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Created Oct 2, 2014
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Some kind of a rant

The Inn devoluted.

Like seriously, it did.

I dont do these very often - might be my second, ever - but it feels like I must rant. Yes, I have held back a lot of nasty words form a lot of people - albeit I should have.

Let's start with the first thing that pisses me off:'s breakdown.

I have a feeling that it started before I actually used en exploit on their site, which made their entire chat go nuts. People kept logging out although they didnt, creating a chai of logouts. It all was a known bug in the chat'S frontend, that'd be caused by -tags being reloaded. So using something like the following did a rather nasty thing to every client:


Just a few weeks after I posted that, something rather terrible happened - the site closed.

Why is that terrible for me?

Because all the yiff-only, no-story, hyper-dicked people came to the Inn. It already had lost its charme it did have back in 2010, when I founded it, but at this time, it lost it alltogether.

Whats that old-charme crap you talk about?

Back then, we rarely ever did yiff. Actually, it was so rare, that we only needed whispers and never had separate channels AT ALL. But the more people from fuck-only RP sites came, the more yiffy it got. Something that I hated. Back then, when a newcomer was joining, we helped them and they were directly involved into everything. Like, the next public RP occured, and they had their head straight in.

Some of you might be like, "No yiff? #nopetrain" - then you have missed more than you could meassure ont he length of your dick. A story-lined, friendly and fun RP is worth more than all the thousand, one-liner yiffs you have had ever. Friendships are made out of those roleplays, you get to see life form a new angle, and in all of this, you have fun.

It might sound simple that youre just talking, but imagine youre done with your drink and decide to wander thru the town, looking aorund, or going on an adventure together. Not a bedroom adventure where you fuck till your boner can stand no more - like, actually, serious adventures with some dangers, some jokes, some pick-nicks and some camping. THAT stuff. We even did it public back then, and people either joined, or left it. No problem.

It was the time that you'd get into the chat, and were happy. Cause everyone was happy. We did have oru sadness, but we used the roleplaying to kick the crap out of our real life and enjoy life as another character, as somebody else that we wished we could be.

And now? The only thing I see when I get into the inn is either heartless characters, yiff-only RPs, one-liners with zero message behind it and other poor thing slike that.

Nothing against one-liners. Sometimes they are pretty much all you need - if youre sitting on a bar and just chatting, for example. But the day I would allow yiff in the lobby, hell, youd only see pantieless people humping other's butts - forever.

How to change that?

Obviously, my rules are "too blurry". So, I am going to re-write them. And Im going to stricktly forbid fights in the lobby for one - put them into another channel. Cause, what would you, IRL, honestly, seriously do if two people started a fight in a local tavern? I can assure you, you wouldnt sit there like the world was in piece. You'd run for your fucking live if one of the two drew a gun out of its holster and shot all aorund them! Don't tell me you wouldnt, because you would. Maybe some emo's would stand and raise their hands, hoping to get shot - but thats another topic there.

Second, Yiff. "Murrily, Purrily RP", as Issy stated, is not cleanly distanced from yiff-yaff RP. So Im gonna tell you that:

  • Hugs
  • Cuddles
  • Licks
  • Chatting
  • Drinking a beer together
  • And anything that does not involve your penis or vagina is LEGIT. But as soon as you begin to fondle, grope, nibble or such on the other's sex, you have to leave the room. Like, if I see it happening - EVEN IF ITS A MISSWHISPER! - Im gonna be mad.

Next thing, gods.

We all know them. And most hate them - those that got some sense in their brain, that is. "I can flip you over cause I can and you can not defend yourself" is the kind of shit that I also see destroy the peace. People seem to try to be "the boss" int he room, have everyone on their knees infront of them and live like its all a dreamland.

Yes, some people say that roleplaying is about exactly that: to live like in a dream.

How wrong you are. Fucker.

Do you like people that're trying to keep you down, trying to make you as little as possible? You sure as hell don't. Nobody likes being put down into some place they dont like to be. No. fucking. body.

And that is what gods do. Let's just take the following scenario: Character A tries to tickle character B, who is a god. Character B will just "poof out", cause they dont want to be poked. See? Character A now has two choices: Chase for character B, or leave it. And the second option is the biggest problem of all these that I have named above - but I shall come to that later.

If you play gods, play them maturely! When you play a god, youll make everybldy else feel left out! I too have gods. But do you see me play one in public? Sometimes I play Mo - and he is a demi god. But People told me that they like him, cause he is never actually showcasing that he IS a demi god. Instead, he gets up, takes drinks with his hand, allows others to interact or bother him at any way. Or even surprise him. Yes, that is what I call mature - when your god actually fits in with the non-gods.

Sadly, I only know like two people that can do that. The rest, can't.

So, stop the gods.

Obviously, related to that is Godmodding. But I sort of mentioned it above. Because nobody tries to be fair, everybody tries to make themselves to the boss in the situation. Fuck that. If everybody tries to, one will only hate another, and it'll result in...

being left out.

The more specific a character goes, the more driven-away others will be. Yes, I do not mind creativity, but I had to tell even Sapphy to not put his Creation Magic into everybody's face - because, in my opinion, its overpowered. Now imagine that somebody with not as much sense in them as Sapphy shimes into a public RP, creates some random bullshit and annoys the others. The two others will leave and the onlookers will leave the last one out. Oops?

Try to integrate. Everybody may have unique characters - Silverfish probably the most odd ones I have seen in my life - but that still means they can talk and interact. But if you, as one playing an odd character, realize that nobody wants t play with you, try to play a character that actually isnt as creepypasta as your previous one might was.

In your private RPs, you can play whateverthefuck you want. But in a public one, be fucking mature.

Now that I have ranted about the way roleplaying is here, lets talk about another big issue: Drama.

"I am sad and bored and lonely [and want to fuck|want to cuddle|...]"

You sure as hell know that, dont you. Either as an onlooker or one that is doing that themselves. You know what it causes? Sadness. People get sad, or think the other one is an attention whore. People dont go to you only because youre sad, damnit! If you want to interact with people, make the first step yourself. Thats just how Skype and such works. If you wanna talk wit somebody, then youre the first to say hi. Dont wait for people, just f'kn do it. Period.

Besides. The more lonely and sad you are, the more people will get away from you. So try to smile and think positive. If youre now gonna throw the "but i cant think positive" at me, then im gonna turn my back to you - and that's exactly what most others will do too. If you dont want the help somebody is offering, then youll never get it again.

I myself am a glorious example. I never accepted help in my life. I always tried to do things on my own. What'd I ended up with? Lots of shit. People outsiding me at my schools, disliking me for who and what I am and was. I did not play football or colelcted news on current sports events. But I could at least have tried to show some interest, get informed and talk to people about it, although its not my thing. Thats one of the many mistakes I did make in my past. Don't make the same. It'll fuck your psyche to nirvana and back.

Okay, did I mention everything? Hm. RP, Sex, Sadness. Now, what else is there to mention...I dont know. When I find something, I will rant again. For now, class is dismissed.

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