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Last active Jul 28, 2021
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List of helpful Ellie's I've written

List of helpful Ellie's I've written

I often write Ellies to demo an idea or to share a solution with someone on Slack. Some of them are helpful enough to share many times so I keep a reference to them here. Others are just cool so I want to save the link 😎




Core Elm


JSON decoding


Formula Parsing

Attempts at parsing Excel-style formulas, starting manual string munging in a giant nested conditional and moving up to extracting functions, building my own combinators, then finally swapping in the official elm/parser library


Bouncing die

These are a series of implementations of increasing difficulty for the exercise from the random generators section of the official guide where you show a die bouncing a random number of times. A full discussion of the solutions was provided on this forum thread

Maybe applicative exercise

These were a couple exercises to get comfortable with pipeline-style applicatives. The original problem was getting better at GraphQL selection sets but I translated it to Maybe to be more accessible (hence why the piping function is with rather than andMap).

Modifying records

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