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Created Sep 23, 2017
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Paper: Stuff that has to be mentioned

This would be sweet to have:

instance Category cat => Monoid (Join cat a) where
  mempty = Join id

  Join f `mappend` Join g = Join (f . g)

and where we can define

newtype Kleisli m a b = Kleisli (a -> m b)
  deriving via (a ~ b => Join (Kleisli m) a b)

instance Monad m => Category (Kleisli m)
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Icelandjack commented Sep 24, 2017

Applicative (Sum f g) gist

This is quite cool for Applicative (Sum f g) and Monad (Compose f g)

newtype MM a = MM (Maybe (Maybe a))
  deriving via (Comp "seq" Maybe Maybe a)
    (Functor, Applicative, Monad)

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