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Validating IOTA address
// The snippet is a part of the IOTA Developer Essentials project. You can reach it at
// Complete description and story behind the snippet is available at:
// Requirement: IOTA Javascript Library (!npm install iota.lib.js)
var IOTA = require('../../node_modules/iota.lib.js/lib/iota');
var NodeURL = "";
var iota = new IOTA({
'provider': NodeURL
//address including checksum
if (!iota.valid.isAddress(InputAddr) || InputAddr.length!=90) {
console.log("Not valid input address given.");
} else {
console.log("Input address incl checksum:");
console.log("Is it valid addr based on checksum? %s", iota.utils.isValidChecksum(InputAddr));
console.log("Input address excl checksum:");
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