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Jarrett Schiedemeyer Jarrett-Sch

  • Wisconsin
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View crewcenter
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View Airline Commander
Here are the Aircraft Unlocked at Airline Commander!
Air China 744, 748
United 78X
Historical Routes
View chief captain
Here the Aircraft Unlocked at Chief Captain
Air China A350
United 787, 789
Finnair A359
El Al 78X
SAS A359
Asiana A380
Singapore A350-900
View Senior Captain
Here are the aircraft unlocked at the Senior Captain Rank
Air China 787, 777
United 772, A359
SAA A340
Lufthansa A359
Air India 772
SAS A359
ANA 777-300 ER
LATAM A350-900
View Captain
Here are the aircraft unlocked as a captain!
Air China A330 Family
United 757, 767
SAA A330-300
Virgin Atlantic 788
Lufthansa 744
Asiana A359, A333 744
El Al 789
Ethiopian A359
View First Officer
Here are the Aircraft Avalible as a First Officer!
Air China A320 Family
United A320, 737, 738, 739
Croatia A319, A320
SAA A320, 738
Lufthansa A330-300
Asiana 777-200ER
El Al 788
Ethiopian 788 SAS A330-300
View SO
*Here are the aircraft you can fly as a Second Officer!
Air China 737 Family, Air China Cargo Aircraft,
United CRJ200 and 700, E-170,
Croatia Q400,
SAA E-190, E-170, Q400
Mango 738
Lufthansa CRJ900, A320, A321
Asiana A321
El Al 739
View tutorial for CC
Here is the CrewCenter Tutorial!
View handbook
Check out our handbook here!
View routes
Here is a link to the route database. Happy Flying!
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