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From: Architecturing a Sass project
// Sass utilities
@import "helpers/variables";
@import "helpers/functions";
@import "helpers/mixins";
@import "helpers/placeholders";
// Vendors and external stylesheets
@import "vendors/bootstrap";
@import "vendors/jquery-ui";
// Base stuff
@import "base/reset";
@import "base/typography";
// Layout related stylesheets
@import "layout/grid";
@import "layout/header";
@import "layout/footer";
@import "layout/sidebar";
// Components and modules
@import "components/carousel";
@import "components/buttons";
@import "components/cover";
@import "components/dropdown";
// Page-specific stylesheets
@import "pages/home";
@import "pages/contact";
// Themes
@import "themes/theme";
@import "themes/admin";
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