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[Python Auto Generate API Documentation] Python Auto Generate API Documentation #tags: python, git, bash, make
set -e
err_report() {
echo "There was an issue with one of the pre-commit hooks"
echo ".git/hooks/pre-commit-*"
echo "Error on line $1"
trap 'err_report $LINENO' ERR
for commit_hook in .git/hooks/pre-commit-*; do
source "$commit_hook"
# grab list of file names that have been staged ready for commit
PY_FILES=($(git diff --staged --name-only | grep "\.py$" || true))
# construct list of directories that have changes (there will be duplicates)
for i in "${PY_FILES[@]}"; do
PY_DIRS+=("$(echo $i | cut -d '/' -f 1)")
# remove duplicates
PY_DIRS=($(echo "${PY_DIRS[*]}" | tr ' ' '\n' | sort | uniq))
# run pydoc for each directory with changes
if [ ${#PY_DIRS[@]} -gt 0 ]; then
printf '\n********** Documentation Generation **********\n\n'
for i in "${PY_DIRS[@]}"; do
pushd "./$i"
pycco -p -i -d ./docs/api -- ./**/*.py 2>/dev/null || \
echo "uh-oh, something went wrong with $i"
printf "\nThere are no python changes that would cause us to run pydoc\n\n"
# pycco -h
# -p, --paths Preserve path structure of original files
# -d, --directory The output directory that the rendered files should go
# -i, --generate_index Generate an index.html document with sitemap content
REPO := $(shell git rev-parse --show-toplevel)
GIT := ".git/hooks"
HOOK := ".custom-hooks"
define copy_base_hooks
@cp "$(REPO)/$(HOOK)/pre-commit" "$(REPO)/$(GIT)/pre-commit"
define copy_template_hooks
@cp "$(REPO)/$(HOOK)/pre-commit-pydoc" "$(REPO)/$(GIT)/pre-commit-pydoc"
@pycco -h 1>/dev/null 2>&1 || (echo "Looks like you don't have the pycco executable, we need that to auto generate documentation" && exit 1)
-@rm $(REPO)/$(GIT)/pre-commit.sample &> /dev/null || true
-@rm $(REPO)/$(GIT)/pre-commit &> /dev/null || true
-@rm $(REPO)/$(GIT)/pre-commit-* &> /dev/null || true
hooks: check_hook_requirements clean_hooks
$(call copy_base_hooks)
$(call copy_template_hooks)
# Explanation of clean_precommits syntax:
# - ...allows errors to be ignored (i.e. don't stop further execution steps)
# @ ...stops makefile from printing command that was executed
# &> ...redirects stdout/stderr to /dev/null (as command can sometimes error)
# || true ...prevents Make from printing 'error ignored'
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