UIWorldView:GetRightMouseButtonOrder()",
"GetScreenPos": "INFO: (vector2f|nil) = GetScreenPos(unit)",
"GetsGlobalCameraCommands": "INFO: moho.UIWorldView:GetsGlobalCameraCommands(bool getsCommands)",
"HasHighlightCommand": "INFO: bool moho.UIWorldView:HasHighlightCommand()",
"IsInputLocked": "INFO: IsInputLocked(camera)",
"IsResourceRenderingEnabled": "INFO: bool IsResourceRenderingEnabled()",
"IsSimEnding": "INFO: bool IsSimEnding()",
"LockInput": "INFO: LockInput(camera)",
"Project": "INFO: VECTOR2 Project(self,VECTOR3) - given a point in world space, projects the point to control space",
"SelectionWheelDismissed": "INFO: moho.UIWorldView:SelectionWheelDismissed()",
"SetHighlightEnabled": "INFO: SetHighlightEnabled(bool)",
"SetMFDMovieIsPlaying": "INFO: SetMFDMovieIsPlaying()",
"SetSimIsEnding": "INFO: SetSimIsEnding()",
"ShowConvertToPatrolCursor": "INFO: bool moho.UIWorldView:ShowConvertToPatrolCursor()",
"UICheckSelectionPathableState": "INFO: UICheckSelectionPathableState - returns true if the selected units can path to the cursor location",
"UnlockInput": "INFO: UnlockInput(camera)",
"ZoomScale": "INFO: ZoomScale(x, y, wheelRot, wheelDelta) - cause the world to zoom based on wheel rotation event",
"__init": "INFO: moho.UIWorldView:__init(parent_control, cameraName, depth, isMiniMap, trackCamera)",
"base": "INFO: derived from CMauiControl",
"moho.UIWorldView": "INFO:"
"User.CameraImpl": {
"moho.UIWorldView": "INFO:",
"CameraZoom": "INFO: Camera:CameraZoom(zoom)",
"DisableEaseInOut": "INFO: Camera:DisableEaseInOut()",
"EnableEaseInOut": "INFO: Camera:EnableEaseInOut()",
"GetFocusPosition": "INFO: Camera:GetFocusPosition()",
"GetMaxZoom": "INFO: Camera:GetMaxZoom()",
"GetMinZoom": "INFO: Camera:GetMinZoom()",
"GetTargetZoom": "INFO: Camera:GetTargetZoom()",
"GetZoom": "INFO: Camera:GetZoom()",
"HoldRotation": "INFO: Camera:HoldRotation()",
"JoyStickDead": "INFO: Camera:JoyStickDead(bool)",
"MoveTo": "INFO: Camera:MoveTo(position, orientationHPR, zoom, seconds, [fov])",
"MoveToRegion": "INFO: Camera:MoveTo(region[,seconds])",
"NoseCam": "INFO: Camera:NoseCam(ent,pitchAdjust,zoom,seconds,transition,boneName)",
"Reset": "INFO: Camera:Reset()",
"RestoreSettings": "INFO: Camera:RestoreSettings(settings)",
"RevertRotation": "INFO: Camera:RevertRotation()",
"RevertToDefault": "INFO: Camera:UpdateDefaults",
"SaveSettings": "INFO: Camera:SaveSettings()",
"SetAbsoluteFOV": "INFO: Camera:SetAbsoluteFOV( FOV_in_degrees )",
"SetAccMode": "INFO: Camera:SetAccMode(accTypeName)",
"SetTargetZoom": "INFO: Camera:SetTargetZoom(zoom)",
"SetZoom": "INFO: Camera:SetZoom(zoom,seconds)",
"SnapTo": "INFO: Camera:SnapTo(position, orientationHPR, zoom, [fov])",
"Spin": "INFO: Camera:Spin(headingRate[,zoomRate])",
"TargetEntities": "INFO: Camera:TargetEntities(ents,zoom,seconds)",
"TrackEntities": "INFO: Camera:TrackEntities(ents,zoom,seconds)",
"UseAbsoluteCoords": "INFO: Camera:UseAbsoluteCoords( bool )",
"UseAbsoluteFOV": "INFO: Camera:UseAbsoluteFOV( bool )",
"UseGameClock": "INFO: Camera:UseGameClock()",
"UseSystemClock": "INFO: Camera:UseSystemClock()"
"User.ScriptedDecal": {
"UseSystemClock": "INFO: Camera:UseSystemClock()",
"Destroy": "INFO: Kill it",
"SetPosition": "INFO: Set the position based on wolrd coords",
"SetPositionByScreen": "INFO: Set the position based on screen space mouse coords",
"SetScale": "INFO: Scale the text",
"SetTexture": "INFO: Set the texture and add it to the decal manager",
