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Hi [person], I'm Jesse. [How I found you] [What I like about you] I'm wondering if you'd be interested in getting to know each other a bit more?

A bit about me: I'm a full-stack web developer with fifteen years of experience. I live San Francisco. I left Airbnb six months ago to start a startup. I'm looking to grow my personal network with the goal of eventually finding a great cofounder. You can learn more about me on my personal webpage:

Here's my current plan:

  1. Learn to develop WordPress webpages
  2. Work as a contract developer on Upwork
  3. Become more efficient and grow revenue over time
  4. Use the knowledge gained in this process to build a better web development platform
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I've decided to focus on data extraction for now.

I talked to Luke from ModelOptic a lot and we agreed that I would develop a parsing service for him that will take Excel spreadsheets containing financial modelling information and spit out json formatted according to a specification he will provide. We agreed that he would pay me an hourly fee to write the code and that we would co-license the code I write. This means he can do whatever he wants with my code and I can use it as a basis for a more generalized data processing service.

I've also been talking to Anuraag from Manifest and he has expressed interest in setting up a similar deal. So out of the seven or so companies in my Startup School group two of them are willing to pay for a document parsing service. This is pretty exciting and suggests that there is


I had detailed talks with two guys from my Statup School Group. They both gave me some Excel sheets they are interested in processing. I was able to write a script to do something potentially useful in both cases. I'm still in discussions with both of them to figure out where to go from here. I will probably reach out to a broader audience this week to see if I can identify a cluster of use-cases here.

I also spent some time looking into neural networks. A lot of research in the field of automatic coding type stuff appears to be focused there. Here are some articles I've been wading through:


I spent the last week working on two side projects.

I have an interest in developer productivity. A few years ago I wrote a tool called Task Ranger to track how I spend my time: The problem with the tool is you have to manually write down and tag what you did every twenty minutes or so. This is annoying and introduces bias into the data.

It would be cool if I could figure out what I was working on automatically by analyzing objective metrics instead. That’s what metal-detector is all about:


Metal-detector is a keylogger combined with analysis code that magically figures out how you spent your time. (The analysis part is still a wip though 😅 Maybe a Hidden Markov Model will work?)

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