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Last active Dec 25, 2015
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Linked List push function
#[deriving(ToStr, Clone, Eq)]
enum List<T> {
Cons(T, @mut List<T>),
* from brson: it could be more efficient by avoiding that clone,
* since the cost of cloning a T could be arbitrary.
* with that signature, one thing you could do is swap Nil into l,
* then assign the new Cons to l without cloning the original l
* from bdaupp: it's hard to avoid both the infinite loop and the .clone with
* that design (i.e using @mut), personally I'd take either &mut @mut List, or
* return a new @mut List with the body being @mut Cons(v, l)
pub fn push<T: 'static + Clone>(l: &mut List<T>, v: T) {
*l = Cons(v, @mut((*l).clone()));
pub fn pop<T: Clone>(l: &mut List<T>) -> T {
*l =
fn main() {
let list = @mut Cons(1i, @mut Nil);
push(list, 2i);
push(list, 3i);
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