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Render CSV data into png files for animation / video overlay via OpenSCAD
@echo off
if NOT [%2]==[] goto :doit
echo Usage:
echo %0 data.csv script.scad parameters
echo Where:
echo - data.csv is a csv file where each line corrisponds to a single frame to be produced in the PNG file
echo - script.scad is the script which will render the line of data into the PNG frame.
echo The script should parse the line of data and render a valid output
echo is very helpful. e.g. In OpenSCAD
echo include ^<strings.scad^>;
echo line = "1,2,3";
echo values = split(line,",");
echo translate([10,0,0]) text(values[1]);
echo function str2num(str, i=0, nb=0) = i == len(str) ? nb :
echo nb+str2num(str, i+1, search(str[i],"0123456789")[0]*pow(10,len(str)-i-1));
echo cube([str2num(values[2]),str2num(values[1]),str2num(values[0])]);
echo - parameters are whatever else you want to feed to OpenSCAD
echo e.g. "--camera=0,0,0, 0,0,0, 100"
goto :done
REM we must work from the program folder because:
REM and so we reference files relative to the batch via %~dp0\
set /a c=0
REM start counting output files
FOR /F "tokens=1" %%i in (%~dp0\%1) do (
"openscad.exe" %~dp0\%2 -D "line=\"%%i\"" -o %~dp0\!c!.png %3
set /a c=c+1
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