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Populating RedisGraph from RedisGears
"GRAPH.QUERY", "cord19medical","""MERGE (source: entity { id: '%s', label :'entity', name: '%s'})
ON CREATE SET source.rank=1
ON MATCH SET source.rank=(source.rank+1)
MERGE (destination: entity { id: '%s', label: 'entity', name: '%s' })
ON CREATE SET destination.rank=1
ON MATCH SET destination.rank=(destination.rank+1)
MERGE (source)-[r:related]->(destination)
ON CREATE SET r.rank=1, r.year=%s
ON MATCH SET r.rank=(r.rank+1)
ON CREATE SET r.rank=1
ON MATCH SET r.rank=(r.rank+1)""" % (source_id ,source_name,destination_id,destination_name,year))
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