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Created September 22, 2019 23:46
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private BehaviorResult<CrewContext> ProcessCrewWorkOnItem(CrewContext context, WorkItem ticket)
var result = GetWorkOnItemResult(context, ticket);
completed =>
ticket.Status = WorkItemStatus.ReadyForReview;
AddMessage(context, $"{context.CrewMember.FullName} finishes work on {ticket.Title}");
progress =>
AddMessage(context, $"{context.CrewMember.FullName} made steady progress on {ticket.Title}");
setback =>
if (setback.Severity > Priority.Normal)
ticket.ProgressMade -= 3;
AddMessage(context, $"{context.CrewMember.FullName} encountered a major setback on {ticket.Title}");
ticket.ProgressMade -= 1;
AddMessage(context, $"{context.CrewMember.FullName} encountered a setback on {ticket.Title}");
return MatchedResult(context);
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