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JeffersGlass/ Secret

Created Aug 30, 2020
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from psutil import cpu_percent, net_io_counters
from gpiozero import LEDBarGraph
from time import sleep
graph = LEDBarGraph(12, 21, 20, pwm=True)
#Show CPU occupation percentage
while True:
graph.value = cpu_percent()/100
#Show network activitiy
oldBytes = net_io_counters().bytes_sent + net_io_counters().bytes_recv
while True:
newBytes = net_io_counters().bytes_sent + net_io_counters().bytes_recv
diff = newBytes - oldBytes
oldBytes = newBytes
print (newBytes)
graph.value = min(1, max(0, diff / 10000)) #constrain value to 0:1
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