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Project April <Annotation Remote Procedure Call API>

Project April



Project April is an API invented for annotation-based approach in creating distributed services.


Remote procedure = Remote method = RP

Procedure (method) whose execution is delegated to a Data-provider server (most commonly, on other physical machine) via the Distributor server

Data-user( server) = DU

Server containing Remote procedures delegated to Distributor server. May be registered in Distributor server(s). Multiple may occur optionally joined by a single Data network.

Distributor( server) = DS

Server responsible for accepting requests for Remote procedure executionm processing them to Data-provider server(s) and returning the result (if any). Multiple may occur joined by a single Data network.

Data-provider( server) = DP

Server responsible for execution of procedures (methods) for whom the are local. Should be registered in Distribution server(s). Multiple may occur joined by a single Data network.

Data flow

Stream of data between Data-user, Distributor and Data-provider. Normally goes from the first to the last and backwards.

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