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A python list of all US state abbreviations.
# United States Postal Service (USPS) abbreviations.
abbreviations = [
"AK", "AL", "AR", "AZ", "CA", "CO", "CT", "DE", "FL", "GA", "HI", "IA",
"ID", "IL", "IN", "KS", "KY", "LA", "MA", "MD", "ME", "MI", "MN", "MO",
"MS", "MT", "NC", "ND", "NE", "NH", "NJ", "NM", "NV", "NY", "OH", "OK",
"OR", "PA", "RI", "SC", "SD", "TN", "TX", "UT", "VA", "VT", "WA", "WI",
"WV", "WY",
"AS", "GU", "MP", "PR", "VI",
abbreviation_to_name = {
"AK": "Alaska",
"AL": "Alabama",
"AR": "Arkansas",
"AZ": "Arizona",
"CA": "California",
"CO": "Colorado",
"CT": "Connecticut",
"DE": "Delaware",
"FL": "Florida",
"GA": "Georgia",
"HI": "Hawaii",
"IA": "Iowa",
"ID": "Idaho",
"IL": "Illinois",
"IN": "Indiana",
"KS": "Kansas",
"KY": "Kentucky",
"LA": "Louisiana",
"MA": "Massachusetts",
"MD": "Maryland",
"ME": "Maine",
"MI": "Michigan",
"MN": "Minnesota",
"MO": "Missouri",
"MS": "Mississippi",
"MT": "Montana",
"NC": "North Carolina",
"ND": "North Dakota",
"NE": "Nebraska",
"NH": "New Hampshire",
"NJ": "New Jersey",
"NM": "New Mexico",
"NV": "Nevada",
"NY": "New York",
"OH": "Ohio",
"OK": "Oklahoma",
"OR": "Oregon",
"PA": "Pennsylvania",
"RI": "Rhode Island",
"SC": "South Carolina",
"SD": "South Dakota",
"TN": "Tennessee",
"TX": "Texas",
"UT": "Utah",
"VA": "Virginia",
"VT": "Vermont",
"WA": "Washington",
"WI": "Wisconsin",
"WV": "West Virginia",
"WY": "Wyoming",
"DC": "District of Columbia",
"AS": "American Samoa",
"GU": "Guam GU",
"MP": "Northern Mariana Islands",
"PR": "Puerto Rico PR",
"VI": "U.S. Virgin Islands",
# Example convenience transformations:
# ['AK', 'AL', ...]
abbreviations = sorted([abbr for abbr in abbreviation_to_name.keys()])
# ['Alabama', 'Alaska', ...]
names = sorted([name for name in abbreviation_to_name.values()])
# {'Alaska': 'AK', 'Alabama': 'AL', ...}
name_to_abbreviation = {v: k for k, v in abbreviation_to_name.items()}
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thank you!

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nrd012 commented Mar 18, 2021

Thank you!

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sschet commented Mar 24, 2021

Thank you!

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Thanks! using for a discord bot that gives covid19 info.

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Here's by region:

west = ["CA", "OR", "WA", "NV", "ID", "UT", "CO", "WY", "MT"]
midwest = ["ND", "SD", "NE", "KS", "MN", "IA", "MO", "WI", "IL", "IN", "MI", "OH"]
southwest = ["AZ", "NM", "TX", "OK"]
southeast = ["AR", "LA", "MS", "TN", "AL", "KY", "GA", "WV", "VA", "NC", "SC", "FL", "MD", "DE"]
northeast = ["CT", "DC", "HI", "ME", "MA", "NH", "NJ", "NY", "PA", "RI", "VT"]
noncontig = ["HI", "AK"]

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Sweet! Thank you!

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Youre the goat

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tornikeo commented Jun 8, 2021


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Thank you!

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bsvo commented Aug 4, 2021


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thanks dude

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Peace and Love, Brodie!

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Sdeimen commented Oct 25, 2021


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Thank you so much!

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Thank you so very much!

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thank you, you are awesome!

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Thank you!

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Thank you

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Thank you!

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Thanks a lot for this and for saving time for a lot of us.

