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script for releasing packages on PyPI and publishing sphinx documentation on github pages
# Author: Johannes Buchner (C) 2013
# tool for publishing sphinx documentation on github
# and releasing packages on PyPI
case "$1" in
# see
make -C doc/ html &&
git checkout gh-pages &&
cp -r doc/_build/html/* . &&
git add $(ls *.html *.js objects.inv) $(ls -d _images/ _sources/ _static/ _modules/) &&
git commit -v *.html *.js objects.inv $(ls -d _images/ _sources/ _static/ _modules/) &&
git checkout master
git push origin gh-pages &&
git push origin master
# see
rm -rv build/ dist/
python clean build install --user sdist bdist_wheel upload --sign
echo "error: unknown command '$1'"
echo "SYNOPSIS: $0 [ doc | push | release ]"
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