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import Vapor
import FluentProvider
import HTTP
final class User: Model {
let storage = Storage()
var name: String
static let idKey = "id"
static let nameKey = "name"
init(name: String) { = name
init(row: Row) throws {
name = try row.get(User.nameKey)
func makeRow() throws -> Row {
var row = Row()
try row.set(User.nameKey, name)
return row
extension User: Preparation {
static func prepare(_ database: Database) throws {
try database.create(self) { builder in
static func revert(_ database: Database) throws {
try database.delete(self)
extension User: JSONConvertible {
convenience init(json: JSON) throws {
try self.init(
content: json.get(User.nameKey)
func makeJSON() throws -> JSON {
var json = JSON()
try json.set(User.idKey, id)
try json.set(User.nameKey, name)
return json
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