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m12t commented Nov 1, 2022

If you want a reversed dictionary, run state2abbrev = {v:k for k,v in states.items()}, or just copy the output below

state2abbrev = {
    'Alaska': 'AK',
    'Alabama': 'AL',
    'Arkansas': 'AR',
    'Arizona': 'AZ',
    'California': 'CA',
    'Colorado': 'CO',
    'Connecticut': 'CT',
    'District of Columbia': 'DC',
    'Delaware': 'DE',
    'Florida': 'FL',
    'Georgia': 'GA',
    'Hawaii': 'HI',
    'Iowa': 'IA',
    'Idaho': 'ID',
    'Illinois': 'IL',
    'Indiana': 'IN',
    'Kansas': 'KS',
    'Kentucky': 'KY',
    'Louisiana': 'LA',
    'Massachusetts': 'MA',
    'Maryland': 'MD',
    'Maine': 'ME',
    'Michigan': 'MI',
    'Minnesota': 'MN',
    'Missouri': 'MO',
    'Mississippi': 'MS',
    'Montana': 'MT',
    'North Carolina': 'NC',
    'North Dakota': 'ND',
    'Nebraska': 'NE',
    'New Hampshire': 'NH',
    'New Jersey': 'NJ',
    'New Mexico': 'NM',
    'Nevada': 'NV',
    'New York': 'NY',
    'Ohio': 'OH',
    'Oklahoma': 'OK',
    'Oregon': 'OR',
    'Pennsylvania': 'PA',
    'Rhode Island': 'RI',
    'South Carolina': 'SC',
    'South Dakota': 'SD',
    'Tennessee': 'TN',
    'Texas': 'TX',
    'Utah': 'UT', 
    'Virginia': 'VA',
    'Vermont': 'VT', 
    'Washington': 'WA',
    'Wisconsin': 'WI',
    'West Virginia': 'WV',
    'Wyoming': 'WY'

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AFCJ87 commented Nov 25, 2022

Thank you!!

Saving us slow keyboarders and new-older coders more than two minutes each.

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Gbox4 commented Jan 4, 2023

Small convenience great morale boost

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Hyped-247 commented Jan 8, 2023

states = (
('AK', 'Alaska'),
('AL', 'Alabama'),
('AR', 'Arkansas'),
('AZ', 'Arizona'),
('CA', 'California'),
('CO', 'Colorado'),
('CT', 'Connecticut'),
('DC', 'District of Columbia'),
('DE', 'Delaware'),
('FL', 'Florida'),
('GA', 'Georgia'),
('HI', 'Hawaii'),
('IA', 'Iowa'),
('ID', 'Idaho'),
('IL', 'Illinois'),
('IN', 'Indiana'),
('KS', 'Kansas'),
('KY', 'Kentucky'),
('LA', 'Louisiana'),
('MA', 'Massachusetts'),
('MD', 'Maryland'),
('ME', 'Maine'),
('MI', 'Michigan'),
('MN', 'Minnesota'),
('MO', 'Missouri'),
('MS', 'Mississippi'),
('MT', 'Montana'),
('NC', 'North Carolina'),
('ND', 'North Dakota'),
('NE', 'Nebraska'),
('NH', 'New Hampshire'),
('NJ', 'New Jersey'),
('NM', 'New Mexico'),
('NV', 'Nevada'),
('NY', 'New York'),
('OH', 'Ohio'),
('OK', 'Oklahoma'),
('OR', 'Oregon'),
('PA', 'Pennsylvania'),
('RI', 'Rhode Island'),
('SC', 'South Carolina'),
('SD', 'South Dakota'),
('TN', 'Tennessee'),
('TX', 'Texas'),
('UT', 'Utah'),
('VA', 'Virginia'),
('VT', 'Vermont'),
('WA', 'Washington'),
('WI', 'Wisconsin'),
('WV', 'West Virginia'),
('WY', 'Wyoming')

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So useful!

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shamusc commented Feb 20, 2023

Thank you! Big time saver!

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Thank you very much! What a thoughtful thing for you to provide. Much appreciated.

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Thank you!

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cheetahsweater commented Aug 25, 2023

beautiful thank you!!!

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easella commented Jun 30, 2024

thank you!

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