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TIL - Week 2, Day 1
We started talking about Rails.
We practiced building Rails apps.
We practiced building controllers using this command: rails generate controller api/example_pages
We practiced creating a database using the following command: rake db:create
We practiced creating a rails server using the following command: rails server
We talked about routes, controllers, and web responses sent back to the browser.
We learned how to make simple rails apps.
We learned how to make example pages.
We learned to define variables so that they work across different parts of a rails program.
cd into actualize
create a new application - rails new [app_name]
cd [app_name]
rails generate controller api/my_examples
rake db:create
rails server
close server: ctrl c
open file: subl .
command option shift 3
top file: routes
middle file: controller
subsequent file: views
check error messages for information
Deep dives - refactoring, condensing hash functions
functional programming
refactoring to simplify functions performed on arrays and hashes
Talked about computer science terms - binary search, linear search, Big O notation
more efficient options for searching.
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