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Created October 12, 2022 09:32
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// Get and show the current time
var clockTime = System.getClockTime();
var timeString = Lang.format("$1$:$2$", [clockTime.hour, clockTime.min.format("%02d")]);
updateDisplayObject("TimeLabel", timeString);
//Get and show the current battery percentage
var pwr = System.getSystemStats().battery;
var batStr = Lang.format( "$1$%", [ pwr.format( "%2d" ) ] );
updateDisplayObject("BatteryPercentageLabel", batStr);
//Get and show the steps data
var stepCountString = ActivityMonitor.getInfo().steps.toString();
updateDisplayObject("StepsLabel", stepCountString);
//Get and show the date
var now =;
var info =, Time.FORMAT_LONG);
var dateString = Lang.format("$1$ $2$ $3$", [info.day_of_week,, info.month]);
updateDisplayObject("DateLabel", dateString);
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