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import io.vertx.core.AsyncResult
import io.vertx.core.Future
import io.vertx.core.json.JsonObject
import io.vertx.core.logging.LoggerFactory
import io.vertx.groovy.core.eventbus.Message
import io.vertx.groovy.ext.web.RoutingContext
import io.vertx.lang.groovy.GroovyVerticle
import static groovy.json.JsonOutput.toJson
class Solution1 extends GroovyVerticle {
void start() {
Future allDone = Future.future()
Future eventVerticleFuture = Future.future()
vertx.deployVerticle('groovy:EventVerticle.groovy', eventVerticleFuture.completer())
eventVerticleFuture.compose({ v ->
Future anotherVerticleFuture = Future.future()
vertx.deployVerticle('groovy:AnotherVerticle.groovy', anotherVerticleFuture.completer())
}, allDone)
void rootHandler(RoutingContext ctx) {
def msg = new JsonObject([path: ctx.request().path()])
def replyHandler = { AsyncResult<Message> reply -> this.replyHandler(ctx, reply) }
vertx.eventBus().send('event.verticle', msg, replyHandler)
void replyHandler(RoutingContext ctx, AsyncResult<Message> reply) {
def response = ctx.response()
.putHeader('Content-Type', 'application/json')
if (reply.succeeded()) {
.end(new JsonObject(reply.result().body()).encodePrettily())
} else {
.setStatusMessage('Server Error')
void deployHandler(Future f) {
if (f.succeeded()) {
LoggerFactory.getLogger(Solution1).info('Successfully deployed all verticles')
// If the EventVerticle successfully deployed, configure and start the HTTP server
def router = Router.router(vertx)
vertx.createHttpServer() // Create a new HttpServer
.requestHandler(router.&accept) // Register a request handler
.listen(8080, '') // Listen on
} else {
LoggerFactory.getLogger(Solution1).error('Failed to deploy verticle', f.cause())
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