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type: zendesk
login_url: https://<YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME>
auth_method: token
target: tickets
start_time: "2010-04-01 00:00:00+0000"
incremental: true
- {name: assignee_id, type: long}
- {name: brand_id, type: long}
- {name: collaborator_ids, type: json}
- {name: created_at, type: timestamp, format: "%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S%z"}
- {name: custom_fields, type: json}
- {name: description, type: string}
- {name: due_at, type: string}
- {name: external_id, type: string}
- {name: fields, type: json}
- {name: followup_ids, type: json}
- {name: forum_topic_id, type: string}
- {name: group_id, type: long}
- {name: has_incidents, type: boolean}
- {name: id, type: long}
- {name: organization_id, type: long}
- {name: priority, type: string}
- {name: problem_id, type: string}
- {name: raw_subject, type: string}
- {name: recipient, type: string}
- {name: requester_id, type: long}
- {name: satisfaction_probability, type: string}
- {name: satisfaction_rating, type: string}
- {name: sharing_agreement_ids, type: json}
- {name: status, type: string}
- {name: subject, type: string}
- {name: submitter_id, type: long}
- {name: tags, type: json}
- {name: ticket_form_id, type: long}
- {name: type, type: string}
- {name: updated_at, type: timestamp, format: "%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S%z"}
- {name: url, type: string}
- {name: via, type: json}
filters: []
out: {mode: replace}
exec: {}
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