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Last active Oct 11, 2017
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1. Last Worksheet


Find and open your JSFiddle link from last week - as we're going to be making a lot more emojis today!

2. Draw A Single Emoji

First thing we need to today is to "refactor" our code - this means to make it tidier or neater.

Last time we added a "reset" button into our drawShapes - really we want to put the "draw emoji" code on it's own. So we're going to create a function just for that:

function drawSingleEmoji(emoji) {


Notice inside the brackets we're passing in a thing called an "emoji" - this is the emoji we want to draw.

We can then copy all our emoji drawing code and paste it into our new function. To draw our emoji again we need to call:


Run your code and make sure your emoji appears. If it doesn't - check your drawSingleEmoji function to ensure your using the "emoji" object and not the "emojiObject" object :-)

My code looks like this:


3. Make An Array of Emojis

We're going to create another array which will hold all our emojis - put this at the top of your page like (before your setup function):

var emojis = [];

4. Create An Emoji Function

Inside our setup code, the only thing that we need to change for each of our emojis is the cy and cy values. So we can create a function to generate all the other things (paste this function below your setUp end }):

function setUpEmoji(cx, cy){

  emojiObject = {
        'fill': fillColours[randomNumber(0, fillColours.length)],
        'cx': cx,
        'cy': cy
        //other variables here

  return emojiObject;

This will create us an emojObjct everytime we call it and give it a cy and cy.

We can then call it like this inside our setUp function:

var emoji1 = setUpEmoji(100, 150);
var emoji2 = setUpEmoji(100, 150);
var emoji3 = setUpEmoji(100, 150);

Next, we need to add them into our array - we can do this by pushing our emoji objects into our array like this:


However we can make that way more efficient!!! By calling our setUpEmoji inside the push we can save ourselves 2 lines of code 😀 Like this:

emojis.push( setUpEmoji(100, 150) );
emojis.push( setUpEmoji(300, 150) );
emojis.push( setUpEmoji(500, 150) );

My code looks like this:


5. Loops

Finally, we now need to draw each of the emojis in our emoji array using our new drawSingleEmoji function.

We can do this using a loop - this is where we go through each item in an array and do something like this:

for(var i = 0; i < emojis.length; i++){

  • var i = 0 = start at the first thing (which is at index 0)
  • i < emojis.length = only loop for as long as i is less than the number of emojis in our array
  • i++ = increment by one each time around.

Inside our loop we can then get the emoji at the index and draw it:

var emoji = emojis[i];

My code looks like this:


6. Finishing

Before you move onto the next worksheet make sure you have at least 9 emojis being drawn.

When you've finished - don't forget to save your JSFiddle and send us your link above. 🌟

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