"moho.userDecal_methods": "INFO:"
"User.UserUnit": {
"moho.userDecal_methods": "INFO:",
"AddSelectionSet": "INFO: AddSelectionSet(string) -- add a selection set name to a unit",
"CanAttackTarget": "INFO: UserUnit:CanAttackTarget(target, rangeCheck)",
"GetArmy": "INFO: GetArmy() -- returns the army index",
"GetBlueprint": "INFO: blueprint = UserUnit:GetBlueprint()",
"GetBuildRate": "INFO: GetBuildRate() -- return current unit build rate",
"GetCommandQueue": "INFO: table GetCommandQueue() - returns table of commands",
"GetCreator": "INFO: GetCreator() -- returns the units creator, or nil",
"GetCustomName": "INFO: string GetCustomName() -- get the current custom name, nil if none",
"GetEconData": "INFO: GetEconData() - returns a table of economy data",
"GetEntityId": "INFO: Entity:GetEntityId()",
"GetFocus": "INFO: GetFocus() -- returns the unit this unit is currently focused on, or nil",
"GetFootPrintSize": "INFO: UserUnit:GetFootPrintSize()",
"GetFuelRatio": "INFO: GetFuelRatio()",
"GetGuardedEntity": "INFO: GetGuardedEntity() -- returns the units guard target, or nil",
"GetHealth": "INFO: GetHealth() -- return current health",
"GetMaxHealth": "INFO: GetMaxHealth() -- return max health",
"GetMissileInfo": "INFO: table GetMissileInfo() - returns a table of the missile info for this unit",
"GetPosition": "INFO: VECTOR3 GetPosition() - returns the current world posititon of the unit",
"GetRepairRate": "INFO: GetRepairRate() -- return current unit repair rate",
"GetSelectionSets": "INFO: table GetSelectionSets() -- get table of all selection sets unit belongs to",
"GetShieldCurrentValue": "INFO: GetShieldCurrentValue()",
"GetShieldMaxValue": "INFO: GetShieldMaxValue()",
"GetStat": "INFO: GetStat(Name[,defaultVal])",
"GetUnitId": "INFO: UserUnit:GetUnitId()",
"GetWorkProgress": "INFO: GetWorkProgress()",
"HasSelectionSet": "INFO: bool HasSelectionSet(string) -- see if a unit belongs to a given selection set",
"HasUnloadCommandQueuedUp": "INFO: See if this unit already has an unload from transport queued up",
"IsAbilityEnabled": "INFO: IsAbilityEnabled(abilityId) -- return true if the ability is currently enabled",
"IsAutoMode": "INFO: bool = UserUnit:IsAutoMode()",
"IsAutoSurfaceMode": "INFO: bool = UserUnit:IsAutoSurfaceMode()",
"IsDead": "INFO: IsDead() -- return true if the unit has been destroyed",
"IsIdle": "INFO: IsIdle() -- return true if the unit is idle",
"IsInCategory": "INFO: bool = UserUnit:IsInCategory(category)",
"IsInvulnerable": "INFO: flag = UserUnit:IsInvulnerable()",
"IsRepeatQueue": "INFO: bool = UserUnit:IsRepeatQueue()",
"IsStunned": "INFO: flag = UserUnit:IsStunned()",
"ProcessInfo": "INFO: UserUnit:ProcessInfoPair()",
"RemoveSelectionSet": "INFO: RemoveSelectionSet(string) -- remove a selection set name from a unit",
"SetCustomName": "INFO: SetCustomName(string) -- Set a custom name for the unit"
"Core": {
"SetCustomName": "INFO: SetCustomName(string) -- Set a custom name for the unit"
"Core.<global>": {
"SetCustomName": "INFO: SetCustomName(string) -- Set a custom name for the unit",
"AITarget": "INFO: Create a target object",
"Basename": "INFO: base = Basename(fullPath,stripExtension?) -- return the last component of a path",
"BeginLoggingStats": "INFO: Begin logging stats",
"BlueprintLoaderUpdateProgress": "INFO:",
"CameraSetMinNearClipNIS": "INFO: Set the minimum camera near clip for the NIS",
