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( 18:29:37 ) Visitor: Hello, I'm running a text editor called Sublime Text 3. It has a sidebar on the left which displays all the files in the current directory. If you add a new file to the directory, this sidebar is supposed to update automatically. But the sidebar is not updating. It looks like this is due to a conflict with Dropbox as described here:
( 18:29:54 ) Olivia: Hi there, my name is Olivia. Thank you for writing in and contacting Dropbox Support. I am happy to help you today. May I start by asking your first name please?
( 18:29:59 ) Visitor: Jesse
( 18:30:20 ) Visitor: I think I ought to be able to solve my problem by disabling finder integration in Dropbox, but it looks like there is no option for that.
( 18:30:57 ) Olivia: Hi there Jesse, nice to meet you. I can see you have an issue with this third party app , the text editor, allow me to check this a little and also the link you provided me, ok?
( 18:31:08 ) Visitor: sounds good
( 18:34:39 ) Olivia: Jesse, thank you for the time and patience for me to check this, read the link also and did an investigation. The problem you’re experiencing appears to be caused by this other app- the way it behaves or service you’re using, not by Dropbox. We’re unable to provide support for third-party apps or services, in this case for Sublime Text 3 and why it is not working.
The best way for you to get assistance with the problem is to reach out to the company that makes the app or service for support.
( 18:35:01 ) Visitor: ok
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