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TMW / Evol fusion

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TMW & Evol fusion

Since it is no longer possible for us (tmw dev team) to continue to support tmwAthena (the game engine), we are considering moving to Hercules (another game engine), with the Evol plugin (provides ManaPlus support). Since both The Mana World and Evol Online would be using the same engine and the same client, it makes sense to blend the two projects together. Evol would benefit from the vast amount of content present on TMW, while TMW would get more developers to help improve the game.

Current status

The fusion has begun. Following the votes, it has been decided that the main The Mana World server will remain as-is. This means that the game that you know and love will continue to exist, untouched. No new content will be added to the main server, only bug fixes and security patches will be applied. All further development will happen on the Evol Online server, and The Mana World Test Server will be used as a test server. This means the server The Mana World becomes the Legacy server, the server Evol Online becomes the Beta server for the new project, while The Mana World Test Server becomes the Alpha server.

Help, Questions, Comments

Got a question about the Fusion or want to help? Ask a TMW or Evol developer, or join #evol-dev on Freenode (IRC).

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