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Example Bash Script for looping through a list of genomic coordinates and exporting an image from the Integrated Genome Browser using the 'Command Socket' plugin
# This script requires the 'Command Socket' plugin be enabled from the 'Plugins' tab
locationsOfInterest=('chr1:2,246,108-2,271,426' 'chr2:9,488,819-9,531,295' 'chr3:8,407,934-8,454,574' )
function igbCommand(){
echo "$1" | ncat 7084
igbCommand 'genome A_thaliana_Jun_2009'
sleep 0.5
for i in "${locationsOfInterest[@]}"
igbCommand 'goto '$i''
igbCommand 'snapshotmainView /tmp/igbImage-'$i'.png'
sleep 2

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@Hillrunner2008 Hillrunner2008 commented Aug 12, 2015

Image of how to enable the 'Command Socket' plugin
chromosome 1 arabidopsis thaliana tair9 - integrated genome browser 8 5 0_015

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