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@JoeyBodnar JoeyBodnar/fluent.json Secret
Created Nov 5, 2017

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"//": "The underlying database technology to use.",
"//": "memory: SQLite in-memory DB.",
"//": "sqlite: Persisted SQLite DB (configure with sqlite.json)",
"//": "Other drivers are available through Vapor providers",
"//": "",
"driver": "memory",
"//": "Naming convention to use for creating foreign id keys,",
"//": "e.g., `user_id`",
"//": "`camelCase` option is also available.",
"keyNamingConvention": "snake_case",
"//": "Name of the table Fluent uses to track migrations.",
"//": "If null, preparations will not be run.",
"migrationEntityName": "fluent",
"//": "Character used to join pivot tables, e.g., `user_pet`",
"pivotNameConnector": "_",
"//": "If true, foreign keys will automatically be added",
"//": "to any `builder.foreignId(...)` calls.",
"autoForeignKeys": true,
"//": "Key to specify page number for paginated responses",
"//": "e.g., `?page=2` ",
"defaultPageKey": "page",
"//": "Default page size if not otherwise specified on models",
"defaultPageSize": 10,
"//": "If true, all queries made to the database will be logged.",
"log": false
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