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Last active March 19, 2023 15:29
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GS camera preview corresponding to current GS camera crop settings
if [[ "$1" == "--help" ]]; then echo Format: "$0" "[options]"; exit; fi
read -r w h dummy < <(libcamera-vid --list-cameras | \
tail -1 | cut -f2 -d/ | sed "s#x# #")
libcamera-vid -t 0 --width "$w" --height "$h" --preview=0,0,"$w","$h" "$@"
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Hermann-SW commented Mar 19, 2023

$ shellcheck GScropView

If you changed GS camera crop settings, eg. with GScrop tool

then you might want to get camera preview with exactly that crop values for scene setup.
GScropView does set width, height and preview width and height accroding current crop settings.

Top window was displayed for 676x128, bottom window for 228x96 crop settings:

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Added "--help":

pi@raspberrypi4B2:~ $ ./GScropView --help
Format: ./GScropView [options]
pi@raspberrypi4B2:~ $ 

In "ssh -X" session, appending "--qt-preview" option allows to see libcamera-vid crop window preview remotely:

./GScropView --qt-preview

"--qt-preview" is needed in "ssh -X" session, but not if accessing remote Pi vncserver.

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