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How to upload local db to meteor app

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# How to upload local db to meteor:
# -h = host, -d = database name, -o = dump folder name
mongodump -h -d meteor -o meteor
# get meteor db url, username, and password
meteor mongo --url myapp.meteor.com
# -h = host, -d = database name (app domain), -p = password, meteor = the path to the dumped db folder name
mongorestore -u client -h production-db-a2.meteor.io.meteor.com:27017 -d myapp_meteor_com -p 'password' meteor/

And here's how to dump the remote meteor db so you can import to your local db http://stackoverflow.com/a/12447710/559105

Hi I'm getting the following errors any ideas what I'm doing wrong

ERROR: ERROR: root directory must be a dump of a single database
ERROR: when specifying a db name with --db

Very helpful ! Please update the port to 3001 as meteor mongodb is exposed from there now.

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