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Created Dec 2, 2017
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Find items in a markdown list
use v6;
use Text::Markdown;
use JSON::Tiny;
sub MAIN( Str $letter-to-santa = 'letters/' ) {
my $letter =$letter-to-santa.IO.slurp());
my $flip = False;
my $list = $letter.items
.grep( { $flip = ( $flip
or so ($^þ ~~ Text::Markdown::Heading
and $^þ.level == 2
and $^þ.text ~~ m/<[Rr]>equest/) ) } )
.grep( { $^þ ~~ Text::Markdown::List })
.map( {$^þ.items} ).flat
.map( {$^þ.items} ).flat
.map( {$^þ.items} ).flat;
say to-json $list ;
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