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MLOps series #1 : Batch scoring with Mlflow Model (Mleap flavor) on Google Cloud Platform
# Create a bucket if doesn't exist.
# And load deployment scripts(.sh, .py)
# REGION - Region name (default eu)
# BUCKET - Bucker name (default cloud-demo-databrick-gcp)
#Pass REGION and BUCKET names (or use default parameters)
#Create a BUCKET name if not exist
if ! gsutil ls | grep -q gs://${BUCKET}/; then
gsutil mb -l ${REGION} -b on gs://${BUCKET}
#Upload, boston_house_prices_toscore.csv and,
gsutil cp /home/ivan_nardini/Databricks_MLflow_GCP/0_setup/cluster_config/ gs://${BUCKET}/0_setup/cluster_config/
gsutil cp /home/ivan_nardini/Databricks_MLflow_GCP/1_data/boston_house_prices.csv gs://${BUCKET}/1_data/boston_house_prices_toscore.csv
gsutil cp /home/ivan_nardini/Databricks_MLflow_GCP/2_notebooks/output/ gs://${BUCKET}/2_model/
gsutil cp /home/ivan_nardini/Databricks_MLflow_GCP/2_notebooks/output/ gs://${BUCKET}/2_model/
#Check BUCKET content
gsutil ls -r gs://${BUCKET}/**
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