"CreatePrefetchSet": "INFO: create an empty prefetch set",
"CurrentThread": "INFO: thread=CurrentThread() -- get a handle to the running thread for later use with ResumeThread() or KillThread()",
"Dirname": "INFO: base = Dirname(fullPath) -- return a path with trailing filename removed",
"DiskFindFiles": "INFO: files = DiskFindFiles(directory, pattern)returns a list of files in a directory",
"DiskGetFileInfo": "INFO: info = DiskGetFileInfo(filename)returns a table describing the given file, or false if the file doesn't -- true if the filename refers to a folderinfo.IsReadOnly -- true if file is read-onlyinfo.SizeBytes -- size of file in bytesinfo.LastWriteTime -- timestamp of last write to file",
"DiskToLocal": "INFO: localPath = DiskToLocal(SysOrLocalPath)Converts a system path to a local path. Leavespath alone if already local.",
"EnableReticleDrift": "INFO: Enable the reticle drift",
"EndLoggingStats": "INFO: EndLoggingStats(bool exit) - End logging stats and optionally exit app",
"EntityCategoryEmpty": "INFO: Test for an empty category",
"EntityCategoryGetUnitList": "INFO: Get a list of units blueprint names from a category",
"EnumColorNames": "INFO: table EnumColorNames() - returns a table containing strings of all the color names",
"EulerToQuaternion": "INFO: quaternion EulerToQuaternion(float roll, float pitch, float yaw) - converts euler angles to a quaternion",
"FileCollapsePath": "INFO: path = FileCollapsePath(fullPath) -- collapse out any intermediate /./ or /../ directory names from a path",
"ForkThread": "INFO: thread = ForkThread(function, ...)Spawns a new thread running the given function with the given args.",
"GetBuildVersion": "INFO: GetBuildVersion - Get the build number/date time stamp of game",
"GetCommandLineArg": "INFO: CommandArgTable GetCommandLineArg(option, number)",
"GetMovieDuration": "INFO: GetMovieDuration(localFileName)",
"GetNonShadowedBlueprintSource": "INFO: GetNonShadowedBlueprintSource - Returns a string of where the non-shadowed blueprint data is",
"GetVersion": "INFO: GetVersion() -> string",
"GetXboxLanguageId": "INFO: GetXboxLanguageId - Gets our language ID from the Xbox.",
"GetXboxLocaleRatingsId": "INFO: GetXboxLocaleRatingsId - Gets locale ratings string ID from the Xbox.",
"HasCommandLineArg": "INFO: HasCommandLineArg(option)",
"HashString": "INFO: HashString - Get the hash data",
"IsDestroyed": "INFO: Has the c++ object been destroyed?",
"IsRetailBuild": "INFO: is this a retail build",
"KillThread": "INFO: KillThread(thread) -- destroy a thread started with ForkThread()",
"LOG": "INFO: Print a log message",
"LightFxStartSequence": "INFO: LightFxStartSequence - Starts a new lightfx sequence.",
"MATH_IRound": "INFO: Round a number to the nearest integer",
"MATH_Lerp": "INFO: MATH_Lerp(s, a, b) or MATH_Lerp(s, sMin, sMax, a, b) -> number -- linear interpolation from a (at s=0 or s=sMin) to b (at s=1 or s=sMax)",
"MinLerp": "INFO: quaternion MinLerp(float alpha, quaternion L, quaternion R) - returns minimal lerp between L and R",
"MinSlerp": "INFO: quaternion MinSlerp(float alpha, quaternion L, quaternion R) - returns minimal slerp between L and R",
"OrientFromDir": "INFO: quaternion OrientFromDir(vector)",
"PointVector": "INFO: Create a point vector(px,py,pz, vx,vy,vz)",
"PostInitWeaponBlueprint": "INFO: PostInitWeaponBlueprint { spec } - runs post initialization on weapon blueprint for entity category requirements.",
