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import {EventEmitter, Injectable} from '@angular/core';
import {StoryEntry} from '../Model/StoryEntry';
import {StoryEntryType} from '../Model/StoryEntryType';
providedIn: 'root'
export class StoryService {
public EntryAdded: EventEmitter<StoryEntry> = new EventEmitter<StoryEntry>();
constructor() { }
public handlePlayerInput(text: string): void {
// Log it if the console is available (won't be in all browsers)
if (console && console.log) {
console.log(`Command entered: ${text}`);
// Emit an event containing the player's command so we have a log of it in the UI
this.EntryAdded.emit(new StoryEntry(StoryEntryType.PlayerCommand, text));
// Add a generic response since we're not actually parsing or responding to input yet
this.EntryAdded.emit(new StoryEntry(StoryEntryType.SystemText, 'I don\'t understand.')); }
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