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Deploy Over/Undercloud with FreeIPA using TripleO-Quickstart (OOOQ)
set -ex
# Notes:
# - Ensure that you hand the virthsot from which you wish to deploy against
# as an argument during the script call.
# - This deployment will provision an additinoal node and configure it as
# a FreeIPA server prior to installing the undercloud.
export WORKING_DIR=~/.quickstart-freeipa
if [ -z "$VIRTHOST" ]; then
echo "Please specify the virthost which you would like to deploy against."
exit 1
# Clear old venv if it exists
# Prepare tripleo-quickstart repo
git clone
# Deploy w/ quickstart
pushd tripleo-quickstart
bash \
--bootstrap \
--ansible-debug \
--no-clone \
--playbook quickstart-extras.yml \
--working-dir $WORKING_DIR \
--release master \
--config $WORKING_DIR/config/general_config/ipa.yml \
--nodes $WORKING_DIR/config/nodes/1ctlr_1comp_1supp.yml \
--tags "all" \
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