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[Golang Named Return Zero Value] #go #golang #zero #named #return
package main
import (
func GetString(key string) (val string) {
// 'named' return value are initialized to their zero value
// meaning we can proxy the zero value through to a nested function
return GetStringDefault(key, val)
func GetStringDefault(key string, defaultValue string) string {
m := map[string]string{
"foo": "bar",
"abc": "xyz",
v, ok := m[key]
if !ok {
return defaultValue
return v
func main() {
defaultValue := "no key found"
// if you care about getting a default value back
// then use the GetStringDefault function
fmt.Println(GetStringDefault("foo", defaultValue)) // bar
fmt.Println(GetStringDefault("abc", defaultValue)) // xyz
fmt.Println(GetStringDefault("xxx", defaultValue)) // no key found
// if you don't care about getting a default value back
// then use the GetString function, and you'll now get back a zero value
fmt.Println(GetString("foo")) // "bar"
fmt.Println(GetString("abc")) // "xyz"
fmt.Println(GetString("xxx")) // "" << zero value for type string
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