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Car Functions and Indicators v1.2 readme
Thank you for downloading Car Indicators!
What this mod does is give you car controls like engine toggle, cruise control, open doors, and a check engine light.
To use this you need Aru's Scripthook and HazardX's .NET Scripthook.
To install copy the .net.dll and .ini files from the zip to the scripts folder in your GTA:IV directory.
Renamed from Car Indicators to Car Functions and Indicators
Added ability to disable individual GUI elements.
Added ability to move individual GUI elements.
Removed RPM meter.
Added ability to open doors.
Changed how the cruise control works. It is now more like real life cruise control.
When you brake, it shuts off cruise control.
You can speed up, and when you let go of the gas, cruise control will go back to it's original speed.
VERY small update. When you are not in a car, it will not show the GUI.
Fixed weird cruise control turning when braking.
Also, when you reverse, cruise control pauses.
Fixed the lowering of your car when you have cruise control (probably not totally fixed but its been changed a little)
Buttons are now customizable with the ini, so if you don't want Cruise Control to be the default Q, you can change it to whatever you want!
Fixed flying when cruise control is on.
Made it so if you hit a vehicle, the cruise control will pause. And when you get away from said vehicle, you will speed up again to your original speed.
Moved the cruise control GUI thing a LIIITLE bit to the right.
Added a Script Toggle feature, so you can be undisturbed when you want.
Please do not redistibute without my permission. Thanks
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