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Basic node interaction: API call Get_node_info()
# The snippet is a part of the IOTA Developer Essentials project. You can reach it at
# Complete description and story behind the snippet is available at:
# Requirement: PyOTA library (!pip install pyota)
import iota #importing PyOTA library to interact with
from pprint import pprint
NodeURL = ""
api=iota.Iota(NodeURL) # ctor initialization of the PyOTA library
result = api.get_node_info() # basic API call to double check health conditions
pprint(result) # result is printed out
# Basic check whether node is in sync or not
# Elementary rule is that "latestMilestoneIndex" should equal to "latestSolidSubtangleMilestoneIndex" or be very close
if abs(result['latestMilestoneIndex'] - result['latestSolidSubtangleMilestoneIndex']) > 3 :
print ("\r\nNode is probably not synced!")
print ("\r\nNode is probably synced!")
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