"QRotate": "INFO: Rotate a vector by quat",
"Rect": "INFO: Create a 2d Rectangle (x0,y0,x1,y1)",
"RegisterAbilityBlueprint": "INFO: AbilityBlueprint { spec } - define ability properties",
"RegisterAiSkirmishArchetypeBlueprint": "INFO: RegisterAiSkirmishArchetypeBlueprint { spec } - define skirmish properties",
"RegisterAiSkirmishBaseBlueprint": "INFO: RegisterAiSkirmishBaseBlueprint { spec } - define skirmish properties",
"RegisterAiSkirmishEngineerBlueprint": "INFO: RegisterAiSkirmishEngineerBlueprint { spec } - define skirmish properties",
"RegisterAiSkirmishFactoryBlueprint": "INFO: RegisterAiSkirmishFactoryBlueprint { spec } - define skirmish properties",
"RegisterAiSkirmishFormBlueprint": "INFO: RegisterAiSkirmishFormBlueprint { spec } - define skirmish properties",
"RegisterAiSkirmishResponseBlueprint": "INFO: RegisterAiSkirmishResponseBlueprint { spec } - define skirmish properties",
"RegisterAnimPackBlueprint": "INFO: RegisterAnimPackBlueprint { spec } - define AnimPack properties",
"RegisterAnimTreeBlueprint": "INFO: RegisterAnimTreeBlueprint { spec } - define animtree properties",
"RegisterBeamBlueprint": "INFO: BeamBlueprint { spec } - define a beam effect",
"RegisterEmitterBlueprint": "INFO: EmitterBlueprint { spec } - define a particle emitter",
"RegisterEntityCostumeBlueprint": "INFO: RegisterCostumeBlueprint { spec } - define Costume properties",
"RegisterEntityCostumeSetBlueprint": "INFO: RegisterCostumeSetBlueprint { spec } - define CostumeSet properties",
"RegisterMeshBlueprint": "INFO: MeshBlueprint { spec } - define mesh properties",
"RegisterPlatoonBlueprint": "INFO: RegisterPlatoonBlueprint { spec } - define platoon properties",
"RegisterProjectileBlueprint": "INFO: ProjectileBlueprint { spec } - define a type of projectile",
"RegisterPropBlueprint": "INFO: PropBlueprint { spec } - define a type of prop",
"RegisterRawAnimBlueprint": "INFO: RegisterRawAnimBlueprint { spec } - define RawAnim properties",
"RegisterTrailEmitterBlueprint": "INFO: TrailEmitterBlueprint { spec } - define a polytrail emitter",
"RegisterUnitBlueprint": "INFO: UnitBlueprint { spec } - define a type of unit",
"RegisterVendorBlueprint": "INFO: VendorBlueprint { spec } - define a vendor",
"RegisterVendorCostumeItemBlueprint": "INFO: VendorCostumeItemBlueprint { spec } - define a vendor costume item",
"RegisterVendorWeaponItemBlueprint": "INFO: VendorWeaponItemBlueprint { spec } - define a vendor costume item",
"RegisterWeaponBlueprint": "INFO: WeaponBlueprint { spec } - define a type of weapon",
"ResumeThread": "INFO: ResumeThread(thread) -- resume a thread that had been suspended with SuspendCurrentThread(). Does nothing if the thread wasn't suspended.",
"SPEW": "INFO: Spew to log",
"STR_GetTokens": "INFO: table STR_GetTokens(string,delimiter)",
"STR_Utf8Len": "INFO: int STR_Utf8Len(string) - return the number of characters in a UTF-8 string",
"STR_Utf8SubString": "INFO: string STR_Utf8SubString(string, start, count) - return a substring from start to count",
"STR_itox": "INFO: string STR_itox(int) - converts an integer into a hexidecimal string",
"STR_xtoi": "INFO: int STR_xtoi(string) - converts a hexidecimal string to an integer",
"SecondsPerTick": "INFO: SecondsPerTick() - Return how many seconds in a tick",
"SetLocalizedFEV": "INFO: SetLocalizedFEV(fevname)",
"Sound": "INFO: Sound( {cue,bank} ) - Make a sound parameters object",
"SpecFootprints": "INFO: SpecFootprints { spec } -- define the footprint types for pathfinding",
"SuspendCurrentThread": "INFO: SuspendCurrentThread() -- suspend this thread indefinitely. Some external event must eventually call ResumeThread() to resume it.",
"Trace": "INFO: Trace(true) -- turns on debug tracingTrace(false) -- turns it off again",
"UIAreMoviesFinished": "INFO: UIAreMoviesFinished - Returns whether or not the movies are done playing.",
"UIGetTransitionToGame": "INFO: UIGetTransitionToGame - Returns whether or not the the campaign should transition into the game.",
"UISetMovieAudioTrack": "INFO: Sets the current movie audio track.",
"UISetMovieSubtitleChannel": "INFO: Sets the movie subtitle channel.",
"VAdd": "INFO: Addition of two vectors",
"VAngleBetween": "INFO: Angle between two vectors",
"VCross": "INFO: Cross product of two vectors",
"VDiff": "INFO: Difference of two vectors",
"VDist2": "INFO: Distance between two 2d points (x1,y1,x2,y2)",
"VDist2Sq": "INFO: Square of Distance between two 2d points (x1,y1,x2,y2)",
"VDist3": "INFO: Distance between two 3d points (v1,v2)",
"VDist3Sq": "INFO: Square of Distance between two 3d points (v1,v2)",
"VDist3XZ": "INFO: Distance between two 3d points exluding Y distance (v1,v2)",
"VDist3XZSq": "INFO: Distance between two 3d points exluding Y distance (v1,v2)",
"VDot": "INFO: Dot product of two vectors",
"VLength": "INFO: Get the magnitude/length of a vector",
"VLengthSq": "INFO: Get the squared magnitude/length of a vector",
"VLengthXZ": "INFO: Get the magnitude/length of the XZ vector components",
"VLengthXZSq": "INFO: Get the squared magnitude/length of the XZ vector components",
"VMult": "INFO: Multiplication of vector with scalar",
"VNormal": "INFO: Normalization of vector",
"VPerpDot": "INFO: Perp dot product of two vectors",
"VRotateAxisAngle": "INFO: Rotate a vector about an axis by an angle",
"VRotateX": "INFO: Get 'side' direction of quat",
"VRotateY": "INFO: Get 'up' direction of quat",
"VRotateZ": "INFO: Get 'forward' direction of quat",
"VSetMagnitude": "INFO: Set the magnitude of a vector",
"Vector": "INFO: Create a vector (x,y,z)",
"Vector2": "INFO: Create a vector (x,y)",
"WARN": "INFO: Pop up a warning dialog",
"WaitFor": "INFO: WaitFor(event) -- suspend this thread until the event is set",
"doscript": "INFO: doscript(script, [env]) -- run another script. The environment table, if given, will be used for the script's global variables.",
"doscriptConditional": "INFO: doscript(script, [env]) -- run another script. The environment table, if given, will be used for the script's global variables.",
"exists": "INFO: exists(name) -> bool -- returns true if the given resource file exists"
"Core.CPrefetchSet": {
"exists": "INFO: exists(name) -> bool -- returns true if the given resource file exists",
"Update": "INFO: CPrefetchSet:Update({d3d_textures=..., batch_textures=..., models=..., anims=...})",
"moho.CPrefetchSet": "INFO:"
"Core.EntityCategory": {
"moho.CPrefetchSet": "INFO:",
"__mul": "INFO: Generate a category list that is an intersection of cat1 and cat2",
"__sub": "INFO: Generate a category list of units that is of cat1 but not of cat2",
"moho.EntityCategory": "INFO:"
"INFO: SteamConnObject::StartTalking": {
"moho.EntityCategory": "INFO:"
"INFO: SteamConnObject::StopTalking": {
"moho.EntityCategory": "INFO:"
"Sim": {
"moho.EntityCategory": "INFO:"
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