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/Users/johnpilczak/Projects/SimpleWear/SimpleWear/obj/Debug/android/src/md5518e7c0d8b632d9833da04983235e87d/,8): Error: error: listTestAdapter is not abstract and does not override abstract method onBindViewHolder(ViewHolder,int) in Adapter
public class listTestAdapter
/Users/johnpilczak/Projects/SimpleWear/SimpleWear/obj/Debug/android/src/md5518e7c0d8b632d9833da04983235e87d/,59): Error: error: onCreateViewHolder(ViewGroup,int) in listTestAdapter cannot override onCreateViewHolder(ViewGroup,int) in Adapter
public onCreateViewHolder (android.view.ViewGroup p0, int p1)
return type is not compatible with
where VH is a type-variable:
VH extends declared in class Adapter
/Users/johnpilczak/Projects/SimpleWear/SimpleWear/obj/Debug/android/src/md5518e7c0d8b632d9833da04983235e87d/,14): Error: error: name clash: onBindViewHolder(ViewHolder,int) in listTestAdapter and onBindViewHolder(VH,int) in Adapter have the same erasure, yet neither overrides the other
public void onBindViewHolder ( p0, int p1)
where VH is a type-variable:
VH extends ViewHolder declared in class Adapter
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