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Clone DHCP reservations to a secondary fallback server using the Foreman DHCP Smart Proxy API
#!/usr/bin/env python3
import json
from urllib.request import Request, urlopen
from sys import argv, stderr
def pp_json(data):
pretty_json = json.dumps(data, sort_keys=True, indent=2, separators=(",", ": "))
def key_by(data, key):
keyed_data = dict()
for a_dict in data:
keyed_data[a_dict[key]] = a_dict
return keyed_data
# Thanks to Dave and Raj:
class RequestWithMethod(Request):
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
self._method = kwargs.pop('method', None)
Request.__init__(self, *args, **kwargs)
def get_method(self):
return self._method if self._method else super(RequestWithMethod, self).get_method()
# TODO: Support HTTPS
protocol = "http"
# Template for dhcp API base URLs
base_url_template = "{0}://{1}/dhcp/{2}"
lease_url_template = "{0}/{1}"
# "Parse" arguments
dhcp_primary = argv[1]
dhcp_secondary = argv[2]
subnet = argv[3]
# Get the base urls
dhcp_primary_base_url = base_url_template.format(protocol, dhcp_primary, subnet)
dhcp_secondary_base_url = base_url_template.format(protocol, dhcp_secondary, subnet)
# Fetch the current records
with urlopen(dhcp_primary_base_url) as primary_records_socket:
primary_records_json ="utf8")
with urlopen(dhcp_secondary_base_url) as secondary_records_socket:
secondary_records_json ="utf8")
# Parse the JSON
primary_records = json.loads(primary_records_json)
secondary_records = json.loads(secondary_records_json)
# We just care about the reservations
primary_reservations = primary_records[ "reservations"]
secondary_reservations = secondary_records["reservations"]
# Key for faster lookup
keyed_primary_reservations = key_by(primary_reservations, "ip")
keyed_secondary_reservations = key_by(secondary_reservations, "ip")
# Items to change in secondary
delete_ip_on_secondary = dict()
add_lease_on_secondary = dict()
for ip, lease in keyed_secondary_reservations.items():
if ip not in keyed_primary_reservations:
# Queue for deletion
delete_ip_on_secondary[ip] = lease
for ip, lease in keyed_primary_reservations.items():
primary_lease_url = lease_url_template.format(dhcp_primary_base_url, ip)
secondary_lease_url = lease_url_template.format(dhcp_primary_base_url, ip)
# Obtain detail about reservation from primary
with urlopen(primary_lease_url) as primary_lease_socket:
primary_detail_lease_json ="utf8")
# Parse the detailed lease
primary_detail_lease = json.loads(primary_detail_lease_json)
if ip in keyed_secondary_reservations:
# Obtain detail about reservation from secondary
with urlopen(secondary_lease_url) as secondary_lease_socket:
secondary_detail_lease_json ="utf8")
# Parse the secondary detailed lease
secondary_detail_lease = json.loads(secondary_detail_lease_json)
# Continue if they are the same
if set(primary_detail_lease.items()) == set(secondary_detail_lease.items()):
# Queue for update
delete_ip_on_secondary[ip] = lease
add_lease_on_secondary[ip] = primary_detail_lease
# Queue for addition
add_lease_on_secondary[ip] = primary_detail_lease
for ip, lease in delete_ip_on_secondary.items():
secondary_lease_url = lease_url_template.format(dhcp_secondary_base_url, ip)
delete_request = RequestWithMethod(secondary_lease_url,
# Delete the lease
with urlopen(delete_request) as lease_delete_socket:
delete_response ="utf8")
# Notify about deletion
print("Deleted reservation for {0} ({1}):\n".format(ip, lease["hostname"]),
for ip, detail_lease in add_lease_on_secondary.items():
secondary_lease_url = dhcp_secondary_base_url
# This does not belong
del detail_lease["subnet"]
# This does belong
detail_lease["name"] = detail_lease["hostname"]
post_data = ""
# Encode Request
for k, v in detail_lease.items():
if post_data:
post_data += "&"
post_data += "{0}={1}".format(k, v)
post_request = RequestWithMethod(secondary_lease_url,
# Add the lease
with urlopen(post_request) as lease_post_socket:
post_response ="utf8")
# Notify about addition
print("Added reservation for {0} ({1}):\n".format(ip, detail_lease["hostname"]),
# vim: set ts=4 sw=4 et syn=python:
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