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Quick reminder that you can get away with not injecting Facades. They can be swapped out with mocks quite easily.
class MyMailer {
public function deliver()
// This facade doesn't need to be injected into the class.
Mail::send('emails.welcome', [], function($m)
->subject('Welcome to the site')
class ExampleTest extends TestCase {
public function tearDown()
public function testBasicExample()
// mock it
(new MyMailer)->deliver();

This is fantastic! Can this even be done with PHPUnit's getMock? I didn't realize you could mock a static class!

This worked with the Mail class but not with a model. I am confused as to why. When I tried the same thing with a model, PHPUnit said the method shouldReceive was not defined.

It's not the Mail class, but the Mail Facade. Only facade got this magic.

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