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1. Generate Certificate Signing Request(s) and Key(s) for VMCA Root Signing certificate
2. Import custom certificate(s) and key(s) to replace existing VMCA Root Signing certificate
Option [1 or 2]: 2
Please provide valid custom certificate for Root.
File : /root/vmca_chain.crt
Please provide valid custom key for Root.
File : /root/vmca_issued_key.key
You are going to replace Root Certificate with custom certificate and regenerate all other certificates
Continue operation : Option[Y/N] ? : Y
Status : 0% Completed [Replacing Root Cert...]
Status : Failed
Error Code : 70063
Error Message : Invalid Certificate Chain was gives as input
Status : 0% Completed [Operation failed, performing automatic rollback]
Error while performing Cert Replacement operation, please see /var/log/vmware/vmcad/certificate-manager.log for more information.
Performing rollback of Root Cert...
Get site nameus : 30% Completed [Rollback Machine SSL Cert...]
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