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Created Dec 2, 2021
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echo 'dtoverlay=dwc2' >> /boot/config.txt
cat >/usr/local/bin/ <<EOL
modprobe libcomposite
modprobe dwc2
cd /sys/kernel/config/usb_gadget/
mkdir -p display-pi
cd display-pi
echo 0x1d6b > idVendor # Linux Foundation
echo 0x0104 > idProduct # Multifunction Composite Gadget
echo 0x0100 > bcdDevice # v1.0.0
echo 0x0200 > bcdUSB # USB2
echo 0xEF > bDeviceClass
echo 0x02 > bDeviceProtocol
mkdir -p strings/0x409
echo "fedcba9876543211" > strings/0x409/serialnumber
echo "David Hundley" > strings/0x409/manufacturer
echo "PI4 USB Device" > strings/0x409/product
mkdir -p configs/c.1/strings/0x409
echo "Config 1: ECM network" > configs/c.1/strings/0x409/configuration
echo 250 > config/c.1/MaxPower
mkdir -p functions/ecm.usb0
HOST="00:dc:c8:f7:75:14" # "HostPC"
SELF="00:dd:dc:eb:6d:a1" # "BadUSB"
echo $HOST > functions/ecm.usb0/host_addr
echo $SELF > functions/ecm.usb0/dev_addr
ln -s functions/ecm.usb0 configs/c.1/
udevadm settle -t 5 || :
ls /sys/class/udc > UDC
ip address add broadcast + dev usb0
ip link set dev usb0 up
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/
cat > /lib/systemd/system/usbnetwork.service <<EOL
Description=My USB gadget
systemctl enable usbnetwork.service
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