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Created Jan 12, 2018
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(Table as table, Parent as text, Child as text, Qty as text) =>
/* Debug parameters
Table = tblBOM,
Parent = "ProductAssemblyID",
Child = "ComponentID",
Qty = "PerAssemblyQty",
ChgTypeKeyCols = Table.Buffer(Table.TransformColumnTypes(Table,{{Parent, type text}, {Child, type text}})),
ReplaceNulls = Table.ReplaceValue(ChgTypeKeyCols ,null,"",Replacer.ReplaceValue,{Parent}),
MissingParents = List.Buffer(List.Select(List.Difference(List.Distinct(Table.Column(ReplaceNulls , Parent)), List.Distinct(Table.Column(ReplaceNulls , Child))), each _ <> "")),
CleanTable = Table.Buffer(Table.Combine({ReplaceNulls , #table({Child, Parent}, List.Transform(MissingParents, each {_, ""}))})),
// Start the iteration with the top-parents only
SelectTopParents = Table.SelectRows(CleanTable , each Record.Field(_, Parent)=""),
Custom1 = SelectTopParents,
// Add Path-column where the necessary 2 fields: Child and Qty are collected
AddPath = Table.AddColumn(Custom1, "Path", each #table({"Path_", "Qty_"}, {{Record.Field(_, Child), Record.Field(_, Qty)}})),
// Combine Parent and Child of the BOM-table as long as there are still new children in the next iteration step & write the elements into the Path-table
ResolveBOM = List.Generate(()=>
[Result=AddPath, Level=0],
each Table.RowCount([Result]) > 0,
each [ Result = let
A = Table.NestedJoin(ChgTypeKeyCols,{Parent},[Result],{Child},"NewColumn",JoinKind.Inner),
B = Table.ExpandTableColumn(A, "NewColumn", {"Path"}, {"PathOld"}),
C = Table.AddColumn(B,"Path", each Table.Combine({[PathOld], #table({"Path_", "Qty_"}, {{Record.Field(_, Child), Record.Field(_, Qty)}})}))
in C,
Level = [Level]+1 ]),
ConvertToTable = Table.FromList(ResolveBOM, Splitter.SplitByNothing(), null, null, ExtraValues.Error),
ExpandBOM1 = Table.ExpandRecordColumn(ConvertToTable, Table.ColumnNames(ConvertToTable){0}, {"Level", "Result"}, {"Level", "Result"}),
ExpandBOM2 = Table.ExpandTableColumn(ExpandBOM1, "Result", Table.ColumnNames(ExpandBOM1[Result]{1})),
// Add a couple of fields/columns needed for the reports
AddFields = Table.AddColumn(ExpandBOM2, "NewFields", each [
TotalQty = List.Product([Path][Qty_]),
SpacedPath = Text.Repeat(" | ", [Level])&Record.Field(_, Child),
PathItems = [Path][Path_],
PathExplode = Text.Combine(PathItems, "/"),
// PathWhereUsed = Text.Combine(List.Reverse(PathItems), "/"),
TopParentProduct = PathItems{0} ]),
ExpandNewFields = Table.ExpandRecordColumn(AddFields, "NewFields", Record.FieldNames(AddFields[NewFields]{0})),
// Create column indicating if item is purchase item
PurchaseItems = Table.Buffer(Table.FromColumns({List.Difference(List.Distinct(Table.Column(ChgTypeKeyCols, Child)), List.Distinct(Table.Column(ChgTypeKeyCols, Parent)))})),
MergePurchaseItem = Table.NestedJoin(ExpandNewFields,{Child},PurchaseItems,{Table.ColumnNames(PurchaseItems){0}},"NewColumn",JoinKind.LeftOuter),
ExpandPurchaseItem = Table.ExpandTableColumn(MergePurchaseItem, "NewColumn", {Table.ColumnNames(PurchaseItems){0}}, {"PurchaseItem"}),
Cleanup1 = Table.RemoveColumns(ExpandPurchaseItem,{"PathOld", "Path", "PathItems"}),
Cleanup2 = Table.TransformColumnTypes(Cleanup1,{{Qty, type number}, {"TotalQty", type number}})
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mohamedabdelaziz15 commented Aug 21, 2019

Hi Imke,
After copying the query and pressing invoke it keep telling me that error:
Expression.Error: We cannot convert the value “tblBOM” to type Table.
What should I do?
Thanks in advance.

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ImkeF commented Nov 18, 2019

Sorry @mohamedabdelaziz15 , just recognized your comment now: You have to remove the quotes from the table name in the first function argument. so Query1(tblBOM... instead of Query1("tblBOM